How To Solve A Wi-Fi Authentication Error Or A problem With The WiFi Network?

Where there is a problem, there is a solution, here I am going to tell that How to solve a Wi-Fi Authentication error or a problem with the WiFi Network.

Not everything is rosy in the world of technological advances and it turns out that many times there can be problems that we do not know how to solve. Especially, when we try to make a connection through the WiFi Network. That is why in this tutorial we will show you How to solve a Wi-Fi Authentication error in the Network?

Wi-Fi Authentication error all devices

Virtual Private Network

This is a very common problem for devices that run the Android operating system and so you can know how to fix it. First, you must know what are the causes that produce this problem. So that you can apply the necessary corrections and do not suffer from this situation again in the future.

And speaking about the topic of WiFi on Android devices, you may be interested in knowing the steps to take to be able to disable notifications of open and available WiFi networks on Android. But then we are going to teach you how to solve a Wi-Fi Authentication error in the Network.

How do I fix authentication problem with WiFi?

Before advancing on this topic, we can tell you that it is not a virus or anything like that, as many have wanted to suppose. What generally produces an error in our devices has to do directly with a malfunction between the modem that transmits the WiFi data and our mobile equipment.

How To Solve A Wi-Fi Authentication Error Or A problem With The WiFi Network

It may also be that the mobile router does not work; sometimes this problem occurs when a recent update has been made and the drivers have a problem. The problem can also occur due to a security attack or connection failures and instability, and then it presents you with the following Authentication error message.

Although it may seem laughable, sometimes it is possible that the problems we have to refer to a bad password entry and it turns out that it is the number 1 reason for Wi-Fi Authentication error. Another possible cause may be that we choose a network other than our own. And it is very common in areas of dense population and can be confused with similar names.

Possible solutions to the Wi-Fi Authentication error

One of the possible solutions that you may find to this problem is to check the proper functioning of the Router. For this you can restart it so that it is restored to its factory settings, it is also possible that you activate the WPA-PSK option. It is preferable that we rule out first that the Router works so that we can move on to another possible solution.

WiFi Connectivity

This is considered the most effective, efficient, and fastest way to solve this problem and it is through an app that repairs files that have been damaged in any way on the mobile. It does not only work for the authentication error, but it also works for problems like black screen, a device that does not turn on, update error, etc.

Such an application can permanently repair this error, but we recommend that you make a backup before using it. Since it has happened that it has erased information that is in the mobile during the repair. It is ideal for repairing Samsung brand devices.


How To Solve A Wi-Fi Authentication Error Or A problem With The WiFi Network?

Another possible solution for the authentication error is to reset the WiFi network, this is the simplest and we should start at this point. Do you want to know how do you reset your WiFi? What we must do is leave the network we are using and make the connection again. To do this we go to the Settings section, then WiFi, you will be shown a list of all available connections.

Now we are going to select the network that we want to forget, here you will see information about it, but now you must click on the Forget button so that it is deleted from the list. The next step is to reconnect the WiFi and select the network to connect. Enter the information they ask for and then you must click on the Connect button.

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How To Solve A Wi-Fi Authentication Error Or A problem With The WiFi Network

Restarting the modem is a major step that you should take for any connection issues you may encounter.

To reset your Wi-Fi modem, simply follow the next procedure.

  • First of all see the back side of the modem and remove the power cord from the device.
  • You need to plug in the power cord again in the modem after 30 seconds. This will allow the machine to gain default mode.
  • Having done that you proceed the method of connecting Wi-Fi in your device whichever it is. You check that problem still persist or not.


  • By following this step, you will restore your WiFi modem to default settings.
  • This information will be lost if you have manually customized the network name or password.
  • To find the password, network and default settings, please locate the white label on the side or top of the Wifi modem and check the SSID and password or pre-shared key.
  • You discover a small pinhole sized button and you can reset the WiFi modem through it.
  • Press and hold this button for 15 seconds . For pressing you can use a needle or any similar thing.
  • By this, you will see the small indicator blinking on the modem, It will take a few seconds for perfect connecting the Wi-Fi.

Most probably, the connecting problem would be resolved by adopting above method, but still you need to test again to check if there is no error further.


  • Changing the Wi-Fi channel is an effective way to reduce the impact that home interference can have on your Wi-Fi network.
  • There are a wide variety of devices to cause interference such as including garage doors, microwave ovens, and cordless phones.


Position of your wifi modem

  • Make sure the modem is located in an open central area of ​​the house.
  • This will help to ensure that the Wi-Fi signal range has distributed evenly throughout the home.
  • If you are experiencing problems in certain rooms or floors in your house and are not able to connect to the network, try moving the modem to a more central location.

Conclusion |

How To Solve A Wi-Fi Authentication Error Or A problem With The WiFi Network

In this way, we have shown you possible solutions, for the authentication error problem that some Android devices present. And this is where we come to in this tutorial that has shown you what you should do to solve a Wi-Fi Authentication error easily.




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