How Long Does It Take to Learn How to Drive

If you want to understand how long does it take to learn how to drive then you have to take theoretical and practical training. Driving is one of the basic skills that everyone should acquire. It provides specific details on car driving like driving instructor selection, motor training schools or online courses selection, motor training patterns, safe and responsible driving, driving test procedures, and more. 

Driving a car appears much more complicated for many of us. But it is a simple task when practiced under a professional driving instructor. Generally, more than three months are needed to become a skilled driver. Regular practice will help you in becoming good at car driving. 

Remember learning to drive makes you self-supporting. You can travel from one place to another with ease. Being a responsible and licensed driver makes your journey smooth. Also, your safe driving skills keep other peoples’ lives at almost no risk. 

Advantages of Learning Car Driving

Check out some of the benefits that you can gain with motor training:

1. Fascinating Endeavor

Car driving is an engaging endeavor that everyone must know. Getting trained through an experienced driving instructor will build your confidence. You will find driving a fascinating affair. You may go on a drive with your family or pals when having no plans for a day. It will assist you in investing your time in traveling down to different sites for adventure.

2. Confer Independence

Receiving your car driving license and purchasing a car will make you self-sufficient. You do not need to hire a ride anymore. Thus, you get the privilege to hang around with your buddies. 

3. Way to De-Stress Yourself

Driving is one of the best ways to get relief from worries. For that, you must know how long does it take to learn how to drive? Sometimes, unnecessary dramas in life create problems for you. So, riding a car helps you to avoid thinking about such irrelevant things.

Point to Remember: Often, driving confounds new motorists. As a new driver, you have to concentrate on the traffic lights, signboards, and other commuters. You must be aware of car indicators and mirror usage. A road packed with drivers and passengers makes new drivers anxious. Therefore, get skilled in controlling car speed and using brakes when required. 

By now, you must have understood that driving comes with responsibility. So, are you searching for a qualified driving instructor to assist you in learning driving in a short span? Then, read the next section to get an idea of how long does it take to learn how to drive?

How Will You Choose a Driving Instructor

How Long Does It Take to Learn How to Drive
Choosing a Driving Instructor

You require a decent motor trainer who can make driving an easy task. Searching for and hiring a professional driving instructor is difficult. You may find several motor training schools close to your location. However, you require an excellent driving instructor who can comprehend your learning requirements. As a result, you will grow as a brilliant driver in a shorter time. Further, you will achieve your driving license within a smaller duration. 

Go through the below points when selecting a driving instructor:

  • Do You Trust On Your Driving Instructor?

The trust factor between you and your driving instructor will expose how long does it take to learn how to drive? It is imperative to choose a reliable instructor who can teach driving in a planned manner. If you pick any random nonprofessional trainer, you may encounter troubles while learning to drive. Your funds will get wasted, and it will raise your anxiousness. 

You must understand the difference between a genuine and a low-grade driving instructor. Consequently, you will select a trustworthy and adept driving guru. 

  1. An adept driving instructor never replies to calls when teaching you driving. On the other hand, a low-grade instructor will attend calls when giving you driving lessons. You should know that receiving calls while delivering driving teachings is impolite and unlawful. 

2. A decent driving guru will chalk out a systematic plan to aid you in mastering driving expertise. But an inexperienced driving instructor will not make such detailed plans. 

3. A proficient trainer will review your driving skills and will report the areas where you need improvements. Conversely, an inefficient instructor will not analyze these things. He will be only interested in getting cash from you. 

Thus, keep these points in mind while making driving instructor selection. It will help you in picking up an experienced instructor on whom you can rely. It will determine how long does it take to learn how to drive? A competent driving instructor will help you in passing your driving test. 

  • Does Has Enough Qualification and Training Certificate?

Your friends or family members can give you driving classes. But that is not a sensible decision. 

Always choose a qualified and trained driving instructor. It is crucial to acquire driving classes through a reputed motor training school. 

You should select a trained driving instructor who must hold ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) or a trainee driving trainer qualification. You can contact your friends or relatives to connect with their driving instructors. 

  • Affordability in Rates

Another thing that you must take into account is the service fees of driving instructors. You may find that requesting the services of a driving instructor is expensive. However, it is better to hire a suitable driving mentor rather than a substandard instructor. 

