How to Clean TV Screen for Better Visibility

How to Clean TV Screen for Better Visibility

Watching television is an excellent pastime for many of us. We want a dirt-free television to enjoy watching our favourite TV shows. But dust or stains builds up on the TV with regular use. Improper cleaning of television screen decreases clarity. So, it is crucial to know the safest methods of how to clean TV screen.

Every home has a distinct TV set. Several households have tube televisions, the old TV model. And others have the most modern televisions like Plasma, LCD, LED, or OLED TV. The screens of these televisions are entirely different. Tube TVs have solid glass screens. While flat-screen TVs involve screens made of delicate stuff.

You cannot use any fabric or cleaning agents to remove dust from the TV screen. A harsh cleaning product can cause permanent damage to your television.

In this article, you will find the suitable methods of cleaning your TV screen and its accessories. Thus, scan and follow the below methods and products of how to clean TV screen effectively:

How to Clean TV Screen of Plasma, LCD, LED, & OLED TVs?

If you own a television with a large display screen, then the regular soggy cleaning is not apt. The latest flat and thin screen televisions need careful wiping to prevent any scratch.

You can go through your TV guidebook for cleaning tips. Besides, you can pursue the following steps to clean your flat-screen TV:

  1. At first, switch off and disconnect the TV. It is a safe way to let the TV cool off before clearing out dust and spots.
  2. Secondly, get a dry ultra-fine fibre fabric or electrostatic linen to wipe down grime and dust from the TV screen, buttons, and ports. Spin the duster to clear the dirt.
  3. Thirdly, soak a TV cleaning fabric in purified water to remove spots from the screen. Avoid putting a strain on the TV screen.

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Note: Always use microfiber linen designed for cleaning desktop screens, mobile screens, camcorder glass, and specs.

Never use tissue papers or tattered cloth to clean the TV screen. These will leave a mark on the television display.

Do not smear cleaning solution on the screen. It can damage electronic products. Drop the cleaning liquid on the fabric at first and clean up the TV display.

Are you confused over how to clean TV screen with tough stains? For that, use a mixture of gentle detergent and purified water. You will require a pinch of detergent in the water.

How to Clean TV Screen of Tube TVs?

Wiping off dust from the tube televisions is as simple as cleaning the windowpane. You will need a dry ultra-fine fibre fabric and glass cleaning spray for cleaning the tube TV screen.

  1. At first, switch off the television.
  2. Next, use the dusting cloth to clean up the dust collected on the screen.
  3. Apply few drops of water or cleaning spray on the fabric to eliminate the dirt out of the TV screen.
  4. Finally, use a dry dusting fabric to clean the screen again.

Note:  You can use a mixture of little alcohol and water to neaten the CRTV screen.

How to Clean TV Screen with No Streaks?

You must keep the television streak-free while removing the dirt. For that, you need a dry and fresh microfiber duster.

  1. Firstly, disconnect the TV. The black screen will help you to spot stains easily.
  2. Clean up the screen crosswise initially.
  3. Finally, wipe the screen up and down to remove all the dirt.

Note: Never use a dirty dusting fabric for cleaning the TV screen. If you do so, stains and dust will pile up on the TV screen.

How to Clean the TV Accessories?

TV Speakers: Dust, pet fur, and hairs mount on the speakers. If the TV speakers are barely audible, cleaning is required. For that, you need a vacuum or Scotch Brite Lint Roller.

Read the TV guide to confirm if the speakers’ covers are detachable. If so, remove them and clean the speakers.

If the covers are not detachable, wipe the dust using the lint roller or vacuum.

Remote Control: 

In addition to how to clean TV screen, you must keep the remote properly. It will not influence the picture quality. But it will reduce the transfer of microbes as a TV remote is the most used object. For that, you need disinfectant wipes.

Firstly, remove the batteries, flip and gently pat the remote to eliminate dirt from the gaps.

Next, use a soaked disinfectant wipe to clean the entire remote.

Finally, let it dry and place the batteries and close the battery section.

Note: Use a pick tooth or your nail along with the wipe to clean up the dirt from the little gaps.

Bottom Line

Use the above methods for how to clean TV screen and its accessories. But do not forget to go through the TV guidebook for cleaning information if the product is in warranty. It is because if you carry out any task that goes against can cancel the security. Further, avoid using ammonia or acetone-based products for cleaning the TV screen.

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