7 Best Alternatives to Famebit

7 Best Alternatives to Famebit.

The online world is filled with avenues whereby you can grow your brand and promote your services. Aside from social media, there are a number of other platforms where you can dedicatedly use high-end software and tools to promote your brand’s name, Famebit is one such online platform where you can really excel at developing a strong marketing game for your brand.

Why is FameBit a Popular Online Campaign Platform?

The reason why Famebit is so popular is that it has a very simple working process. Once you open up its home page, you can select one of two tabs. After that, following through the essential steps will help you grasp how to make and manage campaigns very easily. Once that is done, you can start customizing them pretty rapidly and if you do it well, you can expect to see returns on your campaigns fairly soon.

How Does FameBit Deliver on Campaign Bids?

At present, Famebit has over 56,000 content creators who can apply to your campaign bid. You can scale the application parameters down by various metrics like age, location, skillset etc. These will help you find the right content creators for your campaign and FameBit will charge 20% for the service. Aside from this surcharge, FameBit does not charge any kind of monthly fee. Creators can also join FameBit to provide their services to campaign developers. However, not every creator will be able to join. In fact, you must have at least 5,000 followers on social media to get to make the application.

Is FameBit the Only Online Campaign Platform?

While FameBit is the most popular of all online campaign platforms, it is not the only one. In fact, the market is crowded with such platforms and all of them have something unique to offer.

Here are the 7 best alternatives to FameBit you can start on right now:



Brandbacker is arguably the most popular online campaign management platform second to FameBit. It has over 10,000 brands and a following of over 350 million. This platform started in 2001 as a means of bringing brands, content creators and influencers to one place. One of the best things about this platform is the content showcase. This online tool is used to develop brand content  through a rather detail algorithm. This can help you manage your products and present them in the right places for maximum brand visibility. At present, you can manage campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram through Brandbacker.

Content BLVD

Content BLVD is directly linked with YouTube and offers influencer marketing services to users. This platform is renowned for offering some very tangible and stable ways to market. This helps most in building a strong following which you can expect to keep for a longer period. You c also book for reviews which are completely legit and start with plans from US$200. At present, this platform has over 40 million views to its credit and its overall ease of use makes it a top choice for many. If you are new to brand management and development online, Content BLVD might be just the right place to get maximum returns for a relatively limited investment.



Revfluence has a lot of influence on the social media influencer market. In fact, you can find some of the most successful YouTube and Instagram influencers on this platform. This platform has a very large network of influencers. At present, it stands at 200,000 and it keeps adding to its rather considerable set of analytical tools. These allow campaigners and influencers to search for one another using specific parameters like industry, quality, keywords, demographics etc. The website also has reviews on all its influencers which makes getting the right ones for your brand a whole lot easier. If you want something sophisticated but also very easy to work with, then Revfluence can do the job perfectly for you.


FamebitInfluenster takes product review, campaign building and brand development to a whole different level with its great website. This platform has the perfect setup for both new and established brands and its expansive tools ensure you can find the right people to work with for every campaign. At present, it has over 2 million active users and some very unique features like free sponsorship and free product shipment for reviewing. Further, you can also use the detailed reviews [which include listed pros and cons to promote your product much more efficiently than on several other platforms. This platform can work with YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Twitter and you can imagine how popular this makes the entire website.



Tracker is more of an online social media campaigner platform with social media elements of its own than anything else. The entire website is based around the idea of building a community of influencers and marketers who can come together to help each other. This makes this website a great choice not just for companies but also individual marketers. It syncs up with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+. Further, it offers a host of some very important tools like email, market analytics, chat and others which make collaborations easier. Finally, a lot of influencers love its specific fake profile removal features which make working with the right people and saving time much easier.


Izea is a rather heftily expansive website for marketing and promotion and boasts of one of the biggest marketplaces for brand development. In the recent past, it has absorbed some other websites like Ebyline into its fold. Currently, it has 250,000 influencers working on all the major social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Vine, and Snapchat. It offers three distinct payment models with the highest going at $299 per month based on the services you choose. Users often like its analytic tools, URL sharing options, and hashtagging for brand promotion and development. If you want an all-in-one solution for your online brand development and promotion needs, then Izea is a great choice.


NicheNiche is one of the newest online brand promotion platforms on the global market. Since it began in 2013, it has been focussing on film and retail domains exclusively. More recently, it has expanded into further domains and now includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, into its service area. Niche is unique for providing leaderboards options which are used for finding the right influencers. It has some very useful advice for starting entrepreneurs who do not have much market insight. At present, Niche has over 30,000 content developers for growing and expanding development of brands.


FameBit is a great website and offers a lot of value to users. However, the 7 websites we have mentioned above are also strong competitors in the market. Most of them have unique offerings in the marketplace which make them worth looking into for brand developers. Pricing factors and other related expenses are also a factor here and looking into these sites can help you get the most value for your money. Choose the right platform and you are likely to find greater brand value generation for your business.




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