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5 Ways To Assess Online Learning

5 ways to assess online learning

5 Ways to assess online learning is a guide of how and what steps to be needed while getting online classes.

E-learning has become a new way of life owing to the enhancement of technology. Undoubtedly, E-learning has been convenient for students and teachers alike as you could impart or gather knowledge with just one tap on your phone from the comfort of your couch while sipping a hot cup of coffee. Nonetheless, there remains a huge question mark on the effectiveness of online assessment of students.

Assessment is an integral part of learning as it shows if the subject material being taught to the students is being comprehended by them or not, otherwise, the entire process is just futile. Moreover, the assessment provides the foundation for further learning of the students and act as a guiding light for the teachers. That’s why “5 Ways to assess online learning” will help you get more information about this topic.

Thus, the assessment needs to be conducted regardless of the medium of instruction, whether it be online or offline. However, the assessment of student learning becomes tougher when there is no direct contact between the teacher and the student. This begs the question, is assessment through online learning possible? What is the most effective way to assess student learning?

How do you assess online learning?

Having discussed the significance of online learning, the impediment of effective assessment needs to be concluded. While in a regular classroom, you could conduct an assessment through the traditional pen and paper test, or even verbal question hour, E-learning methods of assessment require a different approach. How do you give an online assessment?

5 Ways to assess online learning

I have listed the 5 most effective ways of assessing online learning efficaciously. This will help you get an insight into the learning of your students, leaving no room for error.

1. Online and Interactive quizzes:

There is nothing more fun and enlightening than quizzes. Quizzes have been a supreme way of assessing the knowledge of students from time immemorial. Not only are they a perfect tool for assessment, but they can also be quite fun for the students as well, and a favourable result in quizzes drive most students to step up their knowledge.

Quizzes can be of ample types, it could be the good old multiple-choice questions, which is favoured by unnumbered students. True and False quiz is also a wonderful way of understanding the expanse of your students’ knowledge. Match the following has also received innumerable fans.

The most prominent characteristic of an ideal quiz is, it needs to be short and comprehendible. Since there is no way of clarifying the ambiguity of questions through E-learning, the quizzes need to be easy to understand, leaving no room for confusion. If an ideal quiz is compiled, you can conduct an accurate assessment of student learning in no time.

2. Online interviews:

Interviews are undeniably a perfect way of assessing a person as it tests not only their knowledge but also their confidence and command over the language they speak. Interviews have been an ideal assessment tool for a long time and regular interviews prepare the students for future endeavours as well. You cannot make it into today’s world if you do not know how to carry yourself during interviews. Thus, conducting online interviews is a perfect way of testing the knowledge as well as the confidence of the student.

3. Case studies:

Testing the students on their problem-solving and decision-making skills can prove to be beneficial in the long run for the students. Case-studies is a perfect of making this assessment as it allows the student to deal with the real-world problems. You could learn 2+2=4 from the books, but would that information be of any use in a decision-making scenario? Therefore, case studies that involve critical thinking is a quintessential way of testing the learning of the students and these can be compiled easily through online means.

4. Trivia games: | 5 Ways to assess online learning

Games are fun, there is no disputing that fact. Incorporating learning into games makes up for one of the best assessment activities. A list of questions that appear one after another and prompt the students to answer in the span of 10 seconds tests their knowledge, swiftness and their confidence.

A 10-second window doesn’t give you much time to ponder over your answer, rather you have to be quick and confident in your click. This is an ideal learning experience for the students as well as an ideal assessment tool for the teacher.

5. Essay-based questions:| 5 Ways to assess online learning

Essay questions are perfect for understanding the opinions and insights of the students. This allows the teacher to mould such opinions if need be. They test the knowledge of the students on the subject, their feelings and opinions towards it. Also, it enables them to explore their outlook towards different things. Essay-based questions also pave the way for the self-assessment of the students.

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