How To Use WinRAR And Learn More To Open Compressed, Rar And Zip Files?

How to use WinRAR is no more mystery rather easy to use in this internet world.

The RAR extension refers to a compression format very used on the Web. To decompress such an archive, that is to say to recover its contents, it is essential to know how to use WinRAR and other specialized software. Instructions for opening a .RAR file.

The most common archive format is the ZIP format, popularized by the famous WinZip software and which has long been fully managed by Windows. It is in this format that you create an archive from the Explorer, by choosing with the right click of the mouse Send to then Compressed folder. And it’s an archive that you can unzip with the click of a mouse.

This is not the case with the RAR archive format, popularized by another software called WinRAR , and which is however widely used on the Internet. Most of the files you download from the web are compressed in this RAR format. To unzip them, therefore, you need third-party software.

The first idea would be to use, logically, the famous WinRAR. But this has the disadvantage of being paid, while other free software is now able to handle this format. This is the case, for example, with 7-Zip, which will be the subject of this manual.

How to use WinRAR and Other method: 7-Zip

There is an alternative to WinRAR, named 7-Zip. This program is available for free and is open-source. Zip files are, like RAR files, a format that allows data to be compressed without reducing its quality. They appear either under the same icon as RAR files, or with a pull tab over the document symbol.

How to use winRAR

To decompress them, you must first download the program (free). Then, from the documents where the file that interests us is located, we will have to right click on it and search for “7-Zip”. In the new submenu, search for “Extract Here”, as for the first method. The data will then be decompressed and directly placed in the same folder. You can obviously choose another location, for that, you just have to click on “Extract to”.

And voila. It’s up to you to choose which program you prefer.

How to install and use 7-Zip to open a RAR file?

Connect to this address to download the 7-Zip software. Choose the Download link depending on your version of Windows (32-bit or 64-bit). Save the file to your hard drive and double-click it to begin the installation.

In the installation window that appears, click Install, then click Close when done.

Navigate your hard drive to your file in RAR format to decompress. Right click on it and select 7-Zip then extract to [folder name].

The extraction is done automatically, in a new folder bearing the name of the file and which is placed in the same folder as this file. You just have to open it and discover the contents of the archive.

Compress / decompress a file with WinZip

Storing files and folders on a computer can be a tricky problem if you don’t have much space on the hard drive. Compression software, such as WinZip, allows you to save space when recording on your computer.

What is compression and decompression?

Compression is the act of applying a complex mathematical formula to a file in order to optimize its occupied space on the hard disk. This new compressed file contains all the information of the original file (file before compression). The compression rate can reach 75% with Word files (.doc) for example. On the other hand, the compression of images in Jpeg format amounts to only 10% (the Jpeg being already compressed).

It is also possible to compress one or more files at the same time. This process aims to reduce the size but also to facilitate the sending of files by email. Indeed, no more “browse> add” and recording times. Decompression is the reverse process of “decompressing” the contents of the compressed file.

How to install WinZip?

This world famous software allows you to compress and decompress your files easily. Most files compressed on the Internet are compressed with WinZip (.zip), we say zip for compression and unzip for the reverse process.

Go download WinZip from our software library. Once the software has downloaded, click on Setup, a window will open asking you where you want it to be installed. Indicate your path and click OK. At the end of the installation, a new window will appear asking you to accept the terms of the license, click on Yes.

You are prompted to choose between two options:

  • Start with WinZip Wizard or Start with WinZip Classic.
  • Choose the first choice, and click Next.
  • Then select the Search button on the entire hard drive , your zipped files will then be in WinZip Favorites.
  • Click Next to complete the installation.

How to compress a file?

How to compress a folder

After installation, the WinZip Wizard will open, check the Create Zip File option, and then tap Next . Name your Zip file with a name related to the content to remember it. Click on the Next button. To add files one by one, click on Add files, go faster by integrating entire folders with Add folders. Confirm with OK and click on Compress. Here is your .zip file. At this stage you can either close Winzip, or send your archive as an attachment by email with Outlook Express by clicking on Send archive. Enter the recipient’s address, insert a note and send.

How to use WinRAR

How to extract rar file online with WinZip?

To unzip with a WinZip rar right click on the zipped file and choose WinZip. Then select the place where you want this file to be unzipped by clicking on Unzip here (“Extract here”), Unzip in the… Folder (“Extract to…”).

How to open rar files on windows 10?

How to use WinRAR and first, download and install the program. To compress files, just go to the program and select the folders to format as RAR. To do this, find the files from “Add” and name the new folder.

Regarding decompression, we also talk about extraction, there are several methods. It is possible to extract files directly from your folders, like here. By clicking on “Extract here”, the extraction will be done automatically, without opening the program, and the new files will land directly in the list.

How to use Winrar

Another solution is to open the program, then search for the file by clicking on “Extract to”. In this case, you will have to choose the file in which the program will send the new uncompressed folder.

Depending on the weight of the file, the extraction or compression time will be faster or slower or not.

How do I unzip multiple RAR files?

Do you have several archives in ZIP, RAR or other formats to decompress? With WinRAR, you can unzip them at the same time, each in its own folder.

  • In Windows Explorer, select the archives to unzip.
  • Right-click on the selection. In the menu that appears, click the command Extract each archive into separate folders.
  • The archives are then all uncompressed into separate folders.

This is all about

How to use WinRAR

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