Top 8 Sound Equalizer for Windows 10

Top 8 Sound equalizer for Windows 10 will certainly end your search to select the one that best suit to your taste.

Reader Persona – This article is about the windows 10 sound equalizer. Whenever you play music & videos, the windows 10 equalizer adjusts the sound effects to provide you with the best audio experience despite your surroundings & frequency issues. This article is on the best 8 windows 10 equalizer that you can try to emulate the frequency of your audio.

Windows 10 Equalizer | Perfect Way To Improve Audio

First & foremost, what does equalization mean? Well, when you have a process to adjust frequency components along with the electronic signal, you get streamlined audio. There are various settings available in windows 10 equalizer which can make your equalizer work more convenient job to do as you have ample of audio settings based on various responses for several performance conditions such as treble, Jazz, Bass, Rock or Live.

However, your computer audio driver may play a vital role in equalization levels of components. The audio drivers are installed on the Windows computer and there are cases that your audio driver does not support the equalizer. Therefore, you won’t get the settings you were looking for. But this article is the solution to the above problem.

Friends, you can download a sound equalizer software for your windows 10 computer. Here, we have provided a comprehensive list of top 8 sound equalizer for Windows 10. Different software for different needs & user preferences. So, play along and choose the right fit for you.

Top 8 Sound Equalizer for Windows 10

1.  Equalizer APO

Equalizer APO

It is among the best open-source sound equalizer with a strong community footprint. This sound equalizer is a graphic equalizer for Windows & is absolutely free & easy to use. We can say that the Equalizer APO is a hallmark of all the audio equalizers due to its richness in features. Some of them I have written down hereunder.

  1. Multi-channels.
  2. No strain on CPU (almost ~ 0.48%)
  3. No lags at all.
  4. Modern & modular user-friendly interface
  5. VST plugin & community support

Download Realtek Audio APO

2.  Realtek HD Audio Manager  |  Sound Equalizer for Windows 10

It is a very basic audio enhancer that is simple & easy to use. Provides an extra enhancement available to exclusive machines only. You can find enhancement options such as boosting bass or treble. Vocal highlighting is another option but you must know the tune frequencies as it does not offer useful presets.

Realtek HD Audio Manager

Download Realtek Audio Manager

3.  Viper4Windows | Sound Equalizer for Windows 10

It is another open-source windows 10 equalizer. This free tool is preloaded with standard enhancements & have many effects and filters. Though it is a very popular sound equalizer you need to be aware of one fact that it is a very old utility. Therefore, it might not work with windows 10 by default but hey you can have additional steps to make it work with Windows 10. It also offers features such as tonal equalization. Read some of its cool features.


  1. Bass Boost App: Do you have low-end sound issues? No more with its cool option that offers a customizable option for the max boost.
  2. Distortion Control: There are three presets available to choose from. Change the control to decibels by adjusting knobs.
  3. Aftermath settings: This robust tool provides settings to control audio attenuation. You can adjust the density, change bandwidth, cool down, and do so much more.

Download Viper4Windows

4.      FXSound | Sound Equalizer for Windows 10

A well known audio enhancer but was earlier known as DFX audio enhancer. It provides simplistic options to user & that makes it crazy among people. Easy to understand tunable options to which people can use. So, if you are a sound equalizer pro or say extreme audiophiles, you might be a little disappointed with it. The reason is it only offers 10 bands. The range of bands is 110Hz to 15KHz for tune setup.


But if you are an average consumer, this can be a perfect match as it is preloaded with lots of presets that can level up your audio experience. It is a paid tool that will cost around 39.99 $. Its demo version is also available. The striking features are:

  1. High fidelity sound.
  2. Volume Booster with no distortion.
  3. A personalized listening experience.

Download FXSound

5.      Equalizer Pro

With this Windows 10 sound equalizer, you will get soundtracks with 20 presets & 10 band equalizer. It’s a clean UI that provides enhancements by interfering with all media applications installed on your system. It also has a bass booster which combined with all other features is the best fit for the average consumer.

Equalizer Pro

With the preamp volume control option, you can tune a single band & amplify low notes. Also, tune each band individually. This windows sound equalizer will cost you 19.95 $ & has a 7-day trial demo version to test before final buying.

