How Can a Country Get Rid of Religion and Caste System?

How Can a Country Get Rid of Religion and Caste System?

Most nations are facing a problem of biases, hate speeches about religion and the caste system which divides society. This is the bad element in any society. Different religions follow different practices of worship and pray to God in different ways. They think that their religion and way of praying is the best in the world. But in actuality or in the eyes of intellectuals this is a myth.

What is Religion?

There are so many people who defined religion in a positive way and they think that religion is the one that is binding humans. But now the definition has changed and I would say that religion is dividing humans.

Now the time has changed. There are so many people and organisations who are working for humanity. Innovators and researchers have made human life very easy with the fast development of technology. But religion and caste system are the biggest hindrances coming in this way of modernisation. The dangerous part about this is the people who follow their religion with rigid practices.

What is Caste?

In ancient times, the people of particular professions and their generations were termed as a specific caste. Let’s take examples of some professions such as barber, blacksmith, mason, carpenter, Making earthen pot, agriculture, business, religious practices(priest), soldiers etc. Hindu religion is full of caste systems and further castes are divided into different surnames.

People of the same caste and same surname make their lobbies in the society and do not involve people of other castes. The bad practices that evolved in this segment in the society are that people categorised them as a lower cast, middle cast, upper caste, good caste, bad caste etc. For centuries, people started exploiting some of them in their own style. This system must be broken.

How can a country get rid of religion and caste system
How can a country get rid of religion and caste system

How Can a Country Get Rid of Religion and Caste System? : Method 1

Let’s start with the beginning of life. I mean to say that when a child is born, We give him/her a name and surname. Right from here, in future throughout his/her life anyone can identify his religion and caste just with the name. You visit residential houses in the streets in any town of the country you will find their surname, religious symbols on their nameplate also religious flags on top of the building. Moreover, in the school, you can identify children and teachers of your caste and religion easily. You can make lobbies, groups and even get favour from your teacher.

Similarly, in any Govt office and corporate world, you get your work easily done if you get an officer of your caste or religion. If not then sometimes face bad consequences depending on the ideology of that person.

Further, I come to the focus point of how to make one nation and one society. Although this is a tough decision and disputable issue but quite possible. Government can make a policy or law that Govt online portal will automatically give the name of a child irrespective of his religion, caste, surname, profession, and ideology.

There will be no choices of names available. The policy must erase all surnames. only single or double name through which you will never identify his religion and caste. This will be strictly binding to all citizens of the country. This will be an effective way to eradicate this evil from society. The good results you will see in the next 10 to 20 years onwards.

How Can a Country Get Rid of Religion and Caste System? : Method 2

We all know that this issue is quite challenging but people who believe to build a strong nation must come forward ignoring their won personal interests. More than half of the population is wasting their time, resources, energy and money to strengthen their religion and caste system. Whereas, as a result, we get nothing except hatred speeches, conflictions, due favour, community-based reservations etc.

Now come to the focus point that if we want to best utilize our people’s time in a healthy way for their development we have to mix the society in a fast and strong way. This is quite possible by promoting inter-caste and inter-religion marriages. Government can make a law or NGOs can run campaigns to disseminate this belief that promotes these marriages as much as possible.

Initially, they will oppose but with the passage of time, a new formation of society would emerge. This society will be biased free, with no partiality, no hatred against other societies. Relatives would share their sacraments, ordination with each other in a healthy way.


This article is dedicated to all nations of the world which are facing these issues of adamant and rigorous religious practices and bad elements disturbing their social harmony. As the human mind is growing with developments these bad practices are increasing day by day. If you have to say something about this please do mention it in the comment box. Thanks for your valuable time.



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