Netflix Download Limit Learn More in Detail

Netflix Download Limit

Netflix is one of the most popular OTT (over-the-top) content streaming platforms. OTT platform means users can access any TV shows, movies, or web series on different devices with the aid of the internet. You have the option to download your favorites shows or movies to watch later. Thus, you may encounter Netflix download limit issues at times. 

Netflix is the most affordable and easy-to-use content streaming facility. It has gained more than 208 million customers worldwide. This media streaming channel is a paid service. Here, the users can purchase, customize or quash subscription plans as per their choice. 

In this article, we have mentioned the reasons for  Netflix download limit error messages. This OTT service unveiled the downloading option for its users in 2016. So, it is essential to know its downloading limitations. 

The download feature helps you to download movies or series on your smart devices. As a result, you can easily watch these downloaded content offline anywhere and at any time. This option is helpful in those places where there is no accessibility to Wi-Fi or mobile networks. However, Netflix has put restrictions on content download in different lands and devices. 

Netflix Download Limit Explanation

In simple terms, the Netflix download limit signifies the total number of times a movie or show is allowed for download. Generally, Netflix enables you to download 100 movies or series on each device at once. You cannot exceed this number for downloading animated shows, documentaries, or shows on Netflix. 

You have hit the download limit on Netflix when stored almost 100 content. Consequently, an error notification will appear showing the download limit. It implies that you cannot download any new content on your device without deleting the older titles. 

Netflix download limit
Netflix download limit

Reasons for Download Limit on Netflix

Check out the reasons for the Netflix download limit:

1. Lack of Content Management

You can watch or download the original flicks over Netflix as well as other content from different creators. It suggests that Netflix streams several movies, web series, and documentaries. It lacks check over the films or series created by other makers.

2. Inconsistent Download Limit

There is an inconsistent download limit for all content circulated on Netflix. This download limit changes for every show or movie. The minus point is that you will have no information concerning the download restriction. You only get notified when one TV show or movie remains for downloading.

3. Downloaded Content Automated Removal

You have no idea about the automated erasure of the content downloaded. Besides, Netflix members dislike the limitations imposed while downloading a specific title.These are the main reasons why Netflix lays a constraint for downloadable media. 

An Overview of Netflix’s Expiration Time Limit

The expiration time check is for the series or movies of content publishers. It is the content authors who put a time limit for several titles. But Netflix implements the expiration time restriction on the published content. Usually, a 2-days deadline is for the different titles. Still, this deadline may differ for every show or film.

Common Netflix Download Limit Errors & Their Quick Fix

You may witness the following pop-up messages on reaching the Netflix download limit:

1. Surplus Downloads (Return Code:10016-2005)

You cannot download more than 100 contents on a device. You may encounter an error notification when you surpass this limitation. 

Quick Fix for Surplus Downloads: For this, you need to delete some previously downloaded media. Else, renew your Netflix subscription plan. 

2. Downloads on Multiple Devices (Return Code: 10016-23000)

The downloading of shows, series, or movies from Netflix depends on the membership package. You will get an error message when downloading content on separate devices with a lesser plan.

Quick Fix: In this case, you can either go for a higher Netflix plan or erase old downloaded movies. 

Follow the below steps to settle 10016-23000 error:

  1. Firstly, proceed to Netflix’s site or application.
  2. Log in to your Netflix account.
  3. Now, hit on the Profile symbol.
  4. Click on Configuration or Settings.
  5. The Manage Devices to Boot option will appear.
  6. Lastly, choose the old devices to remove.

3. Exceeding Yearly Download Limit (Return Code: 10016-22001) 

Netflix puts a restriction on the downloading of different content. Here, the content producers specify the limit for movies or series. Therefore, the downloading of a particular title is restricted each year. You will see an error pop-up when this limit goes above. 

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Netflix Smart Download Option

Netflix released a Smart Download feature for its user convenience. It is an easy option that runs only with internet connectivity. You can utilize this option to pass over the Netflix download limit. This feature will automatically remove your watched movies and download succeeding webisodes. 

Presently, the Smart Download option is accessible over Android devices. It is only applicable for shows and web series. Visit the Downloads section to enable the Smart Download feature. It will download new scenes when they are available. It will not erase the last chapters if new webisodes are unavailable. 


We have given all the information regarding the Netflix download limit. Netflix is an excellent streaming facility to watch or download numerous shows, movies, documentaries, or series. Track the above solutions to rectify download limit errors on your Netflix account. Despite that, be cautious when downloading a particular movie several times. The reason is you need to pause for a year to store that movie another time. 


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