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How should a Teacher Behave in the Classroom

Teacher and classroom

How should a teacher behave in the classroom is the question of all parents and young students. There should be something good to know about the teacher’s behavior.

There is no disputing the fact that teachers have a major influence on students, perhaps even more than parents. I have seen primary kids going to their parents and saying so many things. There is one instance like “this is not how my teacher taught me” about a particular thing. Also, they go on about following their teacher’s precise instructions. Hence, we can safely say that students are highly susceptible to their teachers.

This brings us to understand the kind of code of conduct the teachers are supposed to follow in the classroom. This effort will bring a positive impact on the students. Naturally, they cannot exhibit their inherent disposition if it is not appropriate. For example, a short-tempered teacher has to suppress her anger regardless of the circumstances. He/she has to take decisions with a cool and reasonable head. Losing the temper at each little thing will impact the minds of the students and influence their behavior as well.

How should a Teacher Behave in the Classroom?

There are some rules which cannot write about the teacher’s behavior in a classroom. These need to be religiously followed if they wish to maintain their dignity and integrity as a teacher. Obviously this will have a positive impact on the students. Not only does proper behavior, conduct helps the teacher and the students alike, but it also aids in maintaining the decorum of the class.

What is teacher behavior?

Teacher’s behavior is the conduct of a teacher. He or she follows this while imparting knowledge and guiding the students towards becoming better learners and better people. Teacher’s behavior has shifted from merely standing in front of the class and spewing facts from the books. The teacher expects from the students to cram everything that he/she teaches to them in a 30-40 minute class.

Teachers now expect to mold the student in a way that they get favored by the society in which they will actively take part when they come of age. It instructs even the place where a teacher should stand in a classroom. Teachers who sit while delivering a lecture is likely to lose the attention of the class. Whereas a teacher who stands in front of the board and constantly makes rounds during the lecture perform better results.

Since teacher’s behavior has a major significance to the students social as well as educational life. Therefore, they have to behave in an orderly fashion and avoid some things stringently.

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What Should a Teacher Avoid Doing in a Classroom?

A teacher cannot put across her point properly if he/she gets angry at every other little inconvenience. A teacher has to deal with 15-30 students at the same time. Also, naturally at some point, the sheer annoyance of young children speaking in unison or behaving inappropriately is going to touch his or her nerves.

This is where a cool mind steps in. Instead of yelling at the students for talking constantly or failing to do the homework, an ideal teacher needs to explain the implications of disorderly behavior in a calm way, even take a sarcastic tone.

If you behave calmly and yet smartly right from the onset of the class itself, it is likely that the students will think better of being disorderly in the class. This also contributes to building a healthy teacher-student relationship which will be of enormous help to both the parties.

How should a Teacher Behave in the Classroom?

One thing that is abundantly to avoid and yet something which most teachers do is humiliating the students. Most of the times, when a teacher is not happy with how a particular student does things, he or she turns to insult the student in front of his peers, thinking it will somehow make him behave.

How should a Teacher Behave in the Classroom?

Punctuality is something we teach the children right from their early schooling years. Such instructions will be of no use if the teacher herself cannot be punctual. Thus, the foremost thing that a teacher should do is, always be on time for class. If you are unable to attend the class for some reason, it is necessary to make an appearance and let the students know that you have urgent work somewhere else.

Speaking the facts written in the books will no way facilitate effective learning. Elaborating each fact whilst illustrating it by giving appropriate examples should be encouraged. You can promote efficacious teaching using different objects as teaching aids.


The conduct of a teacher is of utmost importance and this fact cannot be emphasized enough. You cannot develop the minds of your students while being incorrigible yourself. You need to grow into the class as to develop a healthy environment of learning. This is only possible if a teacher performs a proper and suitable behavior.

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