Hostmonster the Best Way of Managing Your Website

Hostmonster: One of the Most Reliable Web Hosting Platforms

Web hosting companies enable you to announce your web app or website online. You need some space over the web server to save your website’s data. There are various web-hosting platforms that you can discover online.

But one of the most reliable web hosting services is Hostmonster. It is USA based web hosting company established in 1996 with its workplace in Provo, Utah. Currently, it has become a division of the Endurance International Group (EIG).

The EIG is an American web hosting company that possesses around 83 hosting firms. So, what is Hostmonster? The Hostmonster web hosting service offers different hosting plans that include basic hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server), and dedicated.

What Features Does Hostmonster Present for Potential Clients? 


Hostmonster offers consistency by taking care of the requirements of companies and individuals. If you are in search of a website hosting service, get Hostmonster. Some of the features this hosting service offers for its potential clients are:

  • An End-to-End Hosting Solution:Hostmonster will support your website wholly with its hosting services that consist of set-up, integration, and assistance.
  • Free Domain Names:You have the chance to pick up a free domain name when registering with Hostmonster.
  • Unlimited Disk Storage:You will get a limitless storage feature with Hostmonster to store and manage several websites.
  • Webmail: You can store your e-mail data properly through the webmail option.
  • Unlimited GB of Website Transfer: Hostmonster allows boundless data transfer in and out of your website.
  • Support for International Domains: You can check out international domains while availing of Hostmonster services.
  • The Best-in-Breed Options:You will get access to some of the best services of Hostmonster based on the plan that you have selected.
  • Other Features:You will get free website scripts such as poll and survey software, message boards, social networking scripts, form-mail scripts, mailing lists, and more.

Positive Points of Hostmonster

You will receive the following benefits with the services of Hostmonster:

  1. Simple Sign-Up & Payment Modes

Making a Hostmonster account is simple for you. You have to complete the sign-up process on a single page. Also, you can pay the web hosting fees through PayPal and credit card.

  1. Higher Uptime 

Hostmonster provides a high uptime for the users. The uptime is 99.998% that is brilliant.

  1. User-Friendly Control Panel

Hostmonster user friendly control panel

You get the choice to manage what is Hostmonster account with a transformed cPanel. Your control panel is easy to use. Thus, it gets easier for the novice to build their web page.

The control panel gets divided into plug-ins, domains, hosting, account tabs, and secondary-tabs to seek what you require.

  1. Modest Customer Assistance

Hostmonster provides customer assistance through telephonic, e-mail, and chat. The live chat support gets initiated in four minutes. Thus, your every query will get resolved in two minutes.

But there is an extended verifying process. It may appear tiresome and annoying for some clients.

  1. Excellent Security Features

LogoYou will obtain various security features by signing-up with Hostmonster. These security options will support you in defending your website from cyber criminals.

Usually, WordPress websites get hacked due to their weak hosting service provider. Other reasons are unprotected themes and susceptible plug-ins.

But with Hostmonster, you will access security options such as frequent website backups, Secure Sockets Layer assistance, Secure Shell Access, Anti-Spam Protection, and Hotlink Protection.

  1. Prompt Service & Swift Installation

If you choose the Hostmonster’s VPS or dedicated hosting plans, you will obtain immediate functional web servers. Those residing outside of the USA do not have to endure a long verification call. They will receive organized web servers in a flash. Further, you will get a free domain name for one year with all web hosting plans of Hostmonster.

  1. Fair Pricing

The basic plan of Hostmonster is accessible at $4.95 per month. Though it is not reasonable, you will get some additional features too. Initially, you will get 50 GB of data storage and unlimited bandwidth. In addition, you will receive an SSL certificate free of cost.

  1. 30-Days Cash Back Guarantee

Hostmonster offers 30-day cash back guarantee for its clients. It means that if you cancel your account before 30 days, you will get back the hosting fee. However, the domain charges are not re-paid.

Negative Points of Hostmonster

Some of the minus points of what is Hostmonster are:

  1. Page Loading Speed is Slow

Page loading speed

The average speed of web page loading is low in the Hostmonster web hosting service. As a result, there is an increased chance of reduced conversions, decreased page views, and a higher percentage of unsatisfied customers.

  1. Unclear Pricing & Hidden Costs

In reality, you will not obtain a real monthly hosting plan through Hostmonster. You are required to purchase a hosting plan at least for a year. In this sense, the pricing is costly for this choice.

Also, there are hidden fees included in Hostmonster’s hosting plans. If you need to renew your existing hosting plan, you need to pay a raised price.

Indeed, the ‘free domain name’ is not free at all. If you wish to annul your Hostmonster account, you have to pay a non-refundable fee.

  1. Backups Costs Involved

Hostmonster collects and manages all your website data. But it imposes backup fees. You have to pay $1.99 per month as backup charges. If you inspect other web hosting services, they provide this feature free.

  1. Pricey Website Migration 

If you decide to shift your website from Hostmonster to another hosting service, you need to pay some amount. You can transfer your site to another hosting service through FTP (File Transfer Protocol) option. But it is not the right choice.

Hostmonster uses this opportunity to make money. It will transfer five websites and twenty e-mail accounts for $149.99.

For more information you can visit the site

Final Words

By now, you have discovered the pros and cons of Hostmonster. Considering that choose a suitable plan of what is Hostmonster within your means. It is ideal for savvy beginners. As the performance is average with hidden costs and unreliable customer support, examine other hosting services too.




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