Mode Raises USD33 Million in Its Data Science Analytics Platform

Mode raises USD33 million in its data science analytics platform is the matter of discussion at all media houses. Everyone has a keen interest to know more about this information.

Business Intelligence software has been growing monumentally over the past few years. This is largely due to the propagation of smart devices, including smartphones and IoT across the world. Data science has consequently risen in demand as well, owing to the sheer volume of data analysis required by companies.

This is the specific market Mode Analytics seeks to cater to and it has decided to inject USD33 million. This fund will further help to develop its Mode Analytics platform.

The company has developed this platform specifically for big data analytics and boasts of state-of-the-art technologies. These include BI-specific algorithms and machine learning for sifting through large volumes of data quickly and effectively.

◦    Small Business Big Steps

While a relatively new company on the market, Mode quickly introduced some essential software guides to its product list. The objective has been to make complex software like SQL and Python more accessible.

The idea is to help technical personnel structure queries to streamline responses for better results and enhanced completeness. As per the company’s representative, this will help further optimize the Business Intelligence factor across all data query metrics and shorten the response time.

Mode raises USD33 million

◦    A Look at the Numbers

The current USD33 million fund injections also in the name of Series D have spearheaded by SaaS specialist investor H.I.G. Growth Partners. Companies who had previously invested in Mode are also party to this funds inflow. These include Valor Equity Partners, REV Venture Partners, Switch Ventures, Foundation Capital.

A previous Series C financing event was led by Valor Equity in February 2019 with, while Foundation and REV respectively led its A and B rounds.

Mode Raises USD33 Million in Its Data Science Analytics Platform

Mode co-founder and CEO Derek Steer revealed that the interview was “absolutely” an up-round without revealing the actual valuation. However, it is possible to estimate the value through other sources. For instance, PitchBook shows that Mode valued at $106 million in 2019.

Moving on from there, the company states 52% of the Forbes 500 companies list are now part of Moe’s clientele. Big names like Anheuser-Busch, Bloomberg, Capital One, Zillow, Lyft, VMware and Conde Nast.

According to the database metrics, Mode’s BI systems have processed over 830 million query runs along with 170 million notebook cell runs made by approximately 300,000 users.

◦    Company Hindsight

Mode first began its operations in 2013 under Steer,  Josh Ferguson and Benn Stancil. The latter two currently serve as Chief Architect and President at Mode. According to Steer, Mode, as a startup concept emerged from the gaps in BI software they could see while he and his partners worked for other companies like Yammer.

Microsoft acquired this company but the trio stayed on making custom data analytics tools.

Mode Raises USD33 Million in Its Data Science Analytics Platform

From their experience and professional insights, they noticed the need for specialized BI software in fields like SQL Editors, Notebooks and reporting tools and dashboards.

The objective was to create a platform where the, as yet, vaguely understood the discipline of data science could be implemented effectively in ongoing business processes.

◦    A Story of Systematic Success

Mode’s ascent into one of the most promising companies in data science has come in tandem with the growth of the industry.

As companies across all verticals in the international economy realize the relevance of data science in business operations, Mode’s importance has grown as well. The most important of these are big data and its related data science field.

Similarly, the demand for data scientists has also increased in tandem with tools developed for that specific purpose.

These software have been further been made increasingly more accessible through intuitive interfacing and natural language queries, Needless to say, the future of data science and technologies dedicated to this domain by companies like Mode is looking promising.

Mode Raises USD33 Million in Its Data Science Analytics Platform

◦    Clients and Competitors

With the rise of data science, major names in the market like Sisense, Eigen, Looker and Tableau. However, mode has not taken a by-the-books approach and has kept its process similar to another competitor, Alteryx, by going heavily into software meant exclusively for data scientists.

Plus, with the growing proliferation of such tools in the market, it is laying emphasis on optimization over developing new tech. So, better and faster is the order of business for Steer and his crew for client satisfaction and greater investment options.

Mode raises USD33 million 2

“Mode is not your usual BI enterprise. It strives to deliver performance and access at the same time. We want to implement data agility, enhance software operational flexibility and user-centric customization,” said Scott Hilleboe, H.I.G. Growth Partners’ managing director in his issued statement.

“The Mode data and analytics platform offers a better throughput for queries, even if they are increasingly complex.

This ensures effective and ready collaboration to deliver a solid foundation from all derived data analytics. We are moving strongly towards making our data science analytics platforms as a unique offering in the Decision Science marketplace.”

Mode raises USD33 million 3

As per Steer, the fundraiser was planned before the COVID-19 global incident in February. Despite that, the company managed to meet its fundraising benchmarks. Although Steer thinks the valuation would have been higher with COVID-19 playing spoilsport.

In fact, the idea of pitching for funds during the stock market decline was a frightening notion according to Steer. The company was also approached for acquisitions and considering the number of such events in the market, the idea could have been considered. However, the company decided to retain it for the moment.


The reasoning is that Steer and his partners think that there is a lot more room to grow in the market. An early exit by the founders would not serve them well or the prospects of the company itself. Mode can strive for a lot more prominence in the market since the industry is just beginning.

Further, considering the enthusiasm with which investors provided funds for the company, it is clear that there is much interest in its software. So, the prospects seem favorable for the data analytics startup and there will certainly be considerable scrutiny on its offerings in the future.


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