Supergiant Marvel The Amazing Character

Supergiant Marvel is indeed an amazing character and widely accepted as the role model.

Marvel epitomizes everything perfect about a superhero verse with a pantheon of superheroes and supervillains, which secures its a top position in the all-time best comic franchise list. Decades down the line of the release of the original comics, we see the movie adaptations bless the film buffs with creating superhits after superhits.

Supergiant Marvel Comic

But do movies tell us everything about the original comic series? The answer in a nutshell, is a clear-cut no. Differences between the comics and movies are vast and some of the movies lack something as basic as even a few characters.

While the big screen has captured our interest and exultation with a pantheon of superheroes such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, the Incredible Hulk and meanest of the villains such as Thanos, Ultron, Magneto, there is a lot more to the Marvel franchise than what meets the eye with the movies.

One such character, which although has been of utmost essence to the Thanos’ Black Order in the comics has failed to find herself a place in the movies. Supergiant in the Marvel comics is as vicious as someone backing Thanos can be and even her art is enough to ripple fear into the minds of the people.


On the contrary to what the name might suggest, the real power of the supergiant rests with her ability to control people’s mind and has much less to do anything with her physical attributes.

Supergiant Marvel’s amazing character

We can refer the Supergiant as a psychiatric parasite that feeds into people’s thoughts and intelligence. She was one of the five powerful villains that has been recruited in the Thanos’ evil Black Order. Out of all the Marvel’s villains that have managed to shape the fear of a wide array of readers in all its years of existence, I have found Supergiant to be the scariest of all because there is nothing scarier than someone who has a control over what you think. Supergiant’s ability to manipulate the thoughts of her enemies, stealing them and swallowing them makes her crazy strong and invincible.

Supergiant Marvel Powers

Supergint marvel

Supergiant has no physical attributes that make her powerful, what she has is a mind that sees and controls all, which is more powerful than any iron hand you can have. She is a psychiatric parasite that derives power and jubilance from subjugating the minds of her enemies and moulding their way of thinking.

This makes her quite an asset to Thanos’ team because of the rarity of her power. Supergiant hates a lot of things, most notably the X-men and the avengers have tickled her hatred over the time amongst a myriad of other beings.

There seems to be a cognitive link between the minds of Supergiant and Thanos. The supergiant receives as any information that will go automatically to Thanos. This portrays her loyalty towards Thanos, which never falls short in front of anything.


The expanse of the Marvel comics is massive. There is much of the Marvel verse than what  the enormously popular Hollywood adaptations show. While we cannot predict whether or not these adaptations will go much farther, one thing we can say for certain that there is much to adapt from the comics when it really comes down to it.


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