Minecraft Game The Most Popular Game 


Minecraft game is one of the known terms in the gaming industry. This game was firstly published in November 2011 by Mojang. This game involves construction of 3D blocks . Initially, Mr. Persson when designing this game was in dreams as to what shapes he should involve as part of its character. He developed this game in java language. While developing the pattern of this game various visual effects had been used.

Minecraft has been updated many times from basic to alpha and then into beta version. The PC version Minecraft which was available on various platforms has been hit of all times. The game can be played on Windows, mac and Linux.

This game, its know-how, and its operation by Mojang was later acquired by Microsoft having seen its popularity all over the world.

The Main course of the Minecraft

In this game, the player, who is the main character, uses various things like tools, crafts etc. to build the desired network of structure. When you reach the middle of the game computer operated characters appear and devastate your things. In the Minecraft game, these computers operated characters are called mobs.

When you start to play the Minecraft game, there is no target as such to achieve. This is a constructive and educational game in which the player can roam in its territory freely. However, there are restrictions to move very far with the counting of blocks. You acquire cubes and fluid with the basic items which you construct your home and other necessary infrastructure. You can extend taking other things as a raw material such as stone, dirt, logs, and water.

Minecraft Health Among Enemies

Minecraft MobDuring your smooth construction and roaming suddenly bad elements appear in the form of zombies, spiders, and skeletons. These characters destroy your things and harm your ability to proceed further. There is an inbuilt points system which shows your health. When these bad elements hit you then your points get reduced.

As soon as you build your empire there are few friends available who help you a lot. These are cows, chickens, pigs and villagers. Although some villagers will attack you. One rule is clear that you get friends during the day and evils during the night. It happens in the real world too.

The interesting part is when you go to the water you are hit by zombies who live in the water. Hence, taking water for constructive things is also not safe and could reduce your health points. Once you master the game, you also get a dragon who you need to defeat using your weapons such as a sword etc.

Playing Different Stages Of The Game

The most important stage is to survive as long as you can. At a basic level you will feel fit and fine, but as the difficulty level increases, monsters and bad elements will start to attack. If you are hurt in many ways like drowning, touching the lava, starvation, then the game would reach at the end. In this situation you reach at the spot from where you had started the game. Here the new term starvation means that you need to eat food regularly if not, then starvation occurs in which you lose your hunger bar to zero.

Minecraft castle render

Another stage is going on an adventure. In this mode, you can design a map of your choice and go for risky events. There are more dangerous characters that appear suddenly and harm you. You need to be more expert in your skill of playing games.

Spectator stage and multiplayer stage are the most advanced stages in this game.

The Minecraft has also released another updated series as Minecraft dungeon, Minecraft Earth, and Minecraft education edition. These games have been equipped with the latest technology and updated graphics which give the user the most entertaining experience.

Get Minecraft Education Edition 

Minecraft education editionThis edition of the game is used in about 115 countries for educational purposes on the computer. By playing this constructive game, solving problems children improve their IQ level.The Minecraft education version of the game was launched in November 2016. This game can be played with friends or classmates on Windows 10 or Xbox Live.

While playing you get two partners’ applications, these are code connection and classroom mode. There are free plans available for institutions for better understanding of students. Users can use most famous lessons  such as Extinction Safari, Minecraft Code, Town, Minecraft Hour of Code, NGA Motu The Island, and Remote Learning with Minecraft.

Is this Game free?

This game is paid on Xbox, Nintendo switch, and Playstation 4. However, if you have a previous version of the game downloaded on your system, then you can upgrade to the latest version for free. Until May 2019 Minecraft sold 176 million licenses all over the world. From this sale, Minecraft has generated funds of approximately a half billion dollars.

Minecraft in China

minecraft in china

Minecraft has been the best selling game ever. There are 300 million user accounts in China. These numbers were depicted by NetEase company which is the partner of this game in China. The  CEO of NetEase announced that this game is free in China and uses other sources to monetize it.


The players of the game find the best things by exploring various similar things. As it is clear that there are limitless possibilities of building and battle mobs. Mostly children are fans of this game because they make their dreams true in the virtual world. You avoid mobs and keep yourself safe and grow. More you enjoy the game, the better you share with your friends. This effort puts values for the developers. If you want to get updates about this game, then you can join online communities.




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