How to Send and Receive a Fax from Gmail?

Send and receive a fax from Gmail has become easy  these days. You follow the steps as given below and learn this technique.

Faxing is one of those old ways of communicating which have stood the test of time. While not many people fax anymore, it is an option available to people. CocoFax is integrated with Gmail and you can use the service to receive and send faxes as long as you have a Gmail account. If you are looking into questions like Can you fax from Gmail of free, here are the key things you need to know about this awesome and free service:

5 Key Steps to Using CocoFax on Gmail

1.     Register with CocoFax

The first thing you need to do to use CocoFax is to register with the app itself. You will have to use our Google account from which you plan to use the service to register with it. To learn how to send a fax via email, you can access it on PlayStore or via your email through a browser or its dedicated apps on your smartphone.

2.     Write an Email

Once you have registered on CocoFax and opened your email account on your browser or app, it is time to create an email message. This will go along with your fax to your desired sender’s email Id and fax number.

3.     Create a Fax on the Popup

Once you have opened a new Compose Email window, Gmail will show a popup which you can use to type in your fax details. Once you have typed these in, you will only be one step away from sending the message to your intended recipient. If you do not know how to write a fax number, then it goes like This is the right way and before you send it, make sure you confirm you are writing the number correctly.

4.     Attach Documents

After filling In details, you can attach documents in the popup window so they get sent to the recipient as well.  For CocoFax specifically, you can attach pdf, doc, docx, xlsx, and several other formats. Once you have made the attachments you need, it is time to press the send button.

5.     Get Delivery Confirmation

When the fax is delivered, you will get a confirmation message on your Gmail browser. If you see this, you can be certain it has been delivered to the contact number you sent it to.

Steps to Receive Faxes on Gmail

Send and receive fax from gmail

Gmail can enable you to get faxes from others who have your fax number. You will need to of course give them your fax number so that they can send it to you. Next, you will need to go to your settings tab in your Gmail account. Here, you can turn on desktop notifications and any and all faxes you get to your email account will be displayed at the bottom right corner of your home screen.  Be sure to save the changes you have made to your preferences before you close the Settings tab. Once you do that, you will start getting notifications for all emails and faxes on your device.

Conclusion | Send and receive a fax from gmail

Faxing is not as popular as it used to be just about a decade ago. Despite that, there are some major benefits of the technology for all kinds of users. You can sync up your Gmail and teach your colleagues on how to send and receive faxes online as well. This can be helpful for your business and enable you to deal with more clients. Be sure to follow all the steps we mentioned here carefully to use CocoFax and Gmail for sending and receiving faxes.



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