Google Pixel 4a Prices Down

Google launched Google Pixel 4 mobile last year and went well in terms of all good parameters. Now the upcoming mobile Google Pixel 4a with 128GB memory and 6GB RAM is expected to reduce prices at unbelievable rates. Actually, amid lockdown, tech companies are bearing the jerk of down sale all over the world. Thus, they are offering best products with affordable prices to boost the sale and help people at the time of crisis. This is being appreciated in all corners of technical galleries.

This information has come from a technology website 9to5Google where Mr. Stephan Hall tweeted about the possible crashed prices of Google Pixel 4a mobile phone. This phone is expected to launch in the month of June 2020 and expected prices would be $349. This price is less about $100 as compared to the previous version of Google Pixel. The upcoming version will have all options including finger scanner at the  back. Possibly screen size would be 5.81-inch and fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor. There is a possibility of a 4,300mAh battery that will take care of its power needs. This model is going to compete with Apple’s i-Phone SE.

Google’s top experts must have compared other mobile companies’ prices which are directly hit to Google Pixel 4a and indeed plans to crash the prices. Other tech companies are also reducing pricing keeping in mind global economic slowdown. There is another rumor that Google is planning to launch Google Pixel 5 next year and with increasing production capacity the prices would go even less than Google Pixel 4a.

Online selling companies such as Amazon, Google store, flipkart and Best buy have reduced price tags of Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL from $800 and $900 as $300 less.

 Conclusion: |Google Pixel 4a

We recommend all customers who are planning to buy any of above mentioned

Google products to wait and watch the crashed prices. Do not buy on MRP rates as heavy discounts have been offered on all sale channels. With this affordable price Google Pixel 4a is going to be popular and beat its rival products.






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