You may search online for some top motor driving institutes close to you. Visit their websites to examine the reviews. You can call up an instructor who offers affordable driving lessons. Inquire regarding their tutoring methods and the total driving lessons that they impart. 

We hope that you are now aware of the ways of choosing a knowledgeable driving instructor. Let’s move to the next part that will discuss the approaches to ease your nervousness while mastering driving skills. Considering these elements will show how long does it take to learn how to drive?

Don’t Be Nervous While Learning Driving

Getting anxious for new drivers is natural. You need to understand that it is a common struggle that each novice driver goes through. Follow these tips to eliminate your driving fear:

1. Enroll in Driver Training Course

Take up a driver training course to overcome your car driving fears. A qualified instructor will mentor you to acquire safe driving skills. 

2. Do Not Drive Alone Initially

Do not start driving alone after the driving course ends. Learn driving within your locality and then on public roads. Always have someone with you when going on a drive. Initially, go for short journeys. Once you get confident about your driving skills, drive to distant places. 

3. Drive During the Day

Avoid driving during the night if you feel tensed while running a four-wheeler. Once you get sure of your driving skills, drive through the night too. 

4. Get License & Practice Regularly

Minor scratches on cars may happen when you learn to drive. But do not get fearful of such incidents. Qualify your driving exam to obtain the license. After that, practice car driving each day to polish your driving skills.

These are the main ways to reduce your driving phobias. The successive section will explain the motor training pattern and how long does it take to learn how to drive?

What is the Basic Training Pattern of Learning

Training Pattern of Car driving
Training Pattern of Car driving

A well-prepared driver training course will offer:

  • Planned Schedule

The driving instructor will teach you driving in an organized way. You will get the syllabus, duration, and fees details of the driving course. 

  • Training of Traffic Rules and Regulations

You will study the traffic rules and the implication of road signs, car indicator lights, and traffic lights. Donning a seat belt, controlled speed, following lane rules, retain a safe distance will be taught.

  • Role of Side Mirror in Driving

Wing or side-view mirror is the mirror fixed on the outer side of the vehicle. These mirrors beautify the look of cars. Most importantly, these objects act as an eye for the driver to see other drivers coming from the back or towards the sides. The side mirror usage averts the chances of car crashes.

How Long Does It Take to Learn How to Drive the Syllabus 

About 45 hours of driving lessons are necessary for how long does it take to learn how to drive? The DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) has stated these total hours. Additionally, you will require 22 hours to learn how to drive. But this is not essential as several drivers need more time to learn driving while other grasp driving in less time.

What are Basic Ethics and Responsibility for Driving

Ethics and responsibility of driving
How long does it take to learn to drive

Have a look at the basic driving ethics and responsibility:

1. Shun Distractions

A responsible drive shuns distractions while driving. Talking over a call, messaging, talking to a co-passenger, eating, or drinking are some distractions that you should sidestep.

2. Take Defensive Driving Lessons

Attain defensive driving lessons to drive safely in severe weather conditions. 

3. Do Not Drive Fast 

Have control over your vehicle speed. Plus, abstain from driving during the night. 


What is the Next Step after Passing Your Driving Test?

You will receive the provisional pass certificate. Next, the DVSA will provide your driving license in three weeks. 

What to Do if You Fail Your Driving Test?

You have to reschedule your driving exam in case you failed the exam. Select a date beyond ten workdays. 

How to Control Your Emotions while Driving?

Deep breathing, slow driving, taking a pause, and listening to peaceful music are some ways to control your Emotional driving.

What Benefits You Can Avail from a Driving School

A driving school teaches you how long does it take to learn how to drive? It teaches you safe driving protocols, boosts confidence, and reduces rash driving. Consequently, you will gain fruitful experience being in the driver’s seat. 

Can We Take an Online Course for Driving a Car?

Of course, you can apply for a reputed online driving course. Before that, always scrutinize the benefits and downsides of an e-driving learning curriculum. Driving a car on an actual road is different from a virtual route. So, taking the driving classes directly through a driving trainer is more appropriate.


So far, you must have realized that how long does it take to learn how to drive? Put down your driving phobia and register in a motor training academy. Learning how to drive requires time, commitment, and effort. So, take up this activity engagedly and cautiously. 




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