Pirates Outlaws A Card Game – Now Available

We have discovered Pirates outlaws a card game, a few months ago. You don’t even remember how. We know We played it for a couple of weeks on mobile. So we deduce it was one of those discoveries that one makes when wandering around the Apple or Google store aimlessly. The shadow of free-to-play invited us to quit shortly after, and now, to surprise us, Pirates Outlaws have returned to our lives.

For having that version turned out very well, or for looking elsewhere for the luck that they did not have on mobile phones. Now it jumps to Steam to demonstrate its full potential. “Pirates Outlaws” is a rogue-like indie card game with buccaneers and Krakens as protagonists. It has poised, like others, to rejuvenate classic Windows Solitaire.

A Slay the Spire of Rogue like Pirates Outlaws Deck Builder Now Available

The principle will be well known to those of you who have played games like Slay the Spire. Commanding a character that you want, all her attacks and actions will go through the cards you have chosen in your deck. In these, in which you get as you advance combats and events, and in the randomness of all of them, is the key to winning.

How you use each other to take on enemies that triple your life or use altered states, from simple as a shield to crazier as drunkenness, depends on the strategy you use not only in this battle but also in the long term.

You have to take into account the life you have before each battle, the money you earn so that you can collect health points, upgrade cards or buy both new ones and amulets, and also keep in mind that each trip costs waypoints. Getting 0 and onwards you will get on a probability basis. Moreover, it would be easy to fight a zone boss.

Pirates Outlaws Deck Builder

When you complete one round and defeat its final boss, you have the opportunity to jump to the next to see how far you go or return with your loot. If you die you will lose everything. The next trip you will do with what you are wearing, but also adding to the store or as prizes everything you have found so far.

Without Haste And With pauses

Each trip also guarantees you to bag a handful of jewels that, from the main menu, you can change for new characters and increasingly difficult scenarios.

In total 14 characters, more than 500 cards, and a total of six different chapters. More than enough to get you hooked on the game for weeks or to nibble on it for a good season. What if, with luck and some patience, you manage to overcome one of the problems inherited from the free-to-play version. The one that made us abandon him in the first place.

We’re talking about the game progress that seems too slow for some gamers taste, and a drink that’s hard enough to pass. In addition to the how playful it is, has no problem. In fact, it’s a lot of fun, when it comes to unlocking new features the sum of the jewels are very high. If we add to that that both the new characters and the campaigns require them to add variety to the mix, we already have a conflict created.

Download Pirates Outlaws A Card Game

Conclusion | Pirates outlaws a card game

Luckily, once you have two scenarios open and another couple of additional characters  vary between, the “Pirates Outlaws” is an indie rogue like card game that picks up the pace and it is quite easy to end up going to it for a quick game from time to time. In the end, it’s part of the fun, so if you don’t rush it too much, chances are you’ll end up enjoying it.



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