How to Solve Mobile Network not Available Error

You must be pissed off with the “Mobile network not available error” message on your mobile. Well, it is very frustrating especially at a time when you need to make an urgent or important call or expecting a call from someone very important to you. 

Well, luckily there are some sure shot quick fixes available to resolve the Mobile network not available error within a few seconds. Here, we will discuss some quick solutions to try all by yourself to fix Mobile network not available error in detail for you.

Use this quick guide to resolve the Mobile network not available error issues.

The first and foremost solution to fix any error for any electronics is to restart the same

Try fixing the “Mobile network not available error” issue by simply restarting your devices once or twice. Restarting supports your mobile to retain its memory and also fix all the temporary crashes or bugs like memory leaks and any running background application. 

Try reinstating your SIM card 

Well, I don’t think I need to explain this fix in more detail as the subtitle is self-explanatory. As all you need to do is to remove your SIM and then reinsert the same correctly to restart your phone. It will work in most cases, but in case, it doesn’t work, try putting your SIM in a different phone as it will help you to know whether you have an issue with your network or with your phone.

Try checking your network setting

Another reason for the Mobile network not available error is your network setting. Thus you need to check on your settings once and ensure that all the correct options are selected for your operating network. Follow the steps below to check on your settings:

  • Open your mobile ‘Settings’, and then click on the ‘Wireless and Network options’.
  • Select on the Mobile Network(s).
  • Click on your Network Operator.
  • Or you can select the Automatic mode which allows your phone to select the current operator.

By checking these settings you can check if the error persists or not. 

Check if the Roaming Mode is off for your device to fix the Mobile network not available error.

Check the same by following the steps:

Explore to Settings >> Mobile networks >> Data Roaming 

In case, you found the same “On”, then click on the disable tab. 

Update your mobile software of any updates for fixing Mobile network not available error to fix programming bugs 

How to Solve Mobile Network not Available Error
How to Solve Mobile Network not Available Error

The majority of us as a rule skip the updates because we feel it’s superfluous, or it’s a waste of our data. Be that as it may, updates can assist with fixing heaps of programming issues and acquaint different provisions with the mobile. Well, updating the mobile timely allows your systems or software to fix all the bugs on your mobile for its smooth functioning. Check on your system updates by clicking on the Settings > System > System Update, and update your mobile with all the new updates.

Restart your mobile data by switching it off and on once or twice. 

It is as simple as restarting your phone, as all you need to do here is to switch off your network data or mobile data on your phone for a few seconds and then start it again. It will help in clearing out the simple malfunctioning issues of your network. It’s not difficult to do and doesn’t take as much time as necessary. Simply swipe down the setting options, turn off your data and then turn it on. 

Start turning off your Wi-Fi. 

Try turning your WIFI data to check on your mobile network as it pauses your mobile data networks and fixes Mobile network not available error. 

Ensure your Airplane mode is not on.

You need to ensure before trying to use any of these above fixes by ensuring that the Airplane mode on your device is not “On”. It is because the Airplane mode turns off all your network and data. Check this by Settings > Network and internet > Airplane mode.

Reset network settings 

After you have updated your system with new updates or checked on your mobile network options, then you need to reset the mobile network setting once again to restore or work on the initial network settings, use the steps below to do so:

  • Open the Settings. 
  • Scroll down and select the Reset option 
  • Carefully select the Reset mobile network option or Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile Network, Bluetooth options, and afterwards select the affected SIM card. 
  • Finally, tap on the Reset Settings. 

This will reset the APN (Access Point Name) and other related elements, and use your mobile network to check if it is working fine or not. 

Check on the mobile’s signal bar

You need to work with a strong network to work on such fixes; in case, your mobile networks showing the signs as “emergency”, or are unstable and blank with no network signals then you will not have the option to access the data or even use your phone to make any calls.

Just check the signal bar from the status bar to ensure you have a full and stable connection. Check

with your neighbours of the same networks to confirm if this is a network problem or a specific issue is coming to your phone only. As if it happened with all then wait for the network connection to restore on its own. 

Change your location 

Particularly in case, you’re not in a proper signal area or working in an underground area, then you are most likely to lose network. In case if you’re travelling then your network will fluctuate and you will not receive stable signals which might come up with no network error. Therefore, wait till you reach your destination to restore your signals to fix the mobile network not available error. So change your location with stable and better signals.

Call the network customer care

Before attempting some more specialized fixes, it’s good you should get in touch with your network provider by calling their customer care toll-free number. It will help to have a check on your SIM card and its working condition. Or they also let you know if there is any technical issue from the provider’s end. 

Try turning off your VPN connection

Sometimes, we are connected to the VPN connection which is not compatible with our network operator. In this situation, to sort this out, benevolently turn off your VPN and turn on your mobile network again.

Try the Factory Reset

Well, this is the mother of all the solutions I have discussed so far as if the mobile network is not available after trying the above fixes then do try the factory reset. It takes your gadget back to its default settings. Kindly ensure that you have taken a proper backup of your mobile data before the factory reset as it will delete all your mobile data stored in your device. 

  • Open Settings, and click on the Backup and Reset. 
  • Here, tap on Factory Data Reset. 
  • You’ll be approached to enter your password and eradicate everything. Then, reboot your device.

Therefore, in case, if nothing works for your device, then you need to visit the repair shop to get the “Mobile network not available error” fixed.


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