Impact of Corona Pandemic on International Students in Australia

It is evident that a Coronavirus disease has disturbed the life of people not only in Australia but also all over the world. However, Australia has put up the right measures at the right time. The decisions of the travel ban and isolation process have reduced the impact of the Corona pandemic. Australia is the land of immigrants so rules have been classified for residents and others.

Impact of international students on Australian economy

Australian universities have become an education hub in the last two decades. Millions of students choose Australian universities as their way for a promising career. Australia has spent a lot to boost educational infrastructure to lure international students. According to govt figures, International education contributed $37.6 billion to the economy in the last fiscal year.

The prime minister of Australia has announced that we close the bord

Australian economy

ers to all foreigners who are not permanent residents of Australia with effect from 20 March 2020 until further notice. This will include scholars, holidaymakers, and visitors who are planning to travel to the state.

Australian government has issued advisory for the public how to keep in isolation, how to inform on the helpline numbers if symptoms like cough, throat infection, fever appear. The Department of Home Affairs website, has been ordered to supply up-to-date info for all types of restrictions and ease. For more information about Coronavirus updates there is a world health orgainisation website to follow.

There is one more government website from where people can get information about isolation process and quarantine rules i.e. (

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, many people, especially students, have lost their line of work and have not saved enough to meet their regular expenses. This has been revealed by a survey done by Unions NSW. In such a situation, the Govt should help students in order to keep their survival.

Australian government has been earning millions of dollars for many years from international students. But now in a situation of crisis , the government should support students in the way of providing basic health services and affordable food. In actuality they are under ethical contract with the government and universities.

Many people mention that if the government begins providing benefits to all, then health services and infrastructure may not be able to sustain. In such a situation, racism and discriminatory practises may occur. Some international students have blamed on white skin that they are treated as lower caste people. This is not good for the health of the country.

Even the self isolation process and handling during caretaking is discriminatory. Many students who are in the process of becoming citizens cannot move out of the country because they have been waiting for long to be a citizen.


Since most airlines have shut their services because of border barriers, hence people are looking forward when flights get nod to take flight once more. This is the hope of the people when normal days would come and everything becomes as usual. This generation will remember this outbreak of disease forever.






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