The Best Shooting Game Garena Free Fire

The best shooting game Garena free fire.

Garena free fire is a free-to-play “battle royale” action shooter – players are dropped into the arena where they fight to the death before only one player is left standing. This means players are plunged into a theatre (in this case, a map of broad island). In this scenario, 50 players are dropped out of a plane and settled in an isle, initially just wearing clothing.

When the players arrive, they search the grounds and nearby houses, searching for guns, armours, ammunition, and health packages. When time is approaching, a designated safe area continually shrinks, driving players closer and closer to each other (the air is poisonous outside the site).

Designing of Garena Free Fire

Thus, compare this game with Unknown Mobile Player Battlegrounds (PUBG). Compared with mobile PUBG, Free fire graphics are very medium with most mechanisms, such as tablets or homes, very bleak.

Garena free fire

However, it is more fluid than PUBG mobile, which means that cell phones with no decent CPU can run Free Fire without noticeable FPS delays smoothly.

So it depends on the performance (free fire) or quality you like (PUBG Mobile).

Garena Free fire animations feel strange when you’re running around the map, and your magazine does not reload the weapon properly. Animations for Free Fire

The Garena Free Fire guns are the same as PUBG Mobile, but Free Fire has fewer weapons than PUBG Mobile.


  • M500, M1873, USP, G18 and desert eagle pistols Double Barrel
  • M1014 firearms included
  • Rifles including Famas, M4A1, AK and SCAR Assault
  • MP40, UMP, and MP5 Submachine Guns (SMG)
  • Rifles including VSS, M14, SKS and Kar98k

There are very few throwing instruments that are only a Garena free fire, two melee arms that are only Pan and Parang, and only one healing kit. Helmets, body armour and backpacks equally to PUBG Mobile. Some attachments and gages reduce the reverse or zoom closer to the enemy.

Download Garena Free Fire Game.

Exciting Game Play of Garena free fire

Garena Free fire

This game has just 50 players in one game lobby, waiting for the game’s start instead of 100 players. You’ll start on a plane that you can drop to grab weapons and items anywhere to beat your enemies.

You have four slots of guns, one gun and one melee, and two primaries. You can shoot, fire, sprint, leap, hump and prone. Buttons are available. You can still heal by clicking the medicine button, and there’s only one healing form. In the beginning, the controls might be confusing, mainly if you are new to the royal fighting genre, but the more you play.

You should bring out the armour and shield, each with its protection levels to maximize the lots you can take.

After any time in a white circle, a safe area will be present, and you have to go in before it will decline and you will be weakened over time if you are outside the secure scope. You can move cars in the game quicker to the safe place.

You can use cars to ram enemies that guarantee a killing that I think is quite frankly destroyed.

You somehow locate mushrooms that you can interact to restore hp over time in the game. You will also communicate with shield kits to improve protection by increasing the amount of your armour.

An aircraft can drop supply drops at a certain point that you can plunder for unique arms, such as Groza, AWM and M249. However, the decline in production typically would provide a lot of opponents so that they are primed.

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Free fire

The Garena free fire game has many different clothes for your character to choose from as if the recently introduced football outfit for both sexes that I feel looks cool. Only one thing, most of them would use real money to gain some that I don’t find very shocking, like a selfish strategy.

Features :

Great PvP fighting –Ensure the 50-player exciting battle with a massive island with unique surroundings and looting.

  • Vehicles –

Vehicles such as Jeeps and camper cars drive quicker, and even Amphibious cross land and sea.

  • 10+ Characters Unlockable –

The character’s passive results include a sprint speed-enhanced athletic girl and a nurse replacing the HP ally.

  • Customization of character –

Purchase costumes for both character and adorable pet players using premium currencies in the video.

  • Alone or Co-Op –

War with in-game voice chat in squads of up to four players.


So Garena Free Fire is a good alternative for PUBG Mobile? I’d say it depends, though gameplaying is almost the same, on whatever you choose. But if you don’t have a decent telephone, I would say Garena Free Fire is trying, if you want to play a royal fighting game that works right, it always feels like a decisive game.



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