Solving Your Stuck Windows 10 Update in 9 Steps

If Windows 10 update stuck then you will be worried what to do now. This is a technical glitch that you do not need to worry. Here in this article, I will let you the perfect solution if Windows 10 update hangs on.

Windows is a great operating system, But as with all Microsoft software, it is sometimes the case that things do not work out perfectly. Most often, this is during an update where, for some reason, your device gets stuck.

This is usually when windows is getting an update and something gets in the way like when your computer turned off during the Windows 10 update. Now, this can lead to some problems if you do not know the right way to fix the problem. So, here is a number of steps you can take to make your Windows update error problem go away:

9 Steps to Fix Issues When Your Windows Update Won’t Install

▪     Confirms That the Update is Stuck

The first thing to check when you are thinking your update is stuck is if it really is stuck. A lot of times, an update just moves slowly and interfering with it causes even more problems. So, you should first ensure that the update really is stuck. You can notice the progress bar or the percentage to ensure that it is moving or ask how long does windows update take on Google. Give it a few minutes and make sure your internet connection is working fine. If it does not move after a few minutes, you can proceed to the next step.

▪     Restart Your Update

Updates are only updated because they are data packets downloaded in one go. SO, if your update is stuck, the chances are it is going to be reset if you restart the update. If you have the restart or retry update option, press that. If you get some kind of an error which prevents you from accessing this button, just use the power key on your device to restart your computer entirely. Be sure, however, that the update has been stuck since restarting in the middle of an active update can create more issues.

There are some other problems too that you can face such as How to enable and disable secure boot in Microsoft Windows. You can find the solution of this in other article

▪     Check the Windows Update Utility

Solving your stuck Windows 10 update image2The Update and Security section in Settings on Windows 10 allows you to check your update history. From here, you can see if your device has been updated or not. You can also look into your update status and any errors which may have occurred during a previous update attempt. For the most part, if such an event has occurred, you will be notified that he Update with reattempt some time later. This does not require you to do anything, so just sit back and let the update start at the scheduled time as mentioned.

▪     Run the Troubleshoot | Stuck Windows 10 Update

If the above three steps did not do it for you, you can try the Troubleshoot option. You can access the troubleshooting section by searching for “Control Panel” in the search bar. From here, you can ask for “Fix problems with Windows Update or Fix Windows Update error”. This should present you with a number of pre-developed options to choose from. Follow the one that resembles your issue and see it fixed.

▪     Restart in Safe Mode

When your device has had a major snag during an update, trying to fix it directly can get risky. It can jeopardize your files and other critical data. S, the best thing to do is to simply get into Safe Mode. This mode is available from the sign-in screen. Press the Shift + Power to Restart in this mode. You should find yourself looking at a few options on screen with a blue background. Select Safe mode from there and run the update again.

Solving Your Stuck Windows 10 Update in 9 Steps

▪     Do a System Restore

Solving your stuck Windows 10 update image3Typically, Windows creates system images in its memory to allow for going back to a previous version of your OS for safety reasons. If your Windows 10 update is stuck on restarting, you can simply do a system restore. To do this, simply follow the blue screen options process we explained above. From there, you can find a System Restore option and choose the version you want to have your device restored to.

▪     Delete Windows Update Cache  | Stuck Windows 10 Update

Often, if your computer turned off during the Windows 10 update, you can have un-executable files in your Windows cache. These can prevent Windows from getting updated properly. So, you can go into the Windows cache and delete these files. This should allow the Windows Updater to do its job perfectly. To do this, go to Safe Mode, then command prompt, from right-clicking the Start menu. You will see a text box appear from that.  Here, you can type Type “net stop wuauserv” and press Enter. On the next line type “net stop bits” and Enter again. Then restart Windows in Normal mode and get to C:\ Windows\ SoftwareDistribution folder. Repeat the same command  prompt lines we mentioned above in normal Windows mode. This should clear the cache and allow you to update to work properly.

▪     Do a Full System Virus Scan   | Stuck Windows 10 Update

Solving your stuck Windows 10 update image4After you have completed the steps above, if the problem still persists like if your Windows 10 update is stuck at 80 per cent, there may be a malware error involved. So, you need to run a complete systems survey using Windows Defender and any other 3rd party antivirus app you may have. If your device has a virus on it, then this will identify the problem. Once you know about it, you can consider what steps to take.

Solving Your Stuck Windows 10 Update in 9 Steps

▪     Do a Complete OS Reset

 If nothing else works, you can reset your Windows 10 OS entirely. This is not easily done and if you are not good with computers, it is best to get professional help. If you think you can manage this on your own, go to the Update and Security settings tab and find the Recovery tab. From here, you can do a complete system reset to its original factory state.


Here in this article, I have discussed with you many instances when the problem comes and if you go for a solution, you definitely find it. In this computer world, mostly people do not have deep technical knowledge to solve the issues, but when we share experiences with each other we conquer. If you are satisfied with the concept I have provided, please mention in the comment box.




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