How to Factory Reset a Laptop: Step by Step Guide

In this how-to guide, we have illustrated the factory reset laptop method. The factory reset option is applied whenever any technical fault arises in the device. You can consider it if your laptop gets corrupted due to a virus or malware. You can factory reset your device if you want to sell it to some other person. 

It is troubling when you cannot search out errors in programs or apps installed on the laptop. In this case, enabling the factory reset laptop step is the most convenient way to rectify such issues.

You should activate the factory reset choice with care. The reason is you will lose all the stored data plus apps, contacts, pictures, and cache. 

Go through this guide to learn about these steps, resetting advantages, disadvantages, wiping the laptop, and obtaining technical help. 

How to Factory Reset Laptop Windows 10

You may follow these steps resetting your laptop Windows 10:

  1. Firstly, proceed to the Start menu given at the left side of the taskbar. 
start menu
Start Menu

2. After that, hit on the Settings option ->Update & Security.

How to factory reset a laptop
Setting option in Windows

3. You will get the Recovery option on the left side. Click on Recovery.

Recovery option in Windows
Recovery option in Windows

4. Now, Reset this PC option arrives. Press on Get Started.

5. Two choices will appear: Keep My Files and Remove Everything.

How to factory reset a laptop
How to factory reset a laptop

6. Select the most suitable option and click Next.

7. ‘Do You Want to Clean the Drives, Too’ option arrives when you select Remove Everything.

8. Again, you will get two choices: Just Remove My files and Remove File and Clean the Drive. You may pick up the first choice if you want to clean your laptop instantly. But the deletion of hard drive data is possible only with the second choice. The Remove File and Clean the Drive choice is helpful when you want to get rid of viruses or when selling your laptop.

clean the drive in Windows
Clean the drive in Windows: Image source:

9. The Windows Cannot Roll Back to Previous Versions warning will prompt. Tap on the Next button.

10. Subsequently, the Ready to Reset this PC option shows up. Press on Reset.

11. Press Continue when to Choose An Option comes.

Note: Resetting the laptop together with cleaning the drive requires several hours. Before initiating the factory reset step, always practice other troubleshooting steps to sort out operating system issues. 

Is It Safe to Factory Reset Laptop?

This option is not a perfectly safe step. It does not erase all the data saved on the laptop. It means the device cannot retrieve the Hard drive data anymore. The data will remain on the hard drive after factory resetting the device until it is completely wiped out or replaced with fresh data. 

Can I Completely Wipe My Laptop Clean?

Wiping all the personal details from laptop Windows 10 is easier when compared to previous Windows versions. The factory reset laptop incorporated in Windows 10 enables you to erase all data saved on the hard drive. Consequently, you will recover the entire hard drive space and default factory settings on your laptop.

It is important to wipe your laptop clean before giving or selling it to another party. Make sure that your laptop’s data is unreachable for the buyer. 

Data on Hard Disk Drive (HDD) in Windows 10 is deletable. But old Windows versions comprise SSD (Solid State Drive) that needs data encryption. So, after the factory reset laptop step, follow the SSD encryption method to hide previous data:

  1. Firstly, click on Start -> Settings.
  2. Next, hit on System -> About.
  3. Click on the Device Encryption choice if it is visible.
  4. Else, press on BitLocker Settings to encrypt the SSD.

You may be redirected to the Microsoft store to purchase Windows Pro. Without upgrading your Windows, BitLocker remains unavailable. Another way to encrypt the SDD is an installation of encryption software for Windows like Veracrypt or Truecrypt.

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Advantages of Resetting Your Laptop

The benefits of factory reset laptop action are:

Erase Undesirable Trash

You can use the factory reset option to erase all the undesirable data stored on the laptop. It is helpful when you get a used laptop.

Resolve Issues

Formatting the laptop is a means to solve any issues occurring in the laptop software. Thus, resetting makes the device perform well. 

Achieve Full Memory Storage

Removal of Hard drive data during factory reset provides you with whole memory space. Also, you have the choice to customize the laptop as per your needs.

Easiest & Fastest Process

You may think that the factory reset laptop step is a time taking process. But it is the quickest and easiest process to resolve your laptop issues. You can seek support from the service centre to perform a factory reset.

Originally Installed Files Undamaged

Using this choice of resetting, you get back your laptop in the same condition when you bought it initially. As a result, the files installed primarily do not get destroyed during factory reset.

Disadvantages of Resetting Your Laptop

The main disadvantages of resetting your laptop are:

Remove Internal Memory Data Only

Only internal memory data gets deleted via the factory reset laptop method. This option does not erase the data saved on external gadgets.

Uncertain Option

The factory reset option is uncertain. You may permanently lose valuable data while applying factory settings on your laptop.

Licensed Software Re-Installation Issue

Several official software requires keys. So, implementing factory reset without keys creates a problem when you try to re-install such software.

Device Memory Loss

The frequent factory reset laptop usage can cause device memory loss. Implement a factory reset after taking a break of two to three months.

Reduce Battery Life 

Practising factory reset can reduce the battery life of your laptop. Therefore, avoid this option until and unless it is necessary. 

Inoperative Windows

Your Windows laptop may get inoperative when you apply the factory reset laptop option without any correct information.

Take Help of Technical Person

You may encounter several problems while using the factory reset laptop procedure. If you are unsure about the factory reset method, immediately cancel it. Keep in mind that you cannot go back once you start the factory reset process.

So, you must take assistance from a technical expert who will take care before and after applying factory reset. Such an expert will ensure that backup files of your data are maintained.


Factory reset is an in-built tool that you may consider in case of technical inaccuracies. You should backup all your data before a factory reset. But you must not use the factory reset laptop option if you do not know it. Otherwise, you may confront unwanted outcomes like loss of data and changes in the Settings.  


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