Tokyo Xanadu ex+ The Ultimate Game

Tokyo Xanadu ex+ is the ultimate gameplay for all age groups. When it comes to exquisite animation, aesthetic characters, incredible plotlines, and magnificent gameplay, Japan are unrivaled. Japanese games have solidified a spot in the realm of classic gaming because of its unique animation. Many Japanese video games have been made into an anime series. Also a lot of games have been made based on popular Japanese light novel series.

Role-playing games are especially popular in Japan and worldwide alike. One such sort is the Tokyo Xanadu ex+, which may seem like a Persona rip-off on the surface. But its original essence runs deeper when you actually get into the game. Nonetheless, the similarities between the two games are undeniable. However, you will notice that such similarities are quite common once you familiarize yourself with Japanese animation.

What is Tokyo Xanadu ex+?

Tokyo Xanadu ex+ is an enhanced version of the original game Tokyo Xanadu. This is a part of a game series called Xanadu developed by Nihon Falcom. It is a massive action role-playing game that involves real-time combats. A little like Sword Art Online, the game allows you to join parties, forge alliances and explore the nightmare realm called the “Eclipse”.


Kou Tokisaka is a normal high school student in a massively abnormal version of Tokyo. Stuck between jobs to make the ends meet, he has been leading quite a mundane life. This was until the day he encounters a scene where he finds one of his classmates in the company of some delinquents. He follows the party with the intention of intervening but soon finds himself being sucked into a vortex and entering into an entirely different dimension, the “Eclipse”. From here on out, he embarks upon a journey of combats and dungeon crawling.

Tokyo Xanadu

Although the game largely consists of battling and defeating the evil entities of the dimension, you can move freely time and time again to do your own exploring of the place, a common element of most role-playing games. Now, this may seem like a total buzz-kill because it sounds like any other Japanese RPGs, but Tokyo Xanadu has some of its original elements which makes playing it totally worthwhile.

Tokyo Xanadu ex+ The Ultimate Game

The central theme and the one thing that makes the game excels is the action that ensues. Certainly, any gamer would love some fighting time and to show-off their set of combat skills. Tokyo Xanadu ex+ gives you that precise opportunity whilst also testing your logical skills.

It is a game that does not only test your skills in combat, but to move further, you have got to implement some of those brain cells, which is precisely what makes this game special. You can add people to your party and begin forging alliances, members of these parties will be the one who will assist you in your endeavors inside the nightmare realm.

You will  drop yourself into different dungeons wherein you will be battling the evil that rests inside, for this purpose, you will have to choose a few of members of your party to assist you in your mission. This is where you will test your intellect.Each enemy has some weak points which are there for you to exploit. You have to got to form a team of people that can exploit those weaknesses and help you achieve your goals.

Is Tokyo Xanadu ex+ in English?

People outside of Japan always wonder about the language configuration of Japanese games, which is truly troublesome at times. Well, in a nutshell, no, the English dub is not available. The audio of the game is all Japanese and for the non-Japanese speakers to understand the story, subtitles have been added to the game. Thus, you only get the subtitles and content in English while the audio remains to be in Japanese.

How long is Tokyo Xanadu ex+?

It largely depends upon the way you are playing the game. The main story will take about 45 hours to finish on average, however, the main story with extras will demand 60 hours of your time. People familiar with the concept of Action RPGs will take considerably less time than rookies to finish the entire game.

Tokyo xanadu

Is Tokyo Xanadu ex+ like Persona?

You simply cannot play a Japanese action RPG and not have it even remotely remind you of some other game. There are some common elements that are present in virtually all role-playing games. And when we speak about two games with essentially the same fundamentals, you are bound to find the two similarities. Such is the case with Tokyo Xanadu and Persona.

The similarities between the two are abundant, with high school students finding their way in an unusual dimension, dungeon crawling, and incredible fighting scenes. And this is all understandable when you realize that Tokyo Xanadu ex+ has actually been inspired by Persona! However, the core elements of Tokyo Xanadu are different from Persona. Even if you have played Persona and loved it, you are bound to find Tokyo Xanadu ex exhilarating.


Tokyo Xanadu has received its fair share of fans who have made the game series tremendously popular. It may be called a Person rip-off by many, but the essence of the game remains original and definitely worth all your time. You will find much exhilaration in the combats and construction of bonds as you explore the nightmare realm.


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