All You Need to Know to Check LTE Band and Frequency on Android Phones

You need to know to check LTE Band and frequency on Andriod Phones as we must be updated with the technology. Internet connectivity on your phone is a major factor that can help you find the right service or local place just when you need it. However, everyone knows that although we are moving towards 5G, you cannot always rely on internet connectivity. So, if you learn to check your phone’s 4G band is a good idea. This is particularly important since the mobile service provider might have their own 4G LTE network connection. So, let’s look at how you can find this on your phone.

5 Steps to Finding Your Phone’s 4G Band

1Checking the Service Provider

The first and most important thing you should do when looking for your 4G band is ask the service providers. There are many service providers who operate on the same band as others. However, there are others who opt for lesser-used bands for one reason or another. In all such cases, it is important for you to get expert insight. This is something that only the mobile service provider can tell you. So, call them up or text or email and ask the question. Once you know of the 4G band your mobile carrier uses, you can handle any 4G issues your phone may have much more easily. Make sure your phone is compatible before buying the SIM though.

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2Checking the SIM

For most people using a 4G SIM with LTE enabled is complicated enough. However, there is a lot that goes into giving your phone 4G enabled capacity. You need to have the right phone, SIM and service provider working in tandem to give your phone the internet connectivity you want. So, before you purchase any SIM from any service provider, make sure you know which band it is designed to work with. Different SIMs from the same service provider might have different bands as well. So, once you have found out which bands your service provider offers, you also need to check the band on the specific SIM you are looking to buy.

3Checking the Phone

For the most part, if you have bought a phone in the last 2 years or so, your phone will have 4G connectivity options. This applies to devices on both Android and iOS platforms. However, if you are not sure what exact band your 4G enabled smartphone is using, then you can make a quick check on that through the settings. Follow the steps mentioned below to do that:

  • The first step is to go to the settings tab on the apps menu of your phone.
  • Enter into the Settings App and navigate to the Developer Options. Once you are these, you will find an option called IT, turn it on.
  • In case you did not see the Developers Options as we mentioned above, just select the About Phone option instead. It will provide you with roughly the same details.
  • You can also Dial *#9646633# and choose BandMode after which you will get the option to choose between SIM1 and SIM2.
  • Once you select the right SIM for your online connectivity, you can use the LTE mode to find the SIM bands you can use.


The 4G LTE band used by your phone and the SIM manufacturer is key to you getting quality internet speeds. In fact, the best speeds are possible only when you know and use the right band for the job. If you are or have previously been using a different band, then switching to the right one will make a considerable difference. If you are planning to buy a new phone, then choosing the right band as well as SIM is going to be very important. Make sure all these three things line up together and you can get the most from your 4G mobile connectivity. So you need to check LTE Band and Frequency on Android Phones.


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