Cuphead Bosses: My Favourite Battle Game

Cuphead bosses the mind blowing game that you would like to entertain yourself with. This game has gained wide popularity with its amazing characters.

Ever since its release in 2017, Cuphead has managed to entrap the interest of a wide array of gamers and I was no exception to it. StudioMDHR left no stone unturned in making the game frustratingly awesome which, although makes you want to bang your head sometimes, still keeps you in the loop with all the brilliance it harbors.

Cuphead wasted no time in making itself popular and the credit for such a massive success could be attributed to a number of things.

Personally, the sheer magnificence of the 30s art style is what convinced me to give it a shot, and I have not regretted making that decision ever since.

The long wait has been fruitful to a lot of gamers who have set their minds upon playing the game ever since its announcement.

Cuphead Bosses

One of the reasons for its rapid popularity is the battles with the bosses which is better and more challenging with each passing boss. Of course, the matter of “challenging” is highly subjective and I have had my own share of trouble and frustration with some of the so-called “easy” bosses.

Cuphead bosses

This brought me to think over which boss gave me the hardest time and which battle was the easiest. Even though the game has some nerve-wrecking levels incorporated in it, it is the boss battles that have earned it the respect it now possesses.

Who is the hardest Cuphead boss?

The one person other than the devil that invokes fear in the hearts of people is the one who does his bidding, and in this case, he comes with a bigger baggage than the devil himself.

King Dice is the evil manager of the devil’s casino and for a face off with him, at least 3 mini-bosses out of 9 must be defeated. King Dice is of a manipulative and evil nature who has a way with making things happen his way, which makes it tough to get past him.

His sole attack consists of him maneuvering a string of playing cards which serves as an attack mechanism. Countering the pink cards is enough to withstand the malevolence of King Dice.

Cuphead bosses

With his overconfident disposition, Cuphead meets with a person who thinks that he is invincible, making the battle more challenging and a triumph over him higher of an achievement.

Even though he comes into the scene before the final boss that is supposedly the toughest of all (or even is for some people), I have found facing King Dice more nerve-wracking than any of the others boss.

Which Cuphead boss is the easiest?

The root pack is an obvious winner in this category since I never liked my veggies anyway, so I had a bone to pick with them.

The root pack is a battle against three bosses, that are vegetables, which fight as a single unit. We have Sal Spudder the potato, Ollie Bulb the onion and Chauncey Chantenay the carrot.

Cuphead Bosses

These huge vegetables are really amusing looking and one of the easiest bosses of the game. Sal Spudder has taken a fancy to spitting dirt, which is its main attack. Ollie Bulb is sort of a Crybaby, which is not something cute, but extremely deadly because this is his mode of attack.

Our job is to avoid being on the receiving end of his tears to remain on our feet. The carrot’s attack consists of throwing baby carrots in your direction that can emit rays from its eyes with a hypnotic effect.

This battle is a good way of giving us a look into how the game is going to continue, since it is difficult to beat them, yet it is the easiest boss as per me.

Is Cuphead just the boss battles?

Naturally, if there is a “boss”, there is binding to be his goons which you can generally use for building you up to face the real challenge. There are some run-and-gun levels in the game.

Cuphead bosses

However, the boss battles in the essence of the game. It is what the game mostly is about, the diverse range of bosses, each more challenging and annoying than the other. So, to answer the question, yes, it IS mostly about boss battles.

The wholesome game includes the run-and-gun levels and parts of role-playing which makes it even more interesting. The wait is mostly for the boss stages because this is the reason why we are playing it!

Conclusion: | Cuphead Bosses

Cuphead has easily been a huge hit amongst the gamers who have waited a long time for its release ever since the announcement in 2014. We are in the year of the release of Cuphead 2 and we couldn’t be any more excited for its release. Till then, treasuring this masterpiece that has been endowed upon us is all we can do.


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