The features include:

  1. Bass boost effect
  2. 20+ equalizer presets
  3. Preamp volume control
  4. Simple and Easy to use UI

Download Equalizer Pro

6.      Boom3D | Sound Equalizer for Windows 10

This is an advance audio enhancer that comes with a modern UI. Now get the best tune with the preloaded presets. This tool is especially for those who require a rich surround sound. Therefore, a must-try windows 10 equalizer for the consumers having surround sound audio devices. It works system wise. Hence, you can manage the volume of individual apps.Sound Equalizer for Windows 10 Boom 3D

Try it for 30-day demo version. If it gets through you, pay an amount equal to 19.99 – 39.99$.

The coolest features of Boom3D are talked hereunder:

  1. 3D Surround Sound that is enchanting.
  2. 31-Band Equalizer and preloaded Presets.
  3. Volume Boosters
  4. Volume Controller for individual apps
  5. Audio Player with advance functionalities.
  6. Intensity Slider.
  7. 20k international & local radio stations.

Download Boom3D

7.      Breakaway Audio Enhancer

Unlike above-mentioned audio enhancer, it is not an ordinary audio enhancer. Get the best audio enhancement with this tool for audios, videos, web browsers & even video games. Free trial version for 30 days. After you can get it for 29.95$.

Sound Equalizer for Windows 10 Breakaway Audio enhancer

This pro tool offers a lot. Here is an exhaustive list of its cool features.

  1. Dynamics processing with multi-band.
  2. Look-ahead multiple peak limiters.
  3. Get tunes that make the sound louder and punchier.
  4. Automatic adjustments of volume dynamics
  5. Automatic adjustments of spectral balancing.
  6. Song-to-song volume shifts correction
  7. Correction of over-driven speakers.
  8. Get professional technology with this tool similar to DJs, webcasters & radio stations.

Download Breakaway Audio Enhancer

8.      Graphic Equalizer Studio

Sound Equalizer for Windows 10

An audio enhancer that is paid but offers a complete professional-grade application. Get real-time audio processing. It provides consistent sound coming out of various sources of sound. Take note of max & min amplitudes. This windows 10 sound equalizer will cost you 49$ with a 30-day trial.

This audio enhancer tool has the following features.

  1. Correlations Meter.
  2. MP3 Player or Refresher.
  3. Fine-tuning separate configurations with Q-Factor.
  4. Evaluate Digital Audio files with sync to loop features.
  5. Frequency selection & independent Band Calculator which is programmable.

Download Graphic Equalizer Studio

What is the best setting for an equalizer?

What most audiophiles believe that the best setting for an equalizer is to set the eq completely flat. It is called “flat” because it does not boost any frequencies nor it cut down. Therefore, you can set all the sliders parallel to each other in the same horizontal line as shown below in the image.

8 top sound equalizer for Windows 10

But in case, you need an extra oomph or want to boost high end to get extra sizzle; try setting up a subtle “U” or a “V” shape on your graphic eq. Rest you can try various eq settings that give you the enhancement you are looking for.

Tips to improve the sound quality in Windows 10 | Sound Equalizer for Windows 10

Windows 10 is one of the best operating system where you find options for proper setting of sounds. Adjusting sound on the dashboard using multi options is an art. If you gain that skill you can achieve the best quality sound according to the occasion you need.

1. Change Sound Effects

Get a personalized experience by pressing down the Windows key + I. Open Settings and then navigate to Personalization > Themes > Sounds. Or, just right-click on the speaker icon placed on your taskbar tray & simply click Sounds.

2. Adjust Individual App Sounds

Just right-click the speaker icon then click Open Volume Mixer and here you are – adjust the sliders as per your needs.

3. Update Your Audio Drivers

Simply update your audio driver and you will see that with the updated version you have a better audio experience than before.

4. Enable Sound Enhancements

Double-click the playback devices(Grey tray) you want to change. Go to Enhancements tabs. Apply immediately by ticking to Immediate mode. Check out the sound enhancement options such as Virtual Surround or say Loudness Equalization. Click & get descriptions.

Conclusion |Get The Best Sound Quality Out Of Your PC

Hopefully, you’ve grabbed the learnings on how to get the best out of audio enhancement software for your Windows 10 sound equalizer. Try the recommended audio enhancers as mentioned in the top 8 list and get most benefit out of them.

I hope we got success in providing a useful list for you. Now, you can easily choose the right Windows 10  audio equalizer software for your unique requirements. So don’t forget to tell us which audio enhancer did you select & why? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

Stay safe! ,happy!  sound!


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