Solve Math Equations and Formulas with Online Calculators

Solve math equations and formulas with online calculators

Most of the students in the world consider math as an unpleasant subject and the thought of solving complex math problems always frightened them. Mathematics has many branches, it’s one of the major fields is Algebra, which is very well known by the students. Algebraic expressions are the mixtures of letters, numbers and symbols that’s why its equations and formulas seem very complicated at first look.

Students can solve their math assignments or expressions by using algebra calculators. These calculators help them to get rid of the complicated solving process and generates authentic results instantly. Arithmetic and comparison operators are used along with parentheses which define the operation priorities.

The math expression calculator has powerful functions to solve the mathematical expressions in less time. Handmade calculators are also used in schools, universities and offices to perform basic calculations but they have limited functions. With the enhancement of technology, programmable calculators have also been developed to perform complex scientific calculations. Now that technology has been more advanced, people can use online calculators to solve complex mathematical equations and get more accurate and fast results.

Mathematical Concept

Now, we will discuss the mathematical concept of algebra.

1.     Basics Understanding

First of all understanding an algebraic expression and equation are required. The difference between an algebraic expression and an algebraic equation is that an algebraic expression only consists of numbers and variables. It cannot be solved because it is surrounded by an equal sign. Whereas, algebraic equation consists of series of algebraic expressions which are separated by an equal sign and it can easily be solved.


  • 2x+5 Algebraic Expression
  • 2x+5 = 245 Algebraic Equation

2.     Combining Terms

We have to segregate or combine the same degree terms for adding or subtracting up. For example, all x2 terms will be combined with other x2 terms and numbers which are separated by variables, will be combined for addition or subtraction.


  • 2x3 + 4 – x2 +3x3 + 2x2+ 5 =
  • 2x3 + 3x3+ 2x2 – x2 + 4 + 5 =
  • 5x3 + x2 + 9 =

3.     Factoring out a Number:

An algebraic equation contains two expressions one on the left side and another one on the right side of the equal sign. We can factor in a common term by looking at the coefficients of both terms. After doing this, it will be simplified and then we can solve it.


2x + 10 = 4x + 20

In this equation:

2 is the common term

Each coefficient will be divided by 2 to get the equation simplified.

2x/2 + 10/2 = 4x/2 + 20/2

X+5 = 2x + 10

4.     Operation priority

The operations that will be performed on the algebraic equation are prioritized in the following order:

  • Parentheses
  • Exponents
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Addition
  • Subtraction

5.     Variable Isolation

In the end, we have to get the variable (often known as x). Place the variable on one side of the equation and put the constant term on another side of the equation. Now we can isolate variable (x) by performing suitable operations i.e., division, multiplication, addition, subtraction etc.


2x + 10 = 40

2x/2 + 10/2 = 40/2

X + 5 = 20

X =20-5

X =15

What can be solved with an online algebra calculator

The online algebra calculator has the ability to solve all types of algebraic equations. Some are the named below:

  • Linear equations
  • System of equations
  • Power and square roots
  • Polynomials
  • Quadratic expressions
  • Linear inequalities
  • Quadratic equations

Benefits of online math equation solver

Before the development of an online algebra calculator, students performed huge calculations manually in which the chances of errors were high. This tool has made the math journey very easy for the students. The online calculator is very much efficient as compared to handmade calculators. Users do not need to buy a handmade calculator to perform calculations because all the mathematical operations can be performed online at no cost.

The benefits of the online calculator are given below:

·         Easy to use

It is very simple and easy to use. Everyone who is new on the internet can use this online calculator without any help.

·         Convenience

It is very convenient to execute complex calculations. We can use the online algebra calculator at any time and anywhere by using the internet.

·         User friendly

It has simple and user-friendly interference. This is not difficult to learn and understand. It is a very lightweight tool and can easily browse.

·         Reliable

On the internet, there are so many downloadable calculators. There may be a chance that the downloaded application will not be compatible with your device. But as an online algebraic calculator, this chance has been eliminated. The users can work on the online algebraic calculator on any device having an internet connection.

·        Accurate and Time saving

It reduces the time of huge calculations. Also provides results that are more accurate than manual processing.

·         Money Saving

Do not need to purchase a handmade algebraic calculator because it is available free of cost on the internet.

·         Function Oriented

The online algebraic calculator is multi-function oriented. We do not need to use different algebraic calculators for different algebraic expressions. Many types of algebraic equations can be solved on a single calculator.

Final Thoughts

Students hesitate to enrol on a subject that requires some effort. We know that everything that is beneficial for us, demands some effort. Mathematical skills are necessary to get an exceptional job. We have to train and prepare ourselves for solving real life problems. For this, we have to make our brain sharp which is possible by doing math i.e., Algebra.

Online equation solver bypasses the complication that we face while solving the linear equations. Students can solve the mathematical equations in seconds by using this calculator and can match the answer with their work and also find their errors and bugs to compete for the problem correctly.


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