Clash Royale The Real Time Multiplayer Battle Game

Clash Royale is the real time online multiplayer battle game from Supercell. This game was available for the world after 2nd March 2016. There are 99 Cards which you can play in multiplayer mode. This game has been awarded by the AMD eSports Audience Award. This award has a very significant role in the gaming field.. This award proves the quality and fame of the Clash Royale game. With better speed of internet connection you can enjoy the game without interruption. This article is going to be a Clash Royale Guide for you because of the information contained in it.

There are three main genres as follows:

  1. Collectible card game
  2. Tower Defense
  3. Multiplayer online battle arena

Battle means destruction, hence each player destroys towers and other things on the other side. If you are able to devastate more than your opponents, you will get a crown. How many trophies you have earned, this will decide your rank. You can reach a maximum level of 13.

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Now you must be interested to know about Arenas.

Arenas are the battlefields where different characters show their strength. Presently, there are 13 arenas in this game which you can select to fight with your competitors. These are as follows:

  1. Electro Valley
  2. Jungle Arena
  3. The Legendary Arena
  4. Spooky Town
  5. Frozen Peak
  6. Barbarian Bowl
  7. Goblin Stadium
  8. Hog mountain
  9. P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse
  10. Builder’s Workshop
  11. Bon Pit
  12. Spell Valley
  13. Royal Arena

You should not confuse between a battle ground and training camp. In these camps you can enhance your fighting skills. You can use different battle tactics on TV Royale. With the battle in the arena you get to open a suite of new cards for you that makes the game more interesting.

Choose Your Battle Deck Wisely

What are Clash Royale Decks, you need to know before you proceed further to get more information. You have to pick 8 cards to fight the battle. This pack of 8 cards is called Battle Deck. Each card has its unique strength in the game. You have to locate them wisely so you can take maximum advantage of the Elixir Cards. If you are new to the game, obviously, you cannot use them to their maximum potential, but the more you play the game the better player you become. This has made the Clash Royale the real time battle game.

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Clash Royale The Real Time Multiplayer Battle Game

Increase Your Level In The Clash Royale

If you are a beginner, then you have to join as a clan. In this you will fight battles in a friendly manner with your opponents. Gradually, you enter into clan wars. At level 2 you can go for more cards from your clanmates. There are options available for chat and share emotes with your friends. There can be 50 players in clans.

Clan Wars

Clan wars in Clash RoyaleClan wars are another interesting segment of the game. In this there are certain limitations such as minimum ten players can play clan wars. Once the war is finished each player gets cards in their collection.


Tournament in Clash RoyaleNow you should lure to the tournament side of the game. When a player achieves  a level of 5 then he can participate in tournaments. Any player can create the tournament by using gems. This will open or specific to few ones depending upon the creator’s choice. During the playing of the tournament, the judgement is given on the basis of performance in the form of chests. You need to spend 100 gems to enter in a Grand Challenge. If you win the tournament then you will get 22000 gold and 1100 cards. This is quite interesting and risky. 

What is the latest version of Clash Royale?

It is obvious that there are regular updates and new versions are launched from time to time by the developers. Actually, this is required to connect the online players with the game. Now 3.2.4 is the latest version published on 17.04.2020. You can download this from Google play on android mobile having version 4.1 or more. More you play, you will get updates to fix bugs for betterment of the game.

Clash Royale The Real Time Multiplayer Battle Game

Some Ethical Tips to Play The Game

It is evident that everyone wants to win the game. First of all you must know the rules of the games. There are eight hero cards and you need to select those whose powers you are familiar with. You should select different cards while finalizing your team. You can use defensive strategy instead of attacking more. Although, this technique may not cause more action, but your chances of winning are more. Your gems are most important. You should not waste them carelessly. Use them only when they are strongly needed.

For more information about tips and other battle strategy you can visit

Some people want to download this game from the Clash Royale Private Server. Although, this is not recommended by Google play store, but if they wish they can do using apk.


The Clash Royale has gained wide acceptance soon after its release. Clash Royale the real time multiplayer battle game clears its meaning in its words. But, there are few questions in the audiences’ mind about the price of this game and whether this is an android only game or could be played on the PC etc. Here, I would like to clear that this game is free and available on Google play, however, some of its characters, if you want, are paid. Another thing about the PC version, If you want so, then I would recommend you to install bluestacks on your PC and install the game easily.

This game has vast information to describe, but I have overviewed a few of the main things for you on this platform. If you want to know more about this game, you should install and start playing. You can search the help section of the official website of the Clash Royale to know more. You will certainly get answers. 



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