Horizon Chase – World Tour The Ultimate Video Game

The Horizon Chase World Tour is the game of all seasons. Users of all ages, would like to enjoy this game in their leisure time. The feeling of real car race you can take on the virtual platform. This is a kind of simulation.

If there is one thing that will never become outmoded, it is the sublimity of the classic racing games. Racing games are something we have stood in awe of whilst growing up and it is about time, we get a game that pays the due respect to the evocative car racing games. Introducing, the HORIZON CHASE. Possessing all the key elements that make up for a quintessential racing game, the Aquiris Game Studio has come up with the epitome of perfection with the Horizon Chase.

Horizon Chase – World Tour

What is Horizon Chase?

Horizon chase APK gives you an opportunity to race around the world and live through the nostalgia of a golden period. There is nothing like an exhilarating race, and Horizon Chase has come up with everything that would hook you into it until the very end. One of the features that sets this game apart from most modern racing games is its magnificent graphics that pull you into the world of valor and glory. It was released in the year 2015 for Android and iOS and can be installed there.

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With the exquisite blend of modernity and tradition, the game gives off a hint of everything you love and adore about a car racing game, including the acquisition of most exquisite cars. The feeling of unlocking your most desired car is still unrevealed, and the developers have clearly taken that into consideration.

The sheer amalgamation of the features of a few of the best racing games this world has witnessed, the game has made its place in the top-charts and hardly any other racing game come close to its magnificence as of now.

Horizon Chase – World Tour: Download Here

What makes the Horizon Chase so special?

To begin with, the 16-BIT graphics has been rejuvenated with the magnificent amalgamation of modernity and tradition when it comes to racing games. The graphics and the exquisite visuals easily make it a brilliant game that outdoes most of the racing games you have come across lately.

Moreover, the exhilaration during a World Tour, wherein, you could choose your desired car and work towards unlocking that beauty is inexplicable. The exquisiteness of a myriad of cars with the option of upgradation keeps you locked into building your ideal car. In striving to win cups, you will be racing through different scenes, sometimes through the green lushness, sometimes through the yellow sand into the sunset and sometimes through the glamour of the city. The game always has something in store which makes it abundantly hard to put the game away.

Possessing everything good about an arcade racing game, Horizon Chase has been a recipient of unnumbered awards and has been on the receiving end of much adoration and exultation from uncountable gamers.

Horizon Chase Turbo

Remember the golden period of racing with your friends in the evening to steam off the “stress” of school? The Horizon Chase Turbo takes you back in time and allows you to live this period. With the multiplayer-split screen, you can race with your friends in real-time while reclining on a comfortable couch.

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The latter release of the Horizon Chase has, yet again, not failed the wide array of fans. With being released for the Nintendo Switch, it takes you into a whole different dimension of glamour. All the racing fans, gear up to experience one of the best car races of the time, which will keep you in the loop as you win various cups. You can download the Horizon Chase Turbo from the Steam.

Horizon Chase Turbo system requirements


  • Operating system: Windows 7 or newer
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz or better
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or better
  • Storage: Available space of at least 500MB


  • Operating system: Windows 7 or newer
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 2.5 GHz or better
  • Graphics GeForce 8000 Series or better
  • Storage: Available space if 800MB

Horizon Chase – World Tour


Thank the gods of gaming for bestowing such excellence onto us. As you know, there is nothing better than playing retro games which make us reminisce about better times. Horizon Chase is something that does not cause frustration to the player while still being abundantly challenging. Not to mention the pride of achieving something, even if it is virtual, yup that feeling is unmatched. The Horizon Chase has undoubtedly managed to deliver a lot in just one game.




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