Quibi Shows and Quibi App

Since Quibi is a new word so people are curious to know what Quibi is. This has become popular in the US media before its launch. Here in this article, I would explain everything step by step.

Actually, this is an app specifically designed for mobile phones to watch your favorite comedy shows, drama, documentaries, film stars and other actors’ conversations. Moreover, this app will present one show every day, which has real quality videos.

You can download the Quibi  app on your Android phone from Google play and for apple phones from the apple store.

This app is more popular with the Quibi shows and has recently been launched in the USA. People from all across the world can watch its shows.

Although, the subscription of the Quibi shows is paid, but you can watch free trial for three months if you install this app by 30th April 2020. The free trial period may be extended later by the management if they wish so. Presently the subscription cost has been set  $4.99 per month with adverts and $7.99 per month without adverts.

This app has published a Quibi series, which has approximately 170 shows initially uploaded. Quibi shows at launch attracted the world’s attention because this is a unique kind of effort done by the publisher of this app.

Whosoever has installed this app and watched its shows indeed appreciated the work and stuffed on all social media platforms with Quibi shows reviews.

The main motive of this app through its popular shows is to entertain people. It falls under entertainment industry and listed as a Quibi stock. It provides fresh contents from the film industry, comedy players, singers, and other talents. Every sort of enjoyment will be right in your phone which is handy to watch in your comfort zone.

Although, there are a lot of streaming platforms such as Netflix, Curiosity stream, Amazon prime etc. So questions arise whether this app will hit the audience or not. I think this will become popular because of its technology. Viewers can see the videos in portrait and landscape views. Secondly, videos will have short length and  viewers would have the opportunity to watch more videos and are not stuck watching full Hollywood movies in the case of Netflix etc.

Conclusion: Here in this article I can not tell about the Quibi show list, but once you visit this app and explore you will find a lot of stuff quite entertaining. The company’s CEO Meg Whiteman with his team has put a full effort to categorize its shows to entertain people of all ages. However, most shows will attract a young audience. Although, this app is going to be more famous in all English countries, but slightly less in non-English countries.


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