Top five qualities of a Great Teacher

Though a teacher has many qualities, but here I would like to describe top five qualities of a great teacher. A teacher plays a pivotal role in a student’s life. The importance of a teacher is not confined to imparting education; rather it is crucial in shaping the overall personality of a person.

Apart from the curriculum, students get to learn many important things like moral values, social etiquettes, etc. from their teacher. That is why successful persons are seen passing on the credit of their success to their mentors. The qualities of a teacher leave a lifelong impact on students. Here we are going to discuss five major qualities of a great teacher. If a teacher develops these qualities, he/she can definitely become a great teacher.

Here are the “top five qualities of a great teacher”

  1. Sense of humour

A teacher with a good sense of humour is always welcomed by the students. In today’s era when pressure and tension have got hold of our psyche, in such an atmosphere, it is the need of the hour to teach serious concepts in a lighter vein. It is an open secret that pupils understand better when things are taught humorously.

  1. The art of making the learning process interesting

As we all know that when we were school going children, we many times showed our distaste towards the study. Study becomes monotonous if it is made a mechanical process. In order to engage students in the learning process it is the responsibility of a teacher to make it interesting. A teacher may devise new techniques for this purpose. A teacher should put old and rugged rote learning aside and use pragmatic methods to create interest among pupils for their study.

  1. The ability to motivate and engage students

A great teacher is expected to motivate and engage his students to learn. A teacher should work on three aspects, i.e. Cognitive, emotional and behavioral and motivate students not only in their studies but also for external engagements.

  1. Knowledge of subject matter

A teacher’s expertise in a subject, content, curriculum, learning, etc. makes a huge difference in making him a great teacher. A great teacher has deep knowledge of the relevant subject matter. If you recall your school days, you will find that your favorite teacher was the one who was the master of his subject and made you learn with complete authority, and you still find him exceptional.

  1. Passion for teaching

Qualities of a great teacher

It is not enough to be knowledgeable. An effective teacher has a passion for learning, and he believes in passing on that knowledge to his students. He carries out this task with the utmost care and planning. A good teacher always plans his lesson before discussing any topic with his students. He is aware that no matter how knowledgeable a person is but with the passage of time some knowledge fades away and in order to retain it, it is necessary to revise the topics he is going to discuss in the classroom. He has a passion for learning as well as teaching.


Teaching is a very pious and responsible profession; therefore, it cannot be taken for granted that mere knowledge of a particular subject makes a good teacher rather in order to be a good teacher one has to develop certain qualities that not only make his teaching effective but also excel him in his field. This is what I have been inspired to write on top five qualities of a great teacher. For this purpose, the qualities mentioned above helps a teacher to impart education in an effective and convincing manner.



  1. A must read article. I completely agree with you that the qualities mentioned in this article make a good teacher. Very authentic. Keep it up.


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