How Sociological Perspective Affect Human Life

The sociological perspective is a very important term in a civilized society. Sociology is an informative branch of learning that examines and describes significant concerns in the life of an individual, society, and world community. It is a social science that studies human relationships in society. Human behavior gets shaped while interacting in social groups.

Individuals recognize society obediently. But from a sociological perspective, we can agree that society is a momentary social community created through humans. Also, people can improve it.

Auguste Comte, a French Theorist, utilized the term-Sociology in 1838. Comte has gained recognition as the Father of Sociology.

Sociology is a diverse discipline that encompasses various contents such as family, school, culture, marriage, religion, race, social beliefs, social class, social stability, social changes, crime, law, and urban/rural community, many more.

Meaning of Sociological Perspective

The term ‘sociological perspective’ or sociological imagination stands for social viewpoint. It implies observing the external form of human activities and institutions. It is the analysis of social relations and behavior. The reasons for such social behavior are studied as well.

Thus, the extensive community interactions are the fundamental matter of Sociology. Social scientists are not concerned with the personal traits of leaders like M.K. Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill, etc. But they are interested in recognizing individual qualities and behavior and their causes.

The prime focus of the sociological perspective is to perceive and explain the usual features of society. Also, it tries to inspect the impact of social life in shaping human attitude.

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The Core of Social Perspective

In this portion, we have highlighted the essence of sociological perspective:

  1. Sociology with Scientific & Sociological Perspective

The sociology discipline is a scientific attempt along with a deep-rooted social outlook. Earlier, there was a question mark on Sociology- is it a science or arts. But in modern times, this field of learning is accepted both as a science and arts.

As a science, sociology is a factual study of social occurrences. It attempts to make universal regulations. And as a sociological perspective, it aims to grasp human culture and philosophy and all kinds of social life.

  1. Study of Behavior Patterns of Individuals

Sociology examines the behaviour patterns of a collection of individuals rather than that of a single person. It focuses on the formation, maintenance, and transformation of society.

  1. The Connection between Society & Individuals

The concept of sociological perspective aims to study the relationship between individuals and society. It observes how a social group influences individuals and how people create it.

  1. Significance of Role & Status in a Group

Sociology investigates the role and status of a person in his/her social group. The activities of a person in a social group are most important than individual performance.

  1. Naturalistic & Interventionist Character of Sociological Perspective

The traditional social scientists labelled the sociological perspective as a purely scientific subject. But later, modern social scientists maintained it as a science (naturalistic) and humanities (interventionist role). Sociology is considered a problem-solving discipline when it fulfils its interventionist role.

  1. Sociological Perspective Studies Micro & Macro Level Issues

The micro-level problems investigated through the sociological perspective concept are human interaction in social life (example-at home, school, workplace, small group, and large group).

On the other hand, sociology scans the macro-level issues such as unemployment, poverty, corruption, war, wide-ranging organizations like social systems, social institutions, and bureaucracy. The remedies for micro and macro-level problems are possible using a sociological perspective.

Impact of Sociological Perspective on Human Life

  1. Question Commonly Held Beliefs

Individuals are self-regulating and accountable for their existence. If we choose our destiny instantly, prosperous individuals will appear high-class and underprivileged as inferior to us. In this situation, sociology assists us in understanding and questioning such common beliefs.

  1. Realize Possibilities & Limitations

We can see that it is society that plays a crucial role in social survival. But if we remain aware, we can shape the social community for improvement. We need to play better in our social life to take advantage of the available opportunities. The sociological perspective will help us to identify and confront obstacles while chasing our aims.

  1. Enable Us to Stay Active in the Society

When we try to look at our social settings in a new way, we become active members. For instance, a personal issue (for example, being unemployed) is a public concern (job loss) because the source of individual problems is in society.

Thus, the sociological perspective aids in understanding the influence of society on us. We can choose whether to accept the circumstances as it is or make efforts in transforming it.

  1. Continued Existence in Heterogeneous World

Generally, we believe that our lifestyle is accurate, acceptable, and superior. But from a sociological perspective, we can look at the strong points and weak spots in our behavior. Also, we endeavor to understand and welcome the opinions of others.


Sociology assists us in increasing our awareness and striving for betterment. Society shapes the beliefs, behavior, and manners of individuals. It helps in viewing the social community with a broader understanding. Moreover, we can see the connection between individual and social troubles. Thus, the sociological perspective fosters better social thinking in humans to bring about social change.


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