What’s App Chats design is going to change for Android users

What’s App Chats design is going to change for Android users. Have you already seen the new WhatsApp design? The application adds new functions to improve its platform on all cell phones in the world.

Did you notice the recent design of WhatsApp? Haven’t you noticed this detail yet? It is time for you to do it. From now on the famous messaging application has a new interface. This has been updated all over the world and thousands of users already have the new functions of the app. Do you want to try them now?

From now on, every time you enter the app, at the top you will see the name of the application and next to it a magnifying glass. When you press this icon, a bar will be displayed where you will be informed which file you want to search: Photos, Videos, Links, GIF, Audio, Documents.

That means that when you press, for example, on “Photos” you will check all the images that have been sent to you, ordered according to the date of receipt. The same will happen with the rest of the sections.


Can’t you see it? Remember that to be able to obtain and test the new modifications and versions of WhatsApp. To do this, you must carry out the following steps:

Enter this link to test apps on Android.

Request access to beta tester

If you’ve already updated to the latest version available and don’t see the feature, please back up your chat history and reinstall WhatsApp if you don’t want to wait any longer. Every time you reinstall the app, the most up-to-date settings are downloaded from the server, enabling the feature for you.

If you’ve reinstalled the app and the feature still isn’t enabled, unfortunately, all you can do is wait.

It should be noted that WhatsApp also prepares a change in its video calls in the business app. At the phone symbol, you will see a “+” icon. If you press it, it will break down if you only want to use your voice or turn on the camera.

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Some important changes in What’s App chats design

  1. Hands-free voice notes: Just by pressing and holding the microphone icon and sliding up, you can lock the voice note function to record, without having to hold the mobile with your hands. An option that surprisingly works!
  2. Mark main messages: To obtain this option you must use the “star” message function, where you will mark key messages that you will see easily in a central location. All you have to do is press the message you want to save as a favorite and then touch the “star” icon.
  3. Manage who can add us to groups: There is nothing that bothers us more than being added to a group full of strangers. That is why WhatsApp developed the option to manage who can add us to groups.

When you enable the contacts from whom you want to receive messages, these people must send us an invitation link in the app. Only if we accept it, we can be added to the group.

To enable a contact we must go to Settings> Account> Security> Groups and select from the options: All, My contacts or My contacts except.



To start you should know that you have to have a trusted friend on hand on WhatsApp and that he has that person blocked in his contacts. Then do the following:

The first thing you should do is open WhatsApp. If you don’t have the updated app, do it using this link.

Then ask your friend to create a WhatsApp group, either with several of your friends or simply between you, the blocked contact, and him.

This is all about  What’s App Chats design is going to change for Android users. If you have further queries you put your comments.


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