Coronavirus named as Chinese Virus

Bill Maher endorses Trump saying the Coronavirus as Chinese Virus:

First of all let me introduce you to Bill Maher. He is a celebrity in America. He hosts many TV shows and discusses issues related to politics, current news and on top of that he is a comedian.

The United States of America is the most targeted victim of Coronavirus and the president Trump is repeatedly saying to popularise the term as Chinese virus in place of Coronavirus.

In addition to that Bill Maher also described Coronavirus as Chinese imported virus. Some secular people say this is a hate term used against Asians especially Chinese who live in America.

People may start discriminating against them if the elite class of America start promoting this word. World media also criticized this fake term as Chinese virus.

One of the Republican justified that in the past mostly viruses were named after the city where these were initially detected. For example, ebola, Zika, Spanish flu etc. So there is no surprise using Coronavirus as Chinese virus.

I think this seems to be revenge that Mr. Trump wants to take from China. At the early stage of the spread of this virus in Wuhan city of China, One of the Chinese officials targeted the USA for the outbreak of this pandemic.

America could not digest this blame and put this virus name as Chinese Virus. Mr. Trump clarified that this virus has no connection with Asian people living in America especially Chinese people.

American officials consider this pandemic as Chinese planned effort, so it’s easy to say that America is under attack. Lot of innocent people are dying and the economy is under recession.

It is evident that China consumes almost all types of animals, birds as their main food. It is estimated that this virus originated from bats. The surprise is that WHO could not identify the fatality of this virus at an early stage. WHO declared this spread as pandemic when it entered in almost all countries of the world. The guidelines published by WHO came at a time when the world has been fighting to reduce the dangerous effects.

While listening to the Chinese virus, Chinese diplomats react very badly and blame America for diverting the world from reality and blaming China. They can not listen to anything against their ethnicity.


This is obvious that China is hiding information about Coronavirus from the world. Actual number of deaths reported are quite less whereas numbers are very high. This is also possible that China has its antidote and is treating its patients successfully but hiding it from the world. Chinese communist party has formed a dictator government and anything good or bad can be expected from them as most wise people say.




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