Can You Still Play Halo 3 Online?

Halo 3 online game was the game of the year 2007 and it has been the best first-person shooter game.Even after 13 years of initial release of the 3rd instalment of the famous Halo franchise, there seems to be an unquenchable thirst for the game amongst the players and the means of playing the game is always on the hunt.

Few of the elements that seem to have been absent in the previous games, have found their way in the 3rd instalment which gives it a safe position in the top charts.

The Bungie released the game with Xbox 360 and later they developed for Xbox Live and a little further on for PCs. It soon found its way on steam, much to the joy of steam users, who was looking for Halo’s brilliance.

With such immense popularity, the general hunger for the game is hard to die down easily. This begs the question; can you still play Halo 3 online on Xbox 360?

Halo 3 online

Halo multiplayer was huge in its time, paving the way for groups of players to join in the server. However, the popularity died down for a number of reasons. The number of users took a dip which made the matching immensely slow and difficult due to the small number of players. This contributed greatly to the decline of online multiplayer mode.

Nevertheless, this did not stop some of the ardent players of Halo from playing on the online mode. We have turned up to sources such as playing Halo 3 online with Master Chief Collection for meeting the needs.

Halo 3 Online

MCC is the montage of every Halo game we have played and loved including Halo Reach, Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2, 3 ,4, Halo ODST, etc. The Master Chief collection has a number of multiplayer maps, making the online playing possible with an abundant of users ready which you can match with each other.

With everything we love packed into a single collection, this became the one and only stop for Halo lovers.

Though Halo 3 can be played online on Xbox, it is essentially more effective and enjoyable on Xbox One rather than good old Xbox 360 which is in the bin now.

Is Halo Reach better than Halo 3?

The comparison between the two games that epitomize the perfection of modern gaming is something which you should avoid and yet something we need. For me, the argument essentially circles around the whose multiplayer system is better, because this is what I love about Halo.

Halo Reach is undeniably the better game when we talk about the online multiplayer. When the variety of equipment is considered, Halo 3 edges out considering the number and variety in the weapons and maps you have.

This is one thing that is absent from Halo: reach. Even so, if I had to make a choice off the bat, the answer would be an instant Halo: Reach.


The need and desire for Halo games is eternal and whenever we are going to introduce to something as brilliant as the Halo Franchise, the record purchases are bound to break because these are the kind of games that know no bound of age or time.



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