Software for Customer Management

Foremost, I am proceeding to explain what CRM is and how it has taken enough space in all sorts of businesses. Software for customer management is on high demand everywhere in the world.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software has become popular with businesses in the last two decades. When a business is floated with a lot of information, data, sales, lead, tracking, input and outputs then it becomes almost impossible to manage manually. Then we can say that you need a CRM.CRM software is the set of structured applications installed on a single platform to feed your inputs and offer results in a well organized manner. Multiple users can access the software at a time and can supply information or retrieve the data as per their demands.

Types of CRM

A number of software companies put efforts to develop best CRMs specially according to industry type. Most CRMs have been developed to focus on marketing management, business management, project management and finance management where they manage an infinite number of customers.

Here I am going to explicate a few Customer relationship management softwares for your comfort.

HubSpot CRM

Software for Customer ManagementEvery business grows gradually irrespective of its category. Initially, enterprises manage their data on excel sheets and when these sheets are flooded then they need HubSpot CRM. This CRM is well compatible for small enterprises which have just entered to handle large data through CRM. This will take care of your sales, services and marketing data.It’s easy to install and further practice. All options have been designed with the touch of technology and are user friendly. You do not need to learn any coding or rocket science. Its usage can be learned through tutorials available on CRMs site or YouTube.

Although, it is very useful in every aspect, however, some characteristics such as

  •   Lead generation services
  •   Marketing automaton
  •  Analytics
  •  Customer feedback and
  •  Generating tickets are ultimate.

By using this CRM your most of the process will come in automation mode. It will become easier to manage difficult tasks. This CRM was launched in 2006 in the USA and more details can be accessed from its official website

Salesforce CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) helps you to achieve your goals. It implies that you want to grow with the satisfaction of your customers. Salesforce is the most efficacious solution for your commercial enterprise. It has embedded features  to manage your contacts, marketing figures, sales, service and many more advanced things which are essential part of your business

Software for Customer Management

This CRM is based on cloud computing technology and can be accessed all over the world with ease. Although, this is paid CRM however, 30 day free demo or trial is available to use and analyze its productivity. Its price is variable depending upon usage and the number of users.

How can you get more out of this CRM?

  •         This will enable you to track your customers right on your dashboard
  •         You can directly utilize the ability of social media through this CRM
  •         You can customize your emails through its marketing option
  •         Moreover, you will get full customer care support to run it successfully
  •         You will be updated with more advanced information time to time

Salesforce is developed by an American company which has most of its product cloud-based. The head office of this company is located in San Francisco. Once installed, every user will get its login details to have access to the software.

The most important section of this software which I admire most is to connect with potential clients and convince them into a lead. The second significant piece is automation management of employee performance. Every company must have a number of employees and the owner if he gets parameters to scale their productivity, indeed it’s valuable.

The data is stored safely in tables which holds a value specifically related to a file. For more information and purchase you can visit the website


Freshsales CRM

When you are focused on your business or define your role specifically for sales, then you are at the right place. You don’t necessarily need to be mixed up in handling multipurpose CRMs. Get Freshsales CRM and achieve more than your expectation.

The modus operandi of any business is to generate sales, which is possible when you possess the skill set to attract your clients towards your product or services. In one case you have tempted the customer then you need to raise them until they change into a success lead.

The Freshsales CRM has inbuilt artificial intelligence features to let you know about your lead pipeline, emails and inbuilt phone.

This CRM was designed by Freshworks in 2011 and the company is located in the USA.

Cost: Freshsales is not very expensive, and it offers a free demo too. For a single user, you have to ante up $12 per month. There are other packages also but depends upon the number of users and usage.

It works well with windows, Android and iPhone. You will receive total support through tutorials, webinars to get full operational knowledge. Live chat option is also available all the time.

When you transfer your data from old CRM or other platforms to Freshsales the process is easy, however, Freshworks provides full support until you succeed.

The best component of this CRM is to transmit and receive electronic mails to possible customers and existing clients. This management is awesome and controls your clients from a single window. Uploading data, creating mail templates and sending bulk mails is so convenient that you can think of. Another best option is logic selectable filters that manage your huge data and retrieve what you actually require.

EventBank CRM

As it clears from its name, EventBank CRM is developed for managing events and visitors of events. You know that an event can invite thousands or more. All are potential customers connected to a particular industry or niche.

Software for Customer ManagementThis CRM gives you ability to manage the data efficiently according to operational functions which drive revenue and other vital inputs.

EventBank keeps the data centralized and helps your further approach people of your choice. This software is suitable for all sizes of enterprises. Many NGOs (non government organizations) use this software successfully.

Planning and promoting are the two best tools of this CRM. Obviously, these are the roots of your business if you are an event management company or employee. Another best part is social media integration.

Every bit you experience that event organizers need to quote so many things to vendors, companies, and other affiliated enterprises, therefore the Quotes and Proposals options are good choices.

EventBank was developed in 2013 in the United States of America.

I have read so many reviews from clients and find more of them are fully satisfied. They praised the continuous product development and timely updating.

Since this is a cloud based software, hence companies which operate in multiple locations appreciate the EventBank CRM.


I have explained a few of the best customer relationship management (CRM) softwares here in this article. However, there are a number of other useful CRMs available in the market. You need to prepare a choice of what you actually want. Acquire knowledge of the relevant CRM and buy it. Paid CRMs are better because of their updating and continued support. Moreover, this is your asset and you are starting to depend on it.




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