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10 Ways of Eco Friendly Packaging for Your Business

eco friendly packaging

In this article, we have explained in detail eco friendly packaging solutions for your business. Increasing plastic waste in our environment is a matter of concern. So, business owners are following the ‘Go Green’ campaign.

Go Green is a practice adopted by businesses to be accountable for environmental protection. The manufacturing firms stick to an environmentally safe way of life. They make decisions, not detrimental to the ecosystem. In this way, firms help in the conservation of environmental resources for the present and later generations.

Product packaging plays a significant part in marketing. Businesses require a decent packaging method that appeals to the consumers. For that, manufacturing units can turn to eco friendly packaging materials.

Plastic is used frequently for product packaging. The chemical elements in plastic are deadly. It is a non-recyclable material that pollutes our entire surrounding. However, plastic is ruling in the commercial sector for wrapping products.

The customers are concerned about the harmful effects of plastic trash too. Thus, industries are replacing plastic with eco friendly packaging materials. It will facilitate natural environment preservation.

What is Eco Friendly Packaging?

First of all, let’s understand the idea of eco friendly packaging. Any packaging that is biodegradable, green, energy-saving, and low-carbon in nature is eco friendly packaging. It is also called sustainable or green packaging that utilizes organic materials for covering the products.

Packaging materials such as recycled paper and cardboard, natural fabrics, bioplastics, bagasse paper are few sustainable packaging choices.

The life cycle of chemical-loaded packaging supplies like plastic and Styrofoam can leave severe effects on the environment. So, the industries need to look for ecologically safe packaging techniques. Also, businesses can save their expenses by applying eco friendly packaging options.

Is Eco Friendly Packaging Cheaper?

Generally, many firms might think that clean and green packaging materials are expensive. But eco friendly packaging alternatives are cheaper when compared to anti-green packaging stuff.

Big or small products delivered to customers are wrapped in plastic to avert product damage. Such materials are unsafe for individuals and the environment. But wrapping products using recyclable materials are economical and nontoxic.

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10 Eco Friendly Packaging Options for Your Business

Let’s check out the ten eco friendly packaging options that you may consider for your business:

  1. Decomposable PackagingPeanuts

Manufacturers can replace Styrofoam with biodegradable packaging peanuts. Styrofoam or EPS (expanded polystyrene foam) is used to wrap delicate products before shipment. It is a light-weighted packaging material that is highly toxic for aquatic life. Recently, New York and other cities in the U.S. have outlawed the use of Styrofoam.

Businesses can use biodegradable packaging peanuts naturally produced using starches such as cornstarch and wheat. It is an inexpensive eco friendly packaging item.

  1. Corrugated Bubble Sheets

Business organizations utilize plastic bubble wrap for product packaging. Also, kids and even adults like to pop plastic bubbles. But as it is of plastic, it is a very unsafe product for the surroundings. But there are other substantial packaging options accessible. One such item is corrugated bubble sheets.

Corrugated bubble wrap is an eco friendly packaging alternative manufactured using cardboard and recycled items. Little slashes on the sheets create a slinky effect. Thus, these non-polluting sheets offer quality protection to the products in transit.

  1. Reusable Air Pillow Bags

Another eco friendly packaging item that businesses can switch to is recyclable air pillows. It is a green and cost-effective option obtainable in different sizes. Firms buy this material to wrap delicate merchandise.

Air pillows are small sacks that are inflatable. It is perfect for covering spaces in a box. Moreover, it protects the product from any damages during shipment. Always buy air pillow bags produced using recycled items.

  1. Cornstarch-Based Packaging 

Businesses are appreciating cornstarch packaging owing to its eco-friendliness. Cornstarch is a natural product obtained from maize or corn plant. It is a famous American harvest that is usable as a packaging option. In addition, it is attainable in different forms like rectangular food packaging boxes, moulded bottles, foam packaging, etc.

It is an eco friendly packaging option but contains disadvantages. Though it is a nutritious food for humans and animals, its price may go up if used as a packaging alternative.

  1. Biodegradable Mushroom Packaging

Another safe packaging that businesses can rely on is mushroom packaging. It is the best alternative to petroleum-based packaging. It is an organic, cheap, and eco friendly packaging option.

A synthetic packaging item like Styrofoam never decomposes in nature. Consequently, it pollutes land and water bodies and causes ill effects on the health of humans and animals. But mushroom packaging requires less energy to produce plastic with less carbon footprint. It naturally degrades into nature without contaminating it.

  1. Seaweed-Based Packaging

Seaweed packaging is another option for businesses to reduce plastic pollution in the land and water. Agar- a gummy material is present in varied algae and seaweeds. The food sectors use it in the form of thickeners to solidify sauces or liquid.

A group of engineers has won recognition for designing seaweed as packaging stuff. It is an eco friendly packaging manufactured using abundant renewable materials. Accordingly, a business can take up the seaweed packaging choice.

  1. Reusable Paper & Cardboard

There is the usage of different packaging materials to cover goods. Usually, manufacturing units use cardboard boxes for shipping goods. Both paper and cardboard are eco friendly packaging items. But these can leave the surroundings dirty and unhygienic if obtained inappropriately.

Paper and cardboard are the most renewable materials. Firms should try to obtain recycled plus FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved paper and cardboard. FSC confirmation implies that products are from sustainably maintained woods that offer ecological, community, and financial advantages.

  1. Eco & Renewable Plastics

Recycled plastics are eco friendly packaging choices for businesses. Several organic packaging items provide quality support to the goods.

Certain delivery services require strong packaging materials that stay undamaged and back bulky consignments. But in many cases, only plastics are satisfactory. It doesn’t mean using toxic and non-biodegradable plastics. Instead, firms can acquire recyclable plastics.

  1. Organic Fabrics Packaging

The usage of plastics for packaging contaminates the environment. It is the accountability of the businesses to use eco friendly packaging like organic fabrics.

Recycled cotton, tapioca, hemp, palm leaves are some eco-fabrics that break out within 100 days. But a plastic requires 10,000 years to decompose. Besides, you can utilize these materials in other ways with your creativeness.

  1. Carton Water & Carton Wine

Millions of plastics bottle are purchased each minute worldwide. So, enormous plastic waste gets dumped inland and seas. Businesses can utilize paper bottles to contain wine and water to prevent plastic pollution.

There is the utilization of recycled newspaper and cardboard to manufacture these bottles. These are green energy packaging bottles that include a fine recycled plastic layer to store the liquid securely.

 Benefits of Eco Friendly Packaging Solutions

It is advantageous for manufacturers to make ecologically sound decisions by taking up eco friendly packaging materials. Some of the benefits of sustainable packaging are:

  1. Reduce Carbon Emissions

A certain amount of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide is emitted into the physical surroundings while making packaging items. The business should act responsibly by using eco friendly packaging products created using renewable resources. Moreover, these packaging items help firms in reducing their carbon footprint.

  1. Allergen Free Materials

Synthetic packaging materials are highly hazardous for producers and buyers. Buyers are careful about the packaging item when purchasing any product. They are willing to pay extra fees if the firm uses non-polluting packaging methods.

  1. A Part of Branding

People endeavor to protect their environment. Companies using these packaging items providing an opportunity to their customers to contribute to environmental protection. People obtain products from a firm that follows ecological practices.

  1. Increase Customer Base

People are shifting towards sustainable and reusable products. Therefore, utilization of eco friendly packaging items will be a wise business decision. It will develop a customer base and brand loyalty for a firm.

Final Thoughts

We hope that these environment-friendly packaging ideas will motivate you to pursue ecological approaches in your business. These eco friendly options are present in the market at reasonable prices. In this way, a firm can fulfil its buyers’ requests while holding a solid ecological status.

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