Top 7 Roblox Horror Games for Spine Chilling Experience

Roblox horror games and characters within the game provide you the feeling of fear that  nearly touch your senses.

During the Halloween season the fear factor becomes the source of entertainment.  It is time to rummage our favorite horror movies, books, series, and most importantly, horror games and enjoy the beloved month of October. While Roblox has done a pretty good job at their Halloween theme, we gaming lovers want something more to enjoy the horror season.

This is why I decided to create a montage of some of the best Roblox Horror games. My nights and days are pretty much reserved now till the 31st with being hunted down by zombies, ghosts, werewolves, and whatnot.

Roblox Horror Games

1)      Zombie Attack:

zombie attackZombies have to be the spooky creatures on the face of the earth. Thus, the month of October without a Zombie attack is incomplete. Zombie Attack is created by Wentlocktoad vs Indra. It is a zombie survival game in which you and your team have to survive the attack of the eternal waves of zombies.

Each wave of zombies is deadlier than the last.  The game keeps on becoming more difficult as you move further. However, with the increasing difficulty comes new weaponry to help you achieve your task. These weapons will make the task of keeping the zombies at bay easy. The game is a must-play if you want to enhance your Halloween experience.

2)      Dead Silence

dead silenceDead Silence is easily one of the best Roblox Horror Games and my favorite. It is not only difficult to play, but the images are enough to scare the bejesus out of you. Sneak peek: the game has a doll. So that should explain a lot. The game is based on a movie by the same name which was released in the year 2007.

The game circles around a married couple who have gifted a doll that belonged to a ventriloquist. Needless to say, the doll kills the wife when the husband was out running some errands. Turns out, the doll belonged to a ventriloquist named Mary Shaw, who died some time ago and she is said to haunt the town of Raven’s fair. Your job is to look into the death of Mary Shaw. You can play alone or have 3 friends join you in the spooky quest.

3)      Alone in a Dark House

Top 7 Roblox Horror Games for Spine Chilling ExperienceThe game is pretty self-explanatory by the title. You are stuck inside a dark house and you have got to explore the place to dig the story of the house. In the game, you are a detective and your task is to probe the murder of a boy. You will encounter evil and creepy things and puzzles along the way, but the experience is great if you are into the horror genre. It is an excellent single-player game and must-play during the Halloween month.

4)      Stop It, Slender!

If you have played Among Us, the background of this game will be easy to comprehend, as its essentially the same. In the game, you have a group of people that consists of citizens (the crew, as per Among Us standards), and one of them is selected to be the Slenderman (the traitor). The citizens are responsible for piecing together 8 pages of a journal. The Slenderman, on the other hand, has the task of stopping the citizens from achieving the goal.

stop it slender

The pages of the journal are dispersed in a few maps that are designed to be scary. You will witness unnumbered horrors with the Slenderman being on your back all the time to abstain you from achieving your goals. To remain alive, you have to avoid looking at the Slenderman for too long, whilst not knowing who the Slenderman is! A perfect Roblox Horror Game to play in a group, you will have a great time playing ‘Stop it, Slender!’.

5)      A Wolf or Other

Top 7 Roblox Horror Games for Spine Chilling Experience

Fancy some werewolves? Werewolves are quintessential creatures in the horror genre. Understandably, a game with werewolves is bound to make it to the list of best Roblox horror games. The game assigns randomly assign one of the three roles to the player; innocent, hunter, or werewolf. As an innocent, your role is to survive while the werewolves try to hunt you down. As a werewolf, your role is to kill any person that comes in your way.

When you become hunter, you are armed with a crossbow and your role is to hunt down the werewolves and protect the innocents. This cat and mouse chase will keep you hooked and spooked till the end. So, kick back those shoes, dim the lights, and prepare to get scared. Playing this come in solitary will enhance your gaming experience.

6)      The Haunted Imperial Hotel

This game deserves a spot in the list of best Roblox Horror games for obvious reasons. If you want the daylights scared out of you, this is the game for you, because it certainly did the same to me. It is a perfect Halloween, pick. The Imperial Hotel is a spooky place that once used to have a buzz. It was once glamorous, but everything changed when due to an inexplicable phenomenon, the estate began to get collapsed, in some parts. Eventually, the place became forgotten and the tales of once a great hotel circulated. Gradually succumbing to destruction, the building began to harbor creepiness.

7)      The Rake

This game is easy, in contrast with most games on the list, yet can prove to be tricky. It is a survival game wherein; you have to make stay alive till the dawn. While you struggle to stay alive, the rake is lurking in the shadows, seeking an opportunity to scratch you to death. You are walking in pitch darkness, trying to last through the night to finish the game. This game is ideal to play in a dark room.


Binging horror games are an ideal way to spend the Halloween event. These games are some of the best Roblox Horror games that will render a spine chilling experience. Playing it alone is optimal if you can.



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