How To Find A Business Partner For Your Startup

How to find a business partner for your startup is the most widely searchable questions in the entrepreneurial minds. Business hubs want to beat their competitors with high quality products or services. Also, they want to expand their business to earn more profits. For all, they need more funds, meaning thereby new partners.

Are you an Entrepreneur looking for a business partner?

The business world is full of dynamic duos who together could grow some world’s biggest and most successful businesses. Well, finding a business partner is among the crucial factors in the success of any Startup. So, do you agree that business is better with a buddy? Besides, we all need someone who can share both the successes and stresses of running a business.

Finding a business partner for a startup is a tedious task. It is not less than a challenge which every entrepreneur has to face. He is continuously looking for business partners because they believe that two heads are always better than one in a startup.

These days, most entrepreneurs are looking for a business partner, they need a partner that has complementary skills that they don’t have.

Entrepreneurs need a supportive partner who can extend his hand not just in business functions, but boost him morally when he goes down, sometimes. A business partner brings in innovative ideas that help the business flourish and in the process always make sure that the entrepreneur never gives up on his ideas, beliefs & keep going miles to achieve business goals no matter what.


Five steps that have worked for other entrepreneurs looking for business partner startup:

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Many people have a co-founder from the get-go, but not everyone finds them so quickly. There are several places to find the perfect business partner for your business. We have sorted down a few key solutions that can help you get started. Try all!

  1. Take a 360-degree view of your business strengths or weaknesses. Write all the skills you want in your business partner. Check the experience as it is an important factor.
  2. Networking is another way to succeed. Go to industry conferences, entrepreneur forums and local business organizations.
  3. Join online platforms. Start conversation & discussions, blogs that have a community of frequent visiting entrepreneurs & always keep pitching your idea to let everyone know your ideas & business thoughts.
  4. If you go around & search at the local level, you would find a bunch of universities hosting business & entrepreneurs festival. Go & take part. Also, support local events and you support yourself.
  5. Connect again with associates whom you have worked before on any assignments. You would definitely find the right fit for your business.


How to find an International business partner for a startup?

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The quest on how to find an international business partner has become more & more tough. Thanks to the online platforms created nowadays. These platforms have made it easier for Entrepreneurs with great ideas to find business partners with excellent skill-sets to build the concept together. Hence, we have carefully created a list of the 10 best websites to find a perfect business partner for your startup in 2020.

It might answer-

How to find an international business partner for your startup?

  1. FounderDating

It is one of the best platforms for anyone looking for a co-founder, business partner, entrepreneur, or investor. A network with a group of business-minded people divided into three categories:

  • Entrepreneur Network
  • Co-founder Network
  • Advisor Network
  1. StartHawk

It is a community where business people, business managers, entrepreneurs and co-founders can meet and discuss their ideas.

  1. Startup Weekend

Beginning Friday & ending on Sunday – it happens throughout the weekends. Startup enthusiasts, Entrepreneurs, business people, designers, marketers, product managers, developers, and meet here. Stats reveal that 36% of the startups began here over weekends.

  1. CoFoundersLab

It is a network of approx 40,000 business people, entrepreneurs, advisers and interns. Altogether, they make a brilliant combination for the brand-new entrepreneurs and startups.

  1. Founder2be

Entrepreneurs looking for a business partner with an exceptional skill – set? Well, This platform accommodates a variety of technical minds. These include Designers, developers, Business CXO, Sales Head, Product managers & Marketing professionals too.

  1. Younoodle

An online platform that runs on a different operation of competitions and contests to connect with co-founders, business people, entrepreneurs and advisors.

  1. FoundersNation

Now, check out people who want to be your business partner and are looking for an opportunity to appear. It’s a platform where you can even find an international business partner by searching through a particular location with specific skill sets.

  1. CodeArmy

Are you looking out for a business partner for a technical startup? CodeArmy will even teach you how to build your product in a few weeks and launch it. Just share your business idea with the Chief Technology Officers & CXO’s who will work with you alongside.

  1. Lead Candy

It is one of the most advanced ways to get connections. Whether you are looking out for other entrepreneurs, business partners, marketers, developers, co-founders – It bridges the distance between your social media accounts. It has all your connections in one portal. Connect within a minute with the help of this platform with any professional you want to link.

  1. Meetup

This online platform empowers you to create a local group & is most preferred. There are people engage themselves with other people of their taste. This platform has been widely accepted among professionals. They find business partners and investors for their startup. There are other people who use this platform to find engineers, designers and managers, etc.

All the above websites are very useful in helping any entrepreneur looking for a business partner for a startup.

You might get surprised by knowing how many people want to get involved in building your idea or even building the ideal team for your startup. So, join the meetup groups today! Who knows that your search for a business partner might come true.


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With the ideal business partner, tremendous growth & potential can be easily forecasted with your startup baby projects. After finding the right business partner, you find someone helps make running a business easier. Now, you can share your workloads that demand specific attention & make it enjoyable!

After building a roadmap to the success of your first startup, I’m betting you will be together on your next startup too. Therefore, finding the right business partner who believes in your ideas, who shares your passion and vision for the business can help your startup doesn’t only succeed but reach heights.



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