Blade Strangers – Best Crossover Fighting Video Game

Blade Strangers  is the game of the new era and the developer the Japanese studio Saizensen takes its credit. With twenty years of experience in video games, the studio is rather known for three titles in particular.

The first of them is a 2D Blade Arcus from Shining – Battle Arena fighting game. This game goes with a roster from Shining Blade and Shining Hearts. Then we had the Beat’em All Code by Princess released last month on Nintendo Switch. Finally, the series of Puzzles / Platforms Umihara Kawase exists for more than 20 years.

Blade Strangers characters

In Blade Strangers the video game you will be able to control or face Gunvolt from Azure Striker Gunvolt, Quote, and Curly Brace from Cave Story +, Isaac from The Binding of Isaac, Ali. Also, Solange from Code of Princess Ex, and Noko, Kawase and Emiko of Sayonara Umihara Kawase.


In addition to the classic game modes (we will come back to this), the app has a story mode. The new scenario brings together different characters from Studio Saizensen and Nicalis licenses. Unfortunately, even if the roster of independent characters is interesting, the scenario of this crossover in itself is just a pretext to regroup this small world in a “parallel world”.

Blade Strangers characters

Known as Lina, a malicious force devours data from a network of interdimensional servers. The Blade Stranger that was to save this world, having simply been erased, the smart computers, the Motes, are looking for a solution. As they don’t have much time, instead of looking for the hero one by one, they directly invite heroes from different worlds with the pretext of a 1vs1 tournament. And it will be up to the victor, if he awakens as Blade Stranger, to defeat Lina.

So much for the story script. Small precision, each character has the same story, we just notice a few slight variations in the sketches and a touch of humor in the script, which is quite light if we compare him to other tenors of the genre. However, we can always see behind the scenes by unlocking a particular character.


The story mode being relatively short (depending on the difficulty chosen beforehand, as well as the number of rounds). We now turn to the different game modes. Nothing really exceptional since we find the usual panoply, which in the final is quite complete.

Gunvolt and kawase

So we have the classic Blade Strangers Online modes and the Versus if you want to rub shoulders with other players. The Arcade mode which is neither more nor less than the story mode without scenario. A Survival mode where you have to chain up to ‘to 14 fights in various difficulties (easy, normal and difficult, depending on this choice we recover less and less “life” after each match).

Blade Strangers – Best.

0Crossover Fighting Video Game

A Mission mode is also present, it consists of carrying out five missions per character, combos to carry out in order. If you are in a habit of fighting games, this will not pose a particular problem, but it also depends on whether you are playing with the stick or with the directional cross.

But before embarking on one of these modes, nothing better than to go through the Tuto’s present. Everything, you can easily assimilate since the software is quite explanatory in its tutorials.

Blade Strangers

In addition to the pictorial manual to visualize the basic moves, the advances, the specificities of the HUD, we also have a classic Tutorial mode to learn the basics. And to finish in his tutorials, if you want to improve with practice there is a Training mode.

There are also small options for overall characteristics: a number of matches you have played with a particular character and the percentage you have completed. Also, some items to unlock via “small” missions for his business card such as performing 6 combos or completing the story mode with Solange.


At the level of the roster, there are fourteen characters, one is new (Lina) while all the others come as these are from different licenses of the developer and the publisher.


If this will already delight fans of these different productions. Nicalis and Studio Saizensen have also added two distinguished guests with Gunvolt from the developers of Inti Creates. Moreover, the Shovel Knight from the Studio Yacht Club Games.

Conclusion | Blade Strangers – Best Crossover Fighting Video Game

With a small roster compared to the big competition, the software had to differentiate itself. And at this point, the studio makes the difference by keeping the different original faculties of each character.

For example, Solange fights with his sword, Ali is more focused on a saber/scimitar, but he also likes to use bombs. Finally, Shovel Knight throws the shovel both horizontally and vertically with his “jump” as in his original game in short. We, therefore, have a good dose of diversity, but also respect for the original licenses.


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