The 5 Best Things About Longest Snapchat Streak

This article will help you to keep a tab on the longest Snapchat streak feature. Snapchat is one of the most celebrated IM (instant messaging) multimedia applications among Generation Y. Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown are creators of Snapchat. Snapchat Incorporated established the Snapchat app in September 2011.

It enables you to deliver photos, videos, and text messages to your connections. You can add your “Snaps’ in the conversations or stories part. Your contacts can view your snaps within 24 hours before it drops out of sight. Thus, you get the room to generate Streaks.

What is the Snapchat Streak Feature?

Snapchat unveiled the streak option on 6 April 2015 to retain its users within its network. A Snapchat streak is the total number of snaps shared among two people continuously. Accordingly, the longest Snapchat streak is one where streaks expand when images are shared daily. 

Who Owns the Longest Snapchat Streak in July 2021?

The longest Snapchat streak reported in July 2021 is more than 2271. Daniel and Robin hold this streak record.

Locating Streaks in Snapchat

Snapchat displays the streaks near the Snapchat ID handle. This shows up through different emojis like a flame icon or day count. Snapstreak is visible to two persons connected with it. 

5 Best Things about Longest Snapchat Streak

Now, you must understand some of the fine points of the Snapchat streak. Snap streaks have achieved acceptance among the audience. User engagement on the Snapchat app got enhanced too.

Snapchat friends compete with one another to attain the lengthiest streak. Moreover, users participating in the jocular streak invitation achieve nothing but Emojis. Go through the five best things related to this.

1. Emojis Reward

Snapchat confers some unique emojis for the users associated with the streak option. You get the chance to obtain emojis if snaps are sent to and fro without any break. Thus, snap streaks will keep increasing when there is an exchange of pictures constantly. You can’t afford to drop streaks for which you invested your great time. 

The emojis connected with Snapchat is:

1. Fire Emoji

Snapchat passes you the fire emoji when you and your friend exchanged snaps for three days ceaselessly.

2. 100 Emoji

You will win the ‘100’ emoji when you and your contact shared snaps for 100 days continually.

3. Hourglass Emoji

Snapchat puts the hourglass emoji next to your username when the snap streak is on the brink of termination.

4. Mountain Emoji

You will be given a mountain emoji in case of an extraordinarily Snapchat streak. Snapchat has not reported this emoji validly. So, we cannot state whether the mountain emoji prevails or not.

    2. Friendship & Commitment Demonstration

longest snapchat streak
longest Snapchat streak

The Snapchat streaks feature is a way to demonstrate your friendship. For this, you need to initiate snap sharing with one of your contacts on the Snapchat app. If the other person starts exchanging snaps with you without any fail, your friendship will grow stronger. 

You and the other Snapchat user connected to Snapchat streak will become best friends with time. Moreover, it shows your bonding with the other person. The snap streak is solid proof that you communicate with your friend regularly.

Having the longest streak will make you popular among your connections. Snapstreak is like a score that reveals your social rank over Snapchat. 

Your involvement in the Snapchat streak exhibits your commitment to a relationship. It is an excellent way for you and your friends to show your concern. 

   3. Kind of a Business Deal

You need to maintain your streak number. For that, you and your contacts need to exchange snaps every time. Thus, we can say that the snap streak is like a business deal. Here, both the parties have to put effort into improving their snap streaks score. 

Achieving the longest Snapchat streak is possible with a constant snap exchange between two individuals. Waking up early to post streaks images to your contacts is a method to sustain your Streaks. Additionally, you can convey a picture revealing your current state of mind.

So, if you want to improve your snap streak score, send snaps every daybreak or evening.

     4. An Entertainment Center

Another best thing related to the Snapchat streak is that it serves as an entertainment center. You can get away with your boredom using the streaks option. Use your Snapchat account to keep extending your streaks. 

If you do not have time to increase streaks, ask your buddy to do it for you. For that, provide him with your Snapchat ID access for conveying snap streaks to your connections. In that way, you will not lose the chance to acquire the token.

There is no need to exchange quality pictures for improving streaks. You can even share blank images to stay involved in the streak contest.

    5. A Ground for Interaction

Snapchat streak acts as a great venue to start interacting with your friends. Moreover, many users find the snap streak option valuable over Snapchat stories. Usually, those with whom you have less interaction view your Snapchat stories. But streaks communication happens with your closest friends. 

You will earn the sign when your conversation goes on steadily. Snapchat streak facility helps you to begin a conversation with someone you adore. Subsequently, you will develop better rapport. 

Method to Regain Your Snapchat Streak

Improving snap streaks is hard labor. But it can be irksome when you lose track of snap streaks. In that case, you can connect with Snapchat Support to record your complaint.

You will be required to fill in a form provided in the My Snapstreak Disappeared option. You need to mention your Snapchat username, e-mail ID, contact number, your friend’s Snapchat ID, and the total number of streaks reached finally. 

Ultimately, Snapchat will audit your complaint and communicate with you. 


Now, you have learned and got enough information. So, go ahead and start snap streaks. Also, do not forget to utilize the stunning Snapchat filters to add tints to your chats. If you have questions, please comment in the comment box.


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