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Insta Stalker: Check Who Viewed My Instagram Profile : (Also Instagram Reverse Image Search)

Instagram stalker Check who viewed my profile

Here I am going to talk about Insta stalker and other relevant information. Stalking is a common activity on Instagram and it can affect your life more than you can imagine. The internet is a dangerous place if you do not cover your tracks and keep your profiles secured. Since Instagram is open to anyone with an account, you can have someone look over your profile and see important details.

So, it is important to consider how you can identify and remove stalkers from your Instagram profile. This article will give you all the information you need to have to keep your profile secured and the audience on it safe as well.

Key FAQs to Identify and Block Insta Stalkers

1. What is An Insta Stalker?

An Instagram stalker is any person who goes above and beyond the regular Instagram posts and stories viewing of your profile. You may see likes or comments on each and every post you make from them. You may also find them spending a lot of time on your profile otherwise. This can be a sign that the person, or at least the profile creator, may be stalking you on Instagram.

There can be many reasons why someone is stalking you. Depending upon the nature and purpose of your profile, it can vary a lot. Artists can find themselves stalked by admirers or rivals. The same can go for politicians, media figures or even just everyday persons who have caught someone’s eye. In all such cases, it is important to identify the profile, the potential threat they may pose and take effective action against them.

2.     How to Find an InstaStalker?

Finding an Instagram stalker is a relatively simple task. There are a handful of websites that enable people to stalk profiles on Instagram. Some of the most popular ones are instafullsize.com, mystalk.net, stalkhub.com, or Insta-stalker.me. You can look into these websites and see how they enable stalkers to visit your profile.

Alternatively, you can also look at your likes and comments to find out if someone sticks out. If you have a lot of followers or are growing your account rapidly, then this might be harder than you may imagine. However, this will help you find out if someone on your profile has the tendencies and traits of a stalker and possibly address a problem before it grows larger.

3.  What Preventive Options Are Available?

When you have identified a potential stalker, there are a number of things you can do. Here is a list of options available:

(a)   Go Private | Insta Stalker

The first and easiest option to go for once you find a stalker is to simply turn your profile private. This is useful since no one outside your friends’ list will be able to view anything from you. Further, you can also modify the settings for your privacy to ensure no access is granted to those to whom you do not want to show your uploads or stories to.

(b)   Confront and Block the Stalker

Another viable option is to directly confront the user of the profile which is being used to stalk you. This is a good strategy, especially if you know the person from earlier in your life or have good evidence to show how they have been stalking you. Once you have done that, and you also block them, you can be certain you have dealt with the problem definitively.

(c)   Report to the Authorities

The final and often chosen option for dealing with a persistent stalker is to simply report their profile to the Instagram admins. Once you do that, they will do the needful and inform you of their decision. This is a great way to identify any stalkers for the admins and also ensure they cannot visit your profile again.

How Should You Handle InstaStalking?

Insta Stalking can put you and your loved ones at risk of predators and other online malicious persons. Protecting them is particularly wise if you use the right means to do so. Further, you will also probably put potential stalkers on the admin’s radar in case they choose to stalk others. Follow the steps above and deal with an Insta Stalker the right way.

Insta Stalker: Check Who Viewed My Instagram Profile

Instagram Reverse Image Search the Best Way of Finding the Source of the Image

Instagram is a vast social media platform that does not permit profile search by a photo. If you wish to find your childhood buddy or anyone on Instagram, use Instagram reverse image search option discussed in this article.

Instagram is the prominent picture and videos sharing medium. It allows you to remain updated with the latest trends and challenges. Also, you can get in touch with people having similar interests like yours.

You may use the Instagram reverse image search to locate an Instagram user account using an Insta picture. Each month, zillions of photos are posted on Instagram and in the IG stories. It is the most admired American social networking medium held by Facebook.

Why is Instagram Reverse Image Search required?

Instagram is committed to protecting its users’ privacy. Every image and its computerized prints are concealed well on the Facebook web server. Thus, there is no easy method to search an Instagram user account with an image.

Facebook differs in this case. It holds a particular image address for the pictures copied from the FB site. You can search a FB user profile using an image. But Instagram does not permit you to find the actual image uploader.

So, Instagram reverse image search method helps to:

  1. Find IG User Profile Using a Photo

You must be thinking of how to find a profile via photo? For that, you can search out any Instagram user profile by a picture.

2. Spot Plagiarism

Likewise, you can shield your IG images. You can detect whether anyone has stolen and used your pictures without your consent.

Some Powerful Instagram Reverse Image Search Techniques

Instagram reverse image search techniques do not assure finding an accurate profile. But you will get satisfactory search results for sure. Let’s examine some powerful and faster tools concerning how do I find someone on Instagram with a picture?

  1. Google Image Search Option

Reverse image search is an excellent method to discover the image source. It facilitates you to find out related pictures on the web. You can load a photo on the search engine to get matched images in the search results.

You can find a profile using the ‘Search by Image’ option. It will display all the images resembling the uploaded image. Besides, you will get the image source along with the image results. If the image URL is of Instagram, you can get the user’s profile and other related details.

Steps for Instagram Reverse Image Search Using Google:

  1. Enter images.google.com in the address bar.
  2. A Camera symbol highlighting ‘Search by Image’ is visible in the search bar.
  3. Hit on the Camera sign to paste the image URL or upload an image.
  4. Press the Enter key.

You will get the images parallel to the uploaded picture.

  1. Tineye Reverse Image Search

Follow the below steps for Instagram reverse image search using Tineye:

  1. Visit tineye.com.
  2. Next, upload an image from your device or paste the image URL.
  3. Press Enter to get the image results.

Tineye is an expert reverse image search method. You will be able to get the exact address of the image.

Tineye has a set of rules to search out images. One such rule is perceptual image hashing. It is a process of forming a hash out of an image prototype.

  1. Microsoft Bing

Pursue these steps for Instagram reverse image search using Bing:

  1. Visit bing.com.
  2. A lens icon highlighting ‘Search Using an Image’ will appear.
  3. Press on the lens icon to upload an image, paste an image or image URL, or click a photo.
  4. Hit the Enter key to get the results.

Point to Note: Bing displays image results into three categories:

You have the choice to copy the text implanted on the photo if the displayed images contain text. Moreover, Bing erases all the uploaded images automatically. Other users cannot trace the uploaded pictures.

  1. Social Catfish

Social Catfish is another most prominent reverse search image tool. It provides accurate results as it uses face identification and photo metadata for all leading social media accounts.

Use the steps given below for Instagram reverse image search using Social Catfish:

  1. Visit socialcatfish.com.
  2. Click on Images for reverse image search.
  3. Then, browse or upload an image and click on Search to get the results.

Note: You should use a cropped image for better search results.

Winding Up

We hope that the above Instagram reverse image search techniques will help you to find an IG profile. There are no ways to gauge the exact image source. But these techniques will short-list image results equivalent to the transferred image.

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