Top 9 Online Education Platform for Students

With the increasing demand of e-learning, here I would like to explain Top 9 Online Education Platform for Students and professionals.

During this period of quarantine, many educational institutions have found an online learning platform for schools is an invaluable ally to continue their work effectively.

Although some schools already had a trusted educational platform due to the fact that they work online. Unlikely many institutions were not fully ready for this eventuality. Thus, they have been forced to adopt a virtual platform quickly so as not to fall behind in the school year.

Online training platforms allow users to take virtual courses on the most varied topics: Physics, Economics, History, Law, Mathematics, Photography, Technology… In this selection we offer numerous options for teachers, students or for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge. Take note!

Online Education Platform for Students

In the digital world of the 21st century, online educational platforms have inflated demand. These online platforms are based on the learning management system, which supports students to get access to online classes along with profound teachers effortlessly. Online education platforms’ adaptability and engaging learning activities to make it the number one LMS for all types of young learners, be it traditional K-12 schools, distance learning, or home study.

Education is the foundation for making the world a better place. We are always learning, improving how we learn, and seeing the educational potential in every situation.

The LMS assists the duty to follow up with notes and test conducted on a regular basis that tremendously help students to accomplish satisfactory grades. So which educational platform is befitting for your child?

Here are the top 9 recommendations apt for your child.

•          Byju’s

Online education platformByju’s is one of the leading online educational platforms in India with more than 50 million users. It is renowned for delivering effective, animated videos and profound education to the students in an advanced way. This platform can be utilized by students from LKG to 12 standard. The platform promises to provide perspicacious and highly qualified teachers of India that assist students with all sorts of doubt and quires such as explaining concepts and solving challenging questions and many more on a virtual basis.

Students can get ingress to instinct doubt resolution and also one on one personal guidance with exceptional mentorship that is available 24/7 hours to make your child exam ready.

•    Henry Harvin

Henry harvinHenry Harvin is one of the progressing course known for bringing forth skill development and higher education. The main perspective of the platform aims at value creation and restructuring the discrete by providing facilities through benchmark content to the students. The institution vow to provide a wide spectrum of courses such as TEFL course, CFAP course, CPBA course, CMAP course, and many more…. Content writing association is linked to the certificate of Henry Harvin. The certificate has a huge impact on an individual to get the desired job.

It allows institutions to create and manage courses and collaboration spaces online. Teachers can post documents in virtually any format, as well as create groups, forums, assignments, and calendars.

•          Olive board

Olive board assists the students and enables various courses on the video to guide them through various subjects. Mock tests are also available in this online subscription platform which helps students to get first-hand experience for their entrance exam tests. This platform gives assurance to the applicant by giving a unique and high-quality piece of work. The question which is shown in the mock tests is prepared by highly- qualified professors, which ultimately benefit the applicant to crack their national entrance exams.

On this platform, students can view their progress and experience a personalized approach in an affordable price.

•          Udemy

Udemy is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce sites in today’s time. This globally acknowledged online platform has more than 35 million learners and over 57,000 educators. Keen learners can also get access to more than 60 languages to understand a specific topic in an uncomplicated manner.  Udemy bestows a wide range of topics starting from video editing and makeup tutorials as well. Students can get through many mediums of training for instance PDF format, PowerPoint presentations, And live lectures as well on this site.

Online courses for students and professionals

One can also consult the trainers for any sort of doubt in the topic.  Many courses that are obtainable on the platform, intensify, and ameliorate the skills of the users.

•          Coursera

Coursera is also known as MOOCs is acclaimed for offering higher education certificates from eminent universities across the globe. The tutee can get a specialization certificate in a specific course, if opted for improvising the career skill.

This eventually helps to get the craved job. The platforms come up with more than 3000 courses which almost cover all the fields and the requirement of learners as well. This gives the students a wide range of choice to select with respect to their forte.

•          Unacademy

Unacademy online educationThis app is one of India’s largest online learning platform for schools with more than 10 million downloads. This subscription app helps young minds to make a brighter future. The aspirants from various fields to crack their entrance exams use this platform successfully. Unacademy claims that it is extremely beneficial for the aspirants of JEE, NEET, and 30+ entrance exams.

The companionate students can get the advantage from the platform by attending every day live lectures and personalized doubt solving sessions too. Moreover, students get all the essential study material.

•          IGNOU

IGNOU (Indra Gandhi National University) is one of the most recognized universities of India and it claims to be the largest university in the world. The university has its mark abroad as well. IGNOU guarantees to provide a certificate which is not only applicable in India but also in abroad. The graduates can expect the certificates of diploma and doctoral programs.

Students can opt for the required degree like BCom, BCA, B-Ed and many more. These can be pursued to help them to have a good future ahead.

•          Vedantu  |  Online Education Platform for Students

Vedantu is India’s progressing online learning platform for schools. It provides highly experienced and qualified teachers with advanced live teaching sessions for the students. The platform consists of more than 500 experienced educators. Moreover, above 40,000 keen learners spread around 1000 cities and 30+ countries across the globe. The qualified teachers are able to provide their personalized teaching with the help of whiteboard tools and audio sources. This enables children to have interactive and engaging virtual classes.

Vedantu online learning

Vedantu offers service to the students from 6th grade to 12th  grade. But the limitation has no bound on this platform as sedulous students can also prepare for competitive exams, school boards, and other curriculum activities with the guidance of Vedantu teachers.

•          Toppers | Online Education Platform for Students

The topper has started journey from the year 2013 to help the students from 5th to 12th grade. Even though the platform took time and was late to introduce, it still has its mark among many determined students. The app has gained popularity for providing sample videos with top teachers, various study materials, and expert advice.

Aspirants for JEE and NEET can also utilize the app for doing a distinctive set of mock tests conducted on a regular basis. The contents are immensely beneficial for the students of the CBSC, ICSC, and state boards as well. With the help of personalized attention, topper makes you exam-ready.



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