How to Edit A PDF File -Know Few Facts

How to Edit A PDF File -Know Few Facts

We all have heard about documents saved in PDF format. It is a frequently used term in the digital world. So, what does PDF means? It denotes a Portable Document Format.

The documents stored in the PDF are ‘read-only’ files. It tells that you can only read the Pdf files but cannot make any corrections. Pdf is an ideal option to store any files as it compacts the document. Also, the files saved as Pdf is safe and easily readable on desktops and smartphones.

Find Out How to Type a Pdf File

Adobe, the most recognized American Software company, developed Pdf. In this article, you will learn pdf editing and how to type a pdf file.

Some of the general tasks you need to perform on a Pdf file are text appending, attaching an on-screen signature and text watermark, filling out a data sheet, etc. You can execute these tasks with handy Pdf editing software named PDFelement.

Find out how to type a pdf file

So, follow the below methods to edit the Pdf documents on Windows, MacOS, or cell phones:

Adding, Deleting, or Modifying Text in a PDF Document 

  1. At first, initiate the PDFelement and introduce your pdf document using the ‘Open File’ choice. You can draw the file from your PC and release it into the editor.
  2. After that, hit on the ‘Edit’ option to enter the editing mode. Here, you will view the ‘Text Edit’ option.

How to edit a pdf file

  1. Now, snap on the text in the file to add on, change, or remove it. You can rework the document line-wise using the ‘Line Mode’ option.
  2. Finally, save your file once you complete the lettering in the Pdf file.

Thus, it is the easiest method for the query- how to type a pdf file. Moreover, you will get the ‘Font Recognition’ element in the editor. This option will confirm that the changes done harmonize with the text adjoining it.

If you want to add some text to a picture or remove wording out of the image, use this method.

Adding Text Comments or Notes in the Pdf File

  1. Firstly, open your pdf document using the PDFelement and proceed to the ‘Comment’ option provided at the top.
  2. Next, you will get three choices for attaching comments: Text Box, Typewriter, and Note. Hit on your desired option for adding a text comment.
  3. Now, snap on that part of the Pdf where you want the annotations to be visible. Begin entering the comment. It is for the ’Note’ option.
  4. Similarly, click to insert a box in the pdf file to add a comment using the ‘Typewriter’ and ‘Text Box’ choices. You need to double-tap on the text box for typing the text.
  5. Lastly, tap outside after entering the text and save the document.

It is another of editing a file in pdf form and how to type a pdf file.

Forming & Adding an eSignature in a Pdf Document

The pdf documents are everywhere. Multiple corporations use it as an authorized document. Hence, digital initials are required to make a pdf file legitimate. You can form and add eSignature in the pdf file easily.

  1. Initially, open your pdf file using the PDFelement and hit on the ‘Protect’ button.
  2. Afterward, hit on the ‘Sign Document’ option.
  3. Now, tap on the portion of the file where you want to put the computerized signature. You will view a pop-up box. Choose it to generate a digital identification.

Forming & Adding an eSignature in a Pdf Document

  1. Enter all the pertinent details and save your digital ID using a secret code. You can retrieve this ID later on.
  2. Once all the details get completed in the pop-up box, you can see entered e-signature in the selected part of the pdf.

Editing a Pdf File Using an Interactive PDF Form

Another method for how to type a pdf file is the existence of a Pdf form.

  1. At first, set off the Pdf form using the PDFelement.
  2. Next, proceed to the ‘Form’ option and click on it.
  3. In case the document contains interactive form fields, you will find a blue block in the file at the top. It reveals, ‘This file includes a fillable form’ (on the left side).
  4. The ‘Highlight fields’ option is on the right side. Tap on it to see the interactive form fields.

Editing a Pdf File Using an Interactive PDF Form

  1. Subsequently, hit on the ‘Hand’ symbol and hit on the primary interactive field. Here, you will see a pointer to enter in the pdf form.
  2. Repeat this process for the other form fields to fill the pdf form.

Inserting a Text Watermark in the Pdf File

A watermark is a kind of label or stamp that you can attach to a Pdf document. You can alter the precision and features of the text watermark according to your preference.

  1. Firstly, launch your pdf file using the editor and proceed to the ‘Edit’ option at the top.
  2. After that, snap on the ‘Watermark’ symbol and select the ‘Add Watermark’ choice.
  3. A dialogue box appears where you have to select the ‘Text’ as the source. Then, type in the text that you want to apply as the watermark.
  4. You can modify or adjust the settings and hit on the ‘Ok’ choice. Finally, the watermark gets added to the pdf document.

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By now you have learned that how to edit a pdf file?

Wrapping Up

The question-how to type a pdf file gets simple with the above methods. And you can add titles, footers, and lzother texts using PDFelement. It provides you the choice to organize pdf documents the way you like. Hence, use this editor to type on the pdf files in various styles.



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