How Does Sourcify Connect Foreign Entrepreneurs

You are keen to know that how does Sourcify connect Foreign Entrepreneurs. Here I am going to narrate in details what sourcify is and how it is important for businesses.

Sourcing is an integral element of the manufacturing process. Subsequently, various steps are involved in successful and productive sourcing. The process is especially more intricate when the Global manufacturing market is involved. Sourcing through the global market paves way for a complicated supply chain; however, you cannot deny the efficiency of the supply. Sourcing involves various processes before you reach the ultimate goal, which is the procurement of the target resources.

What is Sourcify?

Sourcify simplifies the intricacies of sourcing and makes the market your stage. Sourcify is the key link between the customers and the suppliers. They have an eminent position in the global manufacturing market that not only links the domestic consumers and suppliers, but the foreign entrepreneurs.

The process of procurement through the platform of Sourcify is easy and for the most part, digital. This is what makes the platform excellent. Gone are the days when you needed to meet the supplier or the manufacturer in person, you could virtually do everything digitally. Moreover, this simplified and digital method has made the connection between foreign entrepreneurs incredibly easy. Let us begin expounding about the functionality of Sourcify by understanding what Sourcify is.

What is Sourcify

In simple terms, Sourcify is a B2B marketplace that connects various factories or Individual manufacturers with the customers for the procurement of intermediary goods and services.  It is a directory of thousands of pre-vetted manufacturers. The process of procurement involves a certain series of steps.

What is Sourcing?

We can define Sourcing as the practice of scanning, locating, and selecting the factories, businesses, or professional individuals from whom you want to procure certain goods and services. You can do this generally to manage the supply chain prevalent in the realm of business. Sourcing is a tactical and strategic process that involves selecting the most profitable source of procurement.

The process becomes difficult and complicated for unnumbered reasons. The most prominent difficulty is the lack of adequate communication. To facilitate the smooth sourcing of goods, various digital manufacturing platforms popped up on the internet for the convenience of the customers. These platforms connect the factory with the customers to allow a smooth transaction.

You can source human resource for the procurement of various services. This is the reason why sourcing is also a mode of recruitment. A company can procure skilled and talented professionals from any part of the world and have his or her work for his company as an employee.

How does Sourcify connect Foreign Entrepreneurs?

The process begins with the customer notifying the platform that he needs a product and he has to pay a fee of $500. This platform may ask to pay anything between 1-10% of the total cost of the order placed. Sourcify registers some relevant information about the customer and the kind of product he is seeking to procure and contacts the factories that may be able to supply the desired product. They can ask samples from the factories for the complete satisfaction of the customer.

How does Sourcify connect Foreign Entrepreneurs

Sourcify gives a vast platform for all kinds of customers who want to procure raw material fairly easily for further production. Sourcify makes foreign sourcing of goods and services convenient. This is the foremost reason why Sourcify has left the mark on the global business stage. The customers can indirectly or directly link themselves to innumerable factories domestically as well as overseas. In the old times, procuring resources from a foreign land was significantly more difficult. Moreover, various risks were involved in such a transaction. While today’s sourcing of goods is not completely risk-free, marketing platforms like Sourcify have made the process considerably safer, in contrast with the old times.

How does Sourcify connect Foreign Entrepreneurs?

The efficiency and the conversion rate of Sourcify are higher than most prominent manufacturing marketplaces such as Alibaba and Thomasnet. The professional standing of Sourcify is evident from the statistics. Wherein you can discover the conversion rate of 92% after an order has been placed. The costs of these orders are also high, averaging around $30,000 to $35,000.


With immense convenience in placing an order and procuring it without much trouble, Sourcify has left an imprint on the global stage. It has managed the supply chain quite efficiently. Moreover, this leads various customers to procure the raw materials from anywhere in the globe. It has become an eminent platform for the connection of foreign entrepreneurs while giving efficacious services repeatedly.


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