Understanding Marketplace Live 2021

Marketplace Live is an important part of an organisation performing good business. Marketing is a means for businesses to achieve potential purchasers for their merchandise or services. Marketing requires proper market research, promotion, advertising, and supplying of goods or services.

Marketplace Live: Online Business Game for Marketing Students & Professionals

Marketing is a branch of learning that focuses on researching the market and buyers’ behavior. A business organization aims to encourage brand loyalty among its end-users by completing their needs and requirements.

Businesses pursue Marketing Principles (4Ps or 7Ps) for the successful promotion of their commodities and services. Management scholars and varied corporations are taking advantage of the Marketplace Live model. It is an online business game that tests the skills and capabilities of the students to emerge as successful entrepreneurs.

In this internet-based business game, the management researchers have to make practical marketing decisions in a cutthroat and swift market.

The management aspirants and firms have the chance to apply the marketing principles. They can use the principles and strategies of marketing using the Marketplace Live simulation.

Innovative Learning Solutions Incorporated created Marketplace Simulations. It is the best publishing house that provides virtual learning support for management students and skillful marketers. It is accessible in 11 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.

Dr Ernest Cadotte, a Marketing Lecturer at the University of Tennessee, formed the lessons in the Marketplace Live model.

Marketplace Live: A Tool to Develop & Improve Your Marketing Skills

Marketplace simulation aims for the Marketing subject. It includes participants who administer a business effectively. Marketplace Live is an engaging exercise that enables students to try out marketing approaches.

The learners introduce new goods in the market. Moreover, they handle the complete product development phase. The product development cycle includes product launching, expansion, and maturation.

Later, more knowledge, concepts, and learning ideas get added with changes in the market. Marketplace Live permits students to act as managers and make decisions like evaluating market prospects, brand expansion, promotion, setting a price, sales team arrangement, and profit scanning.

The learners will perform independently in this game-like activity. But a Marketplace game ID number will be delegated by the mentor for gaining access to the Marketplace Live simulation.

Main Contents in Marketplace Live 

  1. Marketing Approach: As a learner in the Marketplace game, you will devise a business plan to catch your target customers. You will implement the marketing plan and make improvements if needed. You will fix the price of the products meant for the potential buyers keeping in mind the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion).
  1. Online Marketing: The Marketplace Live model helps you to understand the basics of online or internet marketing. You will grasp the difference between organic and paid marketing. Plus, you will learn about keywords used in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), website data analysis, ad clicks, and social media tactics.
  1. Sales Generation: You will gain skills in formulating a large-scale product promotion, sales, and distribution strategy. You will undertake and finish a commercial activity for earning profits. Marketplace Live 2021 enables you to set up a sales team for marketing your merchandise or services.
  1. Productivity: You will map everyday expenditure taking into account your designed marketing strategies and expected sales. You can access the investment and ROI (return on investment) details through the profitability account. You will inaugurate your venture with start-up funds. Also, you need to handle the fast-paced market by running your income appropriately.
  1. Entrepreneurship: Your main aim as a Marketplace Live learner is to build and establish your brand among your potential customers. And to work as a risk-taking entrepreneur to earn high business profits.

Advantages of Marketplace Live 

  1. Useful for Students

Business scholars improve their communication skills by working in coordination within the team.

Marketplace Live facilitates learners to use marketing theory in a competing and secure setting.

It inspires scholars to think innovatively to make valuable business decisions to acquire new and retain old buyers.

  1. Simplify Teaching

The instructors have the facility of free Marketplace software installation.

Marketplace Live supports open communication between lecturer and student.

This includes automated performance measuring tools like rubrics.

It supports the incorporation of course book notes, lessons, presentation slides, and evaluation tools.

It is an easy-to-use software that offers customer assistance round the clock.

Marketplace Live: Comparing Marketing Simulations 

  1. Introduction to Marketing (IM): You will comprehend marketing ideas. You will plan a marketing tactic for your brand drew on buyers’ needs. In addition, you will gather purchaser response, competitor information, and productivity data to modify your marketing plan accordingly.
  2. Strategic Marketing (SM): It is the mid marketing simulation in Marketplace Live. You will get skilled in understanding market segmentation, brand choices, advertisement possibilities, retail stores, and market news. It comprises stock management, product marketing, and rewards for the sales team. 
  1. Advanced Strategic Marketing (ASM): ASM is the most extensive marketing simulation proposing an in-depth market study. It provides further alternatives for brand designing and product promotion.

Requirements for Accessing Marketplace Live

  1. Firstly, get your Marketplace Game ID number from your mentor.
  2. Next, buy a student license number through the Marketplace Live 
  3. Then, register (As a Student) using your license number.
  4. Finally, create an account using your e-mail Id and a secret code.

Note: Store your Game ID and the student license number for future use.


We can say that it is a helpful tool for marketing interns and pros. It is fruitful for students pursuing Business Management. So, take maximum benefits of this software to advance your Marketing proficiency and turn into a successful businessperson in the future.


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