Why Is My Internet So Slow: Know Reasons And How To Fix It?

Why is my internet so slow, this is a common problem everywhere because most people are fully dependent on the internet.

Tired of waiting for a page to open in your browser? Do you find that downloading files is too slow on your computer? In short, you are not satisfied with the performance of your Internet connection. No problem, we have solutions!

A poor quality flow can have several origins:

  • Your telephone line may be too old or too far from the telephone exchange;
  • The problem can also be with your devices.
  • The most radical solution is to change your Internet offer, especially if you are a heavy consumer of bandwidth.

But sometimes, you just need to apply a few common sense rules to find a correct Internet connection without changing your plan.

Why is my internet so slow on my iPhone?

Surely on more than one occasion, you have been exasperated by a slow Internet connection on your iPhone. On many occasions, it may be the fault of the network provider you have hired, or the poor intensity of the Wi-Fi connection you are trying to access.

Why is my internet so slow

Why is my internet so slow at night?

Why is slow WiFi at night? Generally, internet speed at night are high, but sometimes, mostly servers of internet service provider take backup of the data they have processed. This caused the low speed that you might face. Some of the mistakes that we make the most regarding the WiFi signal and that cause it to lose speed are: placing the router in an inappropriate place, as well as its antennas, saturation of the connection and interference with other technological devices.

Why is my internet so slow on my phone?

Mobile networks have a theoretical maximum speed, which will be what, at most, we can achieve in any circumstance. If it is 4G, for example, we can only reach up to 150 Mbps in download. However, mobile networks are more unstable and are often affected by saturation or congestion. It is even more complicated, compared to WiFi, that we reach the theoretical maximum.

1. Update or change your internet browser

Year after year, web pages are more and more complex and more and more heavy to load.

If you are using an outdated Internet browser, or an outdated version, your connection may suffer.

Internet browser speed

So remember to regularly update your browser software or choose a more powerful one.

Firefox, for example, offers many extensions that help optimize browsing speed.

For its part, Google Chrome uses a technology that does not consume much RAM, which allows you to have several tabs open at the same time without affecting browsing speed.

Finally, if you are a Mac user, prefer Safari, the browser best suited to computers from the famous Apple brand.

2. Clean up your plug-ins and extensions

Internet browsers offer many plug-ins and extensions.

Some are very useful for optimizing browsing speed, others much less.

This is particularly the case with themes and plug-ins that allow you to change the appearance of your pages.

You had downloaded it several years ago and now they no longer serve you for anything? Get rid of them, they are using memory for nothing.

To deactivate extensions which you no longer use, go to the Tools menu of your browser, click on Extensions then deactivate those which you no longer want. You will then have to restart your browser for these changes to take effect.

3. Close the bandwidth-hungry tabs | Why Is My Internet So Slow

Navigating from page to page, you quickly find yourself with many tabs open at the same time.

Since most pages are constantly refreshed, such as those on news sites or social networks, it can quickly form a traffic jam on your bandwidth.

As a result, your navigation becomes increasingly slow and uncomfortable. To remedy this, remember to regularly close your tabs before opening others.

4. Allow cookies and caching on your favorite sites

The cookies and cached can sometimes be scary. They are used to store your browsing history and your connection data and may cast doubt on the protection of your personal data.

In reality, they mainly facilitate the loading of pages.

Don’t hesitate to authorize them for websites you trust.

5. Optimize the positioning of your wireless devices

If you use wireless devices connected to your Box by Wifi, remember to position them correctly so that they receive a good quality signal. They should not be too far from your router.

Also, make sure that there are no obstacles in the way of the signal.

Avoid your wireless devices connected to Wifi being too close to each other. This can cause interference and affect the quality of your Internet connection.

Keep them away from each other if possible, at least a few tens of centimeters.

6. Connect as many devices as possible to an Ethernet cable

Ethernet cable image3Wifi has revolutionized the use of the Internet at home. No more pulling cables from your modem to bring the Internet into every room of your home.

But no miracle, each connected device uses a portion of the bandwidth dedicated to Wifi.

By multiplying the number of WiFi connections, it is the quality of your connection that suffers.

Using an Ethernet cable frees up bandwidth and increases signal quality. The connection is more reliable and faster.

7. Optimize your computer’s performance

The quality of an Internet connection does not only depend on the speed, but also on the available RAM on the device you are using.

If your computer runs several RAM-hungry applications (video games, graphics software, etc.) simultaneously, its entire operation will be slowed down, including Internet browsing.

So, remember not to saturate your computer’s RAM and close the heaviest programs when you browse the Internet.

8. Change computer | Why Is My Internet So Slow

No matter how carefully you follow all of our advice, if your computer is too old, it will no longer be able to support the weight of current Internet pages.

The web has changed in ten years. Pages are incredibly more complex and heavy to load and require more and more RAM.

Surfing the Internet with a computer dating from the 2000s is like wanting to do the 24 Hours of Le Mans with a moped.

It is possible, but even with good speed, each page will take a considerable time to display. The only solution: separate yourself from your old bike.

How do I test my router speed?

Why is my internet so slow image 4If you have followed the advice given above to the letter without improving the browsing speed, the problem may be with your Internet connection. There are many free tools that allow you to test it online.

To be sure that the problem is not with your computer, test it with different devices.

If the average speed expressed in megabits / second is systematically lower than what your service provider promises you, contact them to find out the reason.

There are many tips in this post to improve the quality of your Internet connection, but you will always be limited by the maximum speed of your connection.

Ways to test internet speed | Why Is My Internet So Slow

Why is my internet so slow image5One of the easiest and most accessible ways to do this is to use Google. Here’s the procedure to follow:

  • From this article, simply open a new tab in your browser and type this question into the Google search engine: “How do I test the speed of my internet connection?” “
  • Google then offers you its” Internet speed test “tool, which guarantees you can check your internet speed in less than 30 seconds.
  • To start it, click on the blue button “Start speed test”.
  • The tool starts up and you have to wait.
  • After about thirty seconds, the tool diagnostic appears.

Wifi slows on the laptop, but fast on mobile

This could happen cause the bandwidth limiter of the bookable band is activated and it can be deactivated. Once you deactivate the bandwidth limiter on the laptop, then the speed of laptop internet connection would be the same as your mobile.

How to stop internet throttling?

The network overload is inevitable due to the philosophy of the agents (ISP) and the telecommunications market. At first, operators should not have overload problems. Use a VPN to prevent your ISP from throttling your internet connection.




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