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RateMyProfessors.com is a website for students of college and universities where they can submit their reviews, comments, feedback on various parameters online. This website has gained popularity in America, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Most of the institutions of these countries have a presence on this site with reviews submitted by millions of students. This site is also known as RMP the abbreviation of Rate My Professors.

Present and past students have words to say about their professors and institution, so they do without any hesitation and restrictions. If they submit negative reviews, they are not liable for any penalties or legal action by any authority, including their university or college.

Who is the founder of the “Rate My Professors”?

Rate my professors was founded on May 1, 1999, by John Swapceinski, Michael Hussey and Patrick Nagle. Ratemyprofessors.com registered under industries- type of consumer reviews, education and internet services. In 2018, Cheddar acquired Ratemyprofessors.com with the undisclosed deal. Mr Jonathan Steinberg is the founder of this company. Cheddar runs a business of cable news transmission, other media and classified entertainment services.

How does it work?

There is a team of moderators at the backend of this site who check every rating submitted by users. They verify the details and check whether the report is according to RMP guidelines or not. If they find non-compliance, they remove the content. 

There may be professors who do not want the rating as submitted, but they cannot do anything as this is the platform for the public. One thing is evident that the site moderators do not favour any student or professor and do not manipulate the data on the site. The information is either approved or rejected.

RMP advises Students to put reviews genuine and authentic based on their consciousness. There should be absolute honesty while posting anything about someone. Appraisals should include students’ experience about teaching etc. not the age, gender or race. Some students make fun of it and think that this is a joint forum of students, but they are in mistake and RMP issue regular advisories to teach them. However, the prohibited content removal process is active and smooth.

How can you add a professor to rate?

Rate my professor image 4When you visit the site RateMyProfessors.com, there is an option available on the home page as Find a Professor, Find a School, Rate a Professor. Most probably you will find your professor in search option else you can add your professor subject to verification. The moderators who verify the details of your professor are necessary to stop fake ids meant for spam.

What is the lowest and highest rating?

Rate my professor Image 1First, you need to enter the course code and make sure that it is accurate. Then you can rate your professor from 1 to 5. As you rate, the colour of the bar changes from orange to greens. When you rate as three, it shows “fine” and at four shows “solid choice” and five “rating a real gem.”

Rate my professors is a favourite of millions of students.

Rate my professor image 3

There are over19.2 million ratings, 1.73 million professors and over 7,610 institutions on this review website. The information about rank and other feeds are in the public domain. More than 4 million college students are using RMP every month. Students pick classes based on ‘Rate My Professors’. 

Rate my professor image 2

A column number nine there are many tags that best describe your professor such as respected, lots of homework, inspirational, clear grading criteria etc. More you can see in the image as shown.

Can a professor remove himself/herself from the rate my professors?

There are multiple ratings for a single professor. It is possible because different students have a different opinion about the same professor. Most professors do not care about the score, whereas few post videos on YouTube about their feedback or reply about the wicked or excellent rating on RMP.

The professor cannot remove any negative feedback by themselves. However, if any professor has any issue can contact the helpline of the RMP. The moderator will review if the comment is as per policy or against it. If they find it against the RMP policy, the team will remove the rating and comments immediately.

How trustworthy Rate My Professors is?

This platform is widely in favour of students because they can rate their professors, schools, colleges in which they are studying or studied. In some universities, students have choices of professors whom they can take classes with. If this option is available, they prefer to choose a professor of a high rating.

Moreover, students who have already studied from a professor and given feedback on the RateMyProfessors.com open the doors of choices for new students on that rating basis. On this site, students get information about their academic area on the virtual platform. For many years data of professors has been collected and analysed by this platform. The team of this site works well to remove illicit contents which are against their policy. This effort strengthens the trust factor about this site and makes the information more authentic.

What people dislike about this site?

Some people think that the parameters provided for rating are not suitable instead reflects a few of the information. Observation-based on social media comments that posting by students about their professors is not relevant and not according to their actual ability.

During the academic year, there are several occasions when a professor demands the assignment work from students as per his expectation. But somehow he does not get and put poor grades to those students. In this situation, students find the platform, rate my professor for revenge and give him a poor rating.


The platform which provides rating, reviews and information about the academic world is the need of the time. Hence, general acceptance shows that this is the right choice of users. There are other similar sites created by competitors, but not gained adoration as RMP. Some people doubt how this company is earning money without charging anything from anyone. Here I would like to tell you that Rate My Professors makes money through Google Adsense and Guest posts. The website’s operation cost needs the source of income. If you have any query about this article, please mention in the comment box.





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