iTunes Dark Mode: Know More about its Usage Methods

Use the iTunes dark mode feature for your gadgets to make it useful for your eyes to adjust or to stay focused on your work. The dark mode allows your content to stand out with the darkened background. If we talk about the iTunes dark mode feature, then it is found to be the most user-friendly app feature till now. It allows its users to use the application quite conveniently, especially in dark places. However, iTunes comes with a default setting of a white background with black text. But it allows its users to opt for the dark mode which restricts the blue light exposure to the eyes.

Here, we will discuss the iTunes dark mode feature and how to enable this feature on various devices.

 iTunes dark mode on Windows 10

The dark mode is available on Windows with its Windows 10 release; if you are using iTunes on your Windows then you can turn on the dark mode feature to experience the best.

Follow the steps below to turn iTunes dark mode feature on windows 10:

  1. Open Settings on your system search bar.
  2. Go to the Personalization option.
  3. Click on the Colors option.
  4. Scroll down to the option of “Choose your default app mode.”
  5. Select the dark option from the list.
  6. You can change the window’s background to dark mode by selecting the dark mode option in the “Choose your default Windows mode. “
  7. Open iTunes to check whether iTunes dark mode is applied

iTunes dark mode Mac

If you are a Mac user and looking to change the background theme for iTunes and Mac then follow the steps below to change the default settings:

  1. Turn your MAC notebook and ensure your system is up to date with the latest version of MACOS as Dark mode is not available in the earlier MACOS versions.
  2.  Open the setting on your home screen
  3.  Select the System Preference option.
  4.  Select the General option in the System preference.
  5.  In the general option, you will find an option of appearance, click on the dark from the appearance options 
  6.  It enables the dark mode feature on your Mac book.
  7.  Now, launch iTunes on your MAC book and it will support the dark mode feature in which all your text will be available in white with a black background.

 iTunes dark mode iPhone

iPhone users can also turn on the iTunes dark mode feature for a better experience by following the steps:

  1. Go to your iPhone settings, 
  2. Click on the display and brightness option 
  3. Select the dark mode option.

By following the above setting, you can enjoy the black background on your iPhone or iPad. It will provide more steadinesses to your eyes.

How do I get rid of a dark mode?

In case, if you don’t want to work with the dark mode settings and want to reset your features.  Then all you need is to change the customized settings to the default one. 

In case of a factory reset, your device will restart with its default settings of black text and white background. Therefore, one can easily get rid of the dark mode feature.

How do I turn on OK dark mode?

One can easily follow the steps as we have discussed above in detail to turn on the Ok dark mode feature in their electronic devices. The dark mode is found to be helpful and easier on the user’s eyes as it cuts the glare from the bright screen and also reduces the blue light effects. 


Therefore, One should opt for the dark or light mode as per their requirement. In case, if you are a night person who mainly works at night then it is recommended to use the dark mode as it helps in focusing on your work easier than the light mode.


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