Ways of Fixing Sim Not Provisioned MM2

In this article, we have explained the reasons for and ways to fix sim not provisioned mm2. SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module. It is a small portable card holding mobile phone user credentials, address, messages, contacts, security keys, and a mobile network.

SIM links your cell phone to the network service provider. An activated SIM facilitates making calls, text message transmission, and more.

SIM Not Provisioned MM2: A Common SIM Card Issue

You may encounter a sim not provisioned mm2 issue on your phone or tablet. It is a common issue that happens while you initiate a link between the phone and the network distributor.

It is an error text that arrives in a new SIM. Also, it will appear with an old and inactive SIM card. Consequently, you cannot make calls or send messages temporarily.

Reasons for sim not provisioned mm2

The reasons for sim not provisioned mm2 error message are many. But you can fix this issue on your own. Look at the reasons given below for SIM not provisioned:

  1. New Phone & New Sim: If you have a new SIM card in your new smartphone.
  2. Contact List Transfer: If you have transmitted the contact list to the new SIM.
  3. Server Issue: The network service provider may be inaccessible for the moment. Then, you have to hang on for some time.

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Ways of fixing sim not provisioned mm2

  1. Remove & Place the SIM Card Again

Firstly, switch off your smartphone.

Next, take off the phone’s back cover. If you have no idea of opening the back cover, follow your phone’s instruction booklet.

Now, find the SIM card slot on the phone. The SIM slot may be at the side or located below the battery.

After that, pull out the SIM card cautiously and re-insert it correctly. Place the battery if you have removed it and secure the back cover.

Finally, restart your mobile phone to confirm whether the sim not provisioned mm2 error gets fixed or not.

  1. Turn On & Off the Phone

You may turn on or off the phone to overcome this error. The SIM card will get activated automatically in 24 hours when the server gets functional.

  1. Contact Network Service Provider

It is the network provider who activates and disables your SIM. Thus, your last option to rectify the sim not provisioned mm2 issue is taking assistance from your network provider. You will be given a new SIM (if the current SIM card is defective). Else, the network provider will activate the existing SIM without any trouble.

The Wrap-Up

The above solutions will work on repairing the SIM problem. But if the issue continues, try placing your SIM in another phone. If it is operative in another phone, there is a fault in your phone that needs repairing. If the SIM is not working on either of the phones, consider taking help from the network provider.


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