How to Unblur Image: Learn Few Methods

Do you often experience blurry image issues? If so, look through this article that lists tools for how to unblur image

Capturing pictures, taking selfies, or groufie is a way to save beautiful moments. But it happens you snap an image, and it gets blurred. 

Blur images are a common problem whether pictures snapped through camera phones or digital camcorders. Therefore, this article highlights blurry images causes and methods for how to unblur image.

Reasons for Blurry Images 

Before going to the how to unblur image section, let’s understand the reasons for blurred pictures. The chance of filming blurred images gets eliminated once you grasp the causes behind it.

The main reasons for blurred photos are:

1. Stained Camera-Lens

A lens is a significant unit of a camera. Simply purchasing a costly smartphone or camera is not sufficient. You need to clean and maintain your recording device. Photographing with a stained camera lens will deliver blur images. Thus, the utilization of clean lenses will yield clean and crisp pictures. 

2. Incorrect Lens Adjustment

The prime motive of taking an image is to adjust the camera focus on the main object or person. You will capture a blurry photo if the lens is adjusted incorrectly. Accordingly, you will need some good tools for how to unblur image

3. Camera Handling

The way of handling the camera is another reason that may shoot blurred photos. Always hold the camera securely to click a clear image. A blurred picture is a result of handling a camera with shaking hands. As a result, camera focus will shift, and the outcome will be blurred pictures. 

4. Snap In-Motion Objects

Usually, clicking images of moving subjects is easier for an expert lensman. However, many persons will find capturing in-motion objects tricky. Hence, blurry photos will occur in this case.

Now, you have understood the reasons for obscured images. Let’s find out the tools for how to unblur image easily. 

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Popular Tools for How to Unblur Image

We have carefully chosen some of the most popular tools to deblur an image:

1. Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop (PS) is a recommended solution for how to unblur image. You can easily use this tool to generate and improve your photos. The Photoshop app is available for PCs, tablets, and smartphones. 

Follow the given steps to unblur images using Photoshop:

Firstly, upload your image in Photoshop.

Next, choose the Filter, Sharpen, and Camera Shake Reduction feature.

Finally, Photoshop will execute the rest of the task. 

Note: Photoshop is a paid photo-editing tool. But you may try its free version as well. 

For more information, you can visit

2. GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

Another image-deblurring software that you may try is GIMP. It is an effective tool for how to unblur image. Go through the below method for removing blur out of the pictures:

Upload images using the GIMP app.

Now, proceed to ToolBox and choose the Sharpen or Blur option.

Lastly, drag the mouse on the entire image or on a specific part to deblur or sharpen.

3. Snapseed 

Snapseed image-editing software is an answer for how to unblur image. Nik Software created the Snapseed app. Now, Google LLC is the owner of Snapseed. It is a complimentary application obtainable for iOS and Android. Pursue the following steps to fix blur photos using Snapseed:

Firstly, open the image that you want to sharpen using Snapseed.

Secondly, proceed to Details.

Thirdly, choose the Sharpen and Structure feature to unblur the image.

4. Paint.Net

Paint.Net is a free image unblurring software accessible for Windows. Use the given method for how to unblur image via Paint.Net:

Open -> File -> Open the blurry image.

Choose the Effects, Photos, and Sharpen options.

You will see a slider to sharpen an image. Alter the slider to unblur the picture.

Finally, click on Ok to save the corrections.

Note: The Sharpen feature may induce discord in the photo. So, use the Effects and Noise Reduction option to lower it. 

5. Photo Sharpen Online Tool

Photo Sharpen is an online tool for fixing the how to unblur image problem. It is an easy-to-use image unblurring software. But it does not contain too many image editing options. Still, you can use this tool to sharpen images. This tool works well on Mac and Windows. You can deblur pictures of different formats like BMP, GIF, JPEG, etc.

6. Fotor Online Image Editing Tool

Another trendy image editing and deblurring website that you may use is Fotor.Com. It is a free website where you can register to organize your photos in a better way. You can use this site to apply filters, effects or generate picture collages. Use these steps for fixing blurry shots using Fotor:

At first, open

Now, click on Edit A Photo.

Then, upload the image that requires correction.

Finally, go to the Effects option and modify the blur strength. 

7. Focus Magic Software

Focus Magic is the most preferred software to solve the how to unblur image problem. You can download this app for Windows plus Mac. 

It utilizes up-to-date deconvolution technology to deblur pictures. It is a powerful photo editor that fixes highly blurred and unfocused images. Both free and paid versions of this app are accessible. You get the chance to deblur images up to ten times before sign-up.

8. Blurity

Blurity is another top-rated tool to repair blurred pictures. You can visit to download Blurity for Windows. It is a good app that provides clear images that got blurry due to focus variance. 

The free version of this app leaves watermarks on the repaired photos. So, you can purchase the app to clear out watermarks. Moreover, it allows you to correct blurred text pictures like study notes images.

9. PineTools

You can use the PineTools website to fix how to unblur image issues. There is no need to download this free image editing tool. It offers several options like mathematics, colors, texts and lists, images, files, programming, and many more. Chase the below steps to fix blur pictures using PineTools:


Click on the Images option given on the left side.

Select Sharpen Image.

Upload image using the Choose File option.

Finally, choose the suitable convolution mask size and blur strength.

Final Words

Now, no need to fret anymore if you clicked a blurred image unintentionally. You can use any of the above tools to settle how to unblur image trouble. Other tools that you may use to unblur images include InPixio, Fix Photo Blur, After Focus, Movavi Photo Editor, and LunaPic. 